Xbox One Alpha preview dashboard is getting a much-requested increase in pins

Xbox dashboard
Xbox dashboard (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Xbox One dashboard is in line for another major overhaul, which has already entered testing with Xbox Insiders on the Alpha ring. As is typical with these tests, Microsoft is gauging feedback from Insiders and adjusting things accordingly ahead of release.

One of the more frequent pieces of feedback relates to the number of things that can be pinned to the new dashboard's home screen, which is currently limited to 18. Now, Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra has confirmed on Twitter that that number will soon get a significant boost to 40.

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In a subsequent tweet, Ybarra noted that the Xbox team's data shows that a "vast majority" of users pin fewer than 18 items to the dashboard, but many are asking for more. Indeed, if you have a library filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of games, using pins can often be the easiest way to filter through to the games or apps you want to access more frequently.

The latest Xbox Insider dashboard preview includes a slew of visual updates, including some Fluent Design flair, on the Home screen, Guide, and more. Gradual tweaks keep coming down the line, with the latest update adding some new ways to filter games that should come in handy with the Xbox One X, which is expected to launch on November 7.

There's no word on when to expect the pin limit increase, but it should filter its way to a dashboard update for Alpha Ring members soon. For more, keep an eye on Windows Central for more on the Xbox Insider Program as it's announced.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • FINALLY.  I remove all the other blocks and only want to see my tiles, but only being able to have 18 has been a pain.  Even 24 would be great, but 40 is fantastic.
  • they need to allow pins on the main default view.  you shouldn't have to scroll or go to a secondary view
  • Maybe most people use less than 18 because we can't see more and one slot gets taken up by the "where did my pins go" icon if you go over? I would love to pin more games, apps, anise and TV shows I watch regularly, and other stuff.  With  the current pin limit and even the 40 pin limit, this is not really an option.
  • as a tester i shoudl test more. lately ive been watching netflix. they need to speed up how long it takes to report things or allow us to report things from the windows feedback hub. i find typing on the xbox slow and the apps buggy on windows 10. wish it was improved. 
  • Just connect a USB-Keyboard to your Xbox. It's what I did. Makes reporting things A LOT easier ;-)
  • This is great news! I love utilising the pins sections as I only have a small number of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games (500gb console and cba with a hard drive as I only play a few games with friends due to also having my gaming PC)
    This way I can put all my games and apps on the homescreen without having to go to the delayed and slow "My Games and Apps" section. I'd love if we could have multiple 'Pins' blocks and rename them - like the Windows 10 start menu.
    That way I could have a row of my media apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, etc as my first block, followed by each Xbox One game having its own block.
    Then I would have a pins row of 360 games followed by either home blocks or a pins row of my friends (maybe put the first so I know who is online before choosing what game to play)
    This would make the home page very personal and save my having to navigate slooooow menus for things.