Xbox Live multiplayer is free for everyone to try this weekend

Even if you don't subscribe to Xbox Live gold, Microsoft is giving everyone a chance to try out multiplayer on Xbox Live this weekend. Running through May 21, online multiplayer will be open and available (opens in new tab) to every Xbox Live member on Xbox One and 360.

If for some reason you don't have any multiplayer games to play, you're covered there as well. Coinciding with the Multiplayer All-Access event, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition (opens in new tab) will also be free for everyone to check out through May 21. That makes this a good opportunity to get creative and see what all the fuss is about with the sandbox exploration game.

Will you be jumping into some multiplayer matches? Let us know in the comments what you'll be playing this weekend.

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  • Hey Dan!  Take a look at this amazing piece of hololens navigation!
  • Not sure how much longer they're going to continue being able to charge console players for online multiplayer while its completely free to play online the exact same games using the exact same servers on their PC Store.
  • I wonder if they'll communicate on the "rise" of XB live "active" users in the near future...
  • I am surprised anyone is still willing to pay these greedy pricks for multiplayer when its completely free on PC for the same games.    
  • At least now they throw some free games you probably already own at you each month. =P
  • That's the only reason I keep paying for XBL. I used to game a lot with a few mates on XB360 but none of them bought an XB1. I keep thinking we'll fire up halo 3 or something on the 360 but we never find the time. So I pay $40-50/year for "free" games that I almost always don't own (at least on console, I have 900+ steam games) and almost never play. Sigh, the joys of getting older... So much disposable income, yet so little time
  • I hear you, this is my position as well. I may actually play MP for about 15% of the time I game in a year that I pay for. Most of my free games go not played as well. If only time were something you could bank like income. I feel like I am quoting some cheesy movie from years ago. =P