The Xbox Insider's Alpha Ring now lets you filter Xbox One X enhanced 4K games

Beyond 4K resolutions, the Xbox One X will also feature "Enhanced" games, that have more impressive effects and visual features than their Xbox One counterparts. But if you have a library of hundreds of games, figuring out which ones have received the Xbox One X treatment might've been a little difficult, until now!

In last night's Xbox Alpha Ring update, they included the ability to filter games designed for Xbox One X, games with 4K resolutions, and also games that utilize HDR lighting.

The new filter drop down menu also includes "Xbox games" for titles that are built for original Xbox backwards compatibility, hinting that the first games as part of that program could be on the horizon.

The current preview wave includes updates to the Home screen, the Guide, and much more, and it has already started picking up incremental updates to prepare it for the Xbox One X and other promised features, including new Avatars.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Awesome! This will be very useful 👏🏾👏🏾
  • I hope that X360 games will also be enhanced on X1X
  • Yeah would love to see the RROD in 4K HDR, wheee...
  • How do you mean? They will be able to use the extra power to make sure they hit their desired frame rates, and should be able to be locked there as the exisiting back compact games on the one are more or less hitting that mark with a bunch of outliers. But if you're expecting fancier graphics and higher resolutions... that's not what back compact is. The X will upscale everything to 4K, but it's still the original unaltered games.
  • I hope they put storage filter back where it was before, it takes a lot of space for just one option. Also a filter for favorite games or a separated Xbox One and backward games section would be more welcome than these. tbh It doesn't make sense for real gamers. Filtering One X enhanced games are okay but detailed info such as HDR and 4K are not necessary, people who care about these already know which games have them.
  • I wish they'd have a filter for Xbox Play Anywhere
  • Yes, please.
  • I have the update, but don't think the filtering works, unless developers have to rebuild their games to set some flag.  I have ReCore, which is HDR enabled, but it does not show up when I set the filter to HDR.