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Xbox Live: Watch out.There's a Bug Village on the Marketplace

Bug Village – the first freemium Xbox Live game (smartphone or otherwise) – is now available. What’s a freemium game? That means everyone gets the full game for free. But the developers at Glu Mobile also offer some premium content (PDLC) for dedicated players to buy. The PDLC here (Coins) allows you to build special structures and/or speed up the time it takes your bug minions to complete tasks. It’s completely optional and you can earn the full 200 GamerScore without spending a dime, so no worries!

Bug Village is also the first city-building game on Windows Phone. As mentioned, you’ll be recruiting an army of hard-working insects and expanding your village as you see fit. With detailed 3D graphics and the aforementioned Achievements, Bug Village is a game every Windows Phone owner should try. See our developer interview for more details.

Aspiring entomologists/architects can find Bug Village here on the Marketplace.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • horrible. just horrible.
    this game was clearly created just to cash in on the coins.
    ONE HOUR for the simplest hut? 6 hours to farm 200 acorns???
    no way i'm gonna support this type of scam by actually buying any coins. 8(
    if it was minutes instead of hours maybe i would play it without coins. but like this... no way.
  • All these games play in hours...get a little less ADD and it will be fine.  My wife plays a Smirf game on her iPhone and the last building took 72 hours to build...a bridge on there is like 240 hours...  These games are designed to check in for very short periods of time, maybe 30 seconds, and complete your little fun task for the day.
  • I actually really like it. Even the long time it takes until tasks are completed. This way I can play it every now and then and still see some success rather than feeling forced to play it every couple of minutes.
  • I downloaded it hours ago but havent touched it yet but if it takes that long to do anything without having to buy something i think its a great long lasting game
  • are you saying that the timers run even if you're not playing?
    i can start a 6h job then quit the game and tonight when i restart it the tasks have finished?
    then it would actually be playable without coins...
    though what happens when your little workerants run out of food in the mean time? do they all die like in the old tamagochi games? and in case someone has already found out... will you need acorns or coins to revive your ants?
  • That is exactly how this will play.  Later there will be stuff that takes can complete it instantly if you want to pay, or take a week if you don't.  Like Travian that I used to play (a non-flash browser game).
  • i read a review for the android version. the ants go to sleep if they have not enough food. so you do not actually loose ants or anything. but they wrote that getting back to the 'status quo' after a little nap is supposedly not as easy and costs a lot of acorns...
  • can't you just adjust your clocks forward to farm the coins?
  • You think this is TrueAchievements or something?  I have never heard of trying to do that...since usually it is a "Completed when Count Down hits 6 hours", not "Complete the Task at 4:00 PM"
  • This game sounds like it is going to have a game haulting glitch...  but...
    By Lucas ------Already got 120G with the clock-adjusting trick... I know it's the cheapest way...but I want the achievements. Just turn off your WiFi or 3g, adjust the clock to an older time and plant the pile(or flower), then quit the game, adjust the time again, then collect in the game...
  • No, because this runs on their server.
  • Geez, mate. You seem to be literally everywhere. ;)
  • Will be interesting to find this out.
  • Time does not seem to keep running when I close the game. I guess it's a bug. Can't imagine they want you to keep the game running for hours.
    Can anyone confirm this?
  • I tested the time thing. i bought a hut which would be 1h of build time. after around 30min i restarted the game to check if time actually advances and the hut was built within the 30 minutes. maybe that's a bug or i cant tell time... (though being swiss this would be quite impossible ;) )
    anyways the game works 'behind the scenes' and you do not have to run it for 6h to get some measly acorns.
    maybe i will actually try to play this game as a freebee... maybe... don't know yet.
  • Yea you have to leave the game on. Glad I have gotten any achievements yet because this game is probably going in the trash lol.
  • but you played it whit your main xbox live account? then it will still show up in your games list... like the original arcade games years ago...
    microsoft once promised to make games deletable so you could get rid of these 0gs ones... but as with most other promises of flying cars, unimaginable adventures and curly's gold this never materialized. 8)
  • ......yes you can you just have to do it through your xbox.....
    "You can remove any games from your games played list that you have earned no achievements or gamerscore. Press the Xbox 360– guide button, navigate left to the games section and choose Achievements. From here choose the game with zero gamerscore you want to remove and press X (Delete Game History.)" (From Major
  • timer does not run for me as well. Dont know if this is a bug. I think they intended this, to force peole to buy coins
  • This game is lame. I don't care if it takes 6 hours to do something in a game, but when I have to wait that long and not do anything I start to get a little bored out of my mind. Maybe I'll spend 1600 aka 20 bucks and refill my coins the whole, but that won't even last the whole game. This is not my cup of tea for sure.
  • Time doesn't run if you have the game in background. If you quit playing it, you have to close it properly ... and then all the background magic will happen!
  • Okay, now I know what's going on. It just needs to synch with the server every now and then.
    I just started the game and all of the sudden the time was to 6 minutes. Ten minutes ago it was at 50 minutes. So actually time is running even when you're not playing but sometimes the game doesn't give you the correct time.
    Just wait a while and check again.
  • Already got 120G with the clock-adjusting trick... I know it's the cheapest way...but I want the achievements. Just turn off your WiFi or 3g, adjust the clock to an older time and plant the pile(or flower), then quit the game, adjust the time again, then collect in the game...
  • As this is free, is there easy achivements ?
  • Nice try glu.