Windows 10 on Xbox One and why it goes beyond gaming

Last week Microsoft presented to the world a unified ecosystem from the television down to a smartphone with Windows 10. We knew this was coming, hence the name change to Windows Central and our expanding Xbox coverage.

With Microsoft's unification, they revealed that the Xbox One is a part of their long-term vision, and the Xbox brand will stay in Seattle despite continuous rumors of it being spun off. So, for those of you that tend to ignore Xbox news, I'm here to show why you shouldn't automatically dismiss and instead embrace it.

Xbox on Windows 10

The Xbox app on Windows 10 is nothing like the current SmartGlass app we have on Windows 8.1. The current app almost acts as a companion to your Xbox One, as where the upcoming Xbox app gives you and Xbox experience on your PC. However, the new app does take all of the old features of SmartGlass and improves upon them. Remotely downloading games and apps, watching your friend's clips, and controlling your Xbox are all still there.

This is why it should be of no surprise to learn that the Xbox app will supplant SmartGlass for users on Windows 10.

But this new app is intended for more than that. Via the app, you can now voice chat with your friends from your PC or tablet to any friend on their Xbox One. This ability means that no matter where you are, you can chat with any of your Xbox Live friends to discuss game strategies or just talk about the latest football scores (Go Seahawks!). However, Microsoft didn't stop here.

Cross-platform gaming

Have you ever been in a heated multiplayer match only to have your significant other nag you to give up the TV so they could watch the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy? Well, with the Xbox app on Windows 10 Microsoft has solved this problem twofold.

The first way is by cross-platform gaming. Cross-platform gaming has been exceedingly rare for video game consoles. What it does, is allow for someone on an Xbox One to play against someone who is playing the same game on their PC.

We know for a fact the Microsoft has experimented with this in the past e.g. Gears of War, but they ended up scrapping it after realizing PC players had an unfair advantage with their keyboards. It will be interesting if this problem persists (especially for shooting games) or if Microsoft has since found a way to curb the advantage.

One strategy Microsoft is considering is to limit matches between consoles and PCs based on your preference. In other words, if you do not want to play against the keyboard 'master race', then you can option them out.


Game streaming is the second way that Microsoft has found a way to fix the problem I stated above. What they have done, is figured out a way to stream a game being played on your Xbox One to your PC via Wi-Fi. However, this only works with the Xbox One turned on. That being said, it is still a massive if not game-changing feature. The PlayStation 4 already has a feature just like this, but it is limited to streaming to a PS Vita or PlayStation TV.

Even though Sony launched this functionality first, Microsoft has an advantage coming out of the gate. Desktops, laptops, tablets: just about every household has at least one of these devices in their home. Phil Spencer has also gone on record saying that Microsoft is working hard to make game-streaming available from PC to your Xbox One. This feature would be epic especially if it were compatible with Steam games or even Origin.

Forza streaming to a PC

The unanswered questions

Despite Microsoft revealing some surprising new features, there are still some issues that need to be answered, especially with game-streaming. The biggest question that I have for game streaming is if it will be compatible with HoloLens. I mean imagine being able to take your game with you literally wherever you want to go (in your home, of course).

Other significant questions about the feature are purely related to specs. What resolution is it capable of streaming? What kind of Wi-Fi connection do you need in order to stream (the system uses UDP transport)? I'm sure most of us will be able to stream games no problem, but issues related to these questions could be troublesome for some users.

In terms of resolution, 720p at 30 FPS and 1080p at 60 FPS are all possible with the Xbox One game streaming. The system appears to dynamically adjust resolution and FPS based on available bandwidth. Users will also be likely to override this setting, as Microsoft is keen on giving users a choice.

We have been told that controllers are not necessary to play the games on the PC, as the game will map to the keyboard. How exactly that happens (and how well it works) remains to be seen.

Now as for cross-platform play there are some things that need to be answered for that as well. Will games be discounted or be cross-buy if you buy it for one system? I mean wouldn't it be awesome to buy Halo 5 and then be able to buy it for your PC for a cheaper (if not free) price?

But the biggest question to me revolves around indie developers (as usual). Will all developers be able to take advantage of these new functionalities and not just games that Microsoft has published? Imagine how many new developers would look to create for the Xbox One. Most indie games are usually developed for the PC first. Knowing how close the relationship is between Windows 10 and Xbox one would make an easy choice if I'm a developer looking to port to a console.

We have heard from Microsoft that all that is needed is for publishers to agree to enable streaming with no added coded. Adding coded may be required later as the system grows, but for now, it looks like streaming will be easy to implement.

Microsoft is expected to talk more about the correlation between Windows 10 and Xbox at GDC 2015, so hopefully we get some of those answers then.

HoloLens and Xbox One?

The what-ifs

This section is more geared toward us Windows Phone users. We have been left out of the conversation when it comes to how our phones will engage with the Xbox One, at least so far. However, with the unification with Windows 10 there has to be some news for us somewhere down the line.

Since apps can run on all three platforms (Xbox One, Phone, PC) with Windows 10, it's not a far-fetched to think that we can stream a game from our console to our phone. Microsoft is already showing that this is possible by allowing users of its TV Tuner to stream TV from the Xbox One to their Windows Phone.

And since game streaming is practically the Xbox One casting its screen to a PC via Wi-Fi, why would it be hard for you to cast your Windows 10 phone's screen to your Xbox One? I mean imagine being able to take a movie you're watching via an app on your phone and casting it on your 50-inch television. Or even being able to play Asphalt 8: Airborne or Subway Surfers on your TV.

For now, Microsoft has told us that game streaming to Windows Phone is possible, but they need to do a lot more testing and investigating. All sorts of different issues crop up with phones, such as battery life, processor performance, and bottlenecks with the stream.

Also Cortana. Amazon just released the Echo, which pretty much just sits in your house and answers your questions about news and weather and listens to your music commands. Cortana, although still in beta, is way more mature than this product simply because she has a stronger foundation that is Windows and Bing.

Imagine if Cortana was on the Xbox One with the power of Kinect. She could instantly answer any question you have without you reaching for your Windows device. But here's the real humdinger. Cortana has a notebook which has all of your personal information in reach. You could easily set an appointment via your Xbox or ask Cortana to read you your daily glance while you are preparing for work in the morning. All in all, Cortana would be more than welcomed into my house due to all of the advantages she could offer.

In closing

Without knowing what plans Microsoft has for our phones and the Xbox one, we can only speculate. However, one thing is for sure, and this is that the possibilities are endless. It has been a bumpy ride for Microsoft to get where it is now with unifying Windows, but it seems as if the bruises were worth it. Microsoft took Windows beyond the PC with Windows Phone and now it plans to do it again with the Xbox One.

So my word of advice to every Windows and Windows Phone user out there that ignores the Xbox One, is to start paying attention. It is Microsoft's living room hub that goes beyond gaming. You will soon be able to play your favorite Windows app (such as the Windows Central app) on your television. And manipulate it via your PC or Phone.

The Xbox One is here to stay and with Windows 10 it solidifies itself as an integral part of the entire Windows experience that shouldn't be missed.

Jonathan Dollison
  • Windows 10 is the future baby. Will be funny to join a friend's game on his Xbox one with the same game on my Windows Phone using the Xbox app.
  • IT would have been better if Microsoft kept the original game share for Xbox one, which would allow you to play with your friend using his game on your own Xbox.
  • You can actually do that.
  • Just imagine Cortana on Xbox! I don't know if it will come but that would be amazing.
    I mean, kinect always listening to you and when you come home, from University for example, you just say: "Cortana please show me the news" or "Cortana can you play some music?"  Hope that will be possible!  
  • Sony, Gamestop, and many people in this very forum cried....i was all for it! We have digital libraries on dish, direct tv, and xfinity, but didn't want it on the Xbox one.
  • A lot has to be done for that to happen. The biggest thing I see, and not addressed in the article, is how would you actually play the game? You would either need to be able to connect a keyboard via Bluetooth (which isn't possible as of now) or be able to connect an Xbox controller via USB (which also isn't possible right now).
  • Those MOGA controllers could be used as they are currently supported and would be the ideal solution.
  • There is a need for a gaming keyboard for Xbox One with the new expanded apps go beyond gaming.  The controller is only good for games.
  • Actually you can. If you connect an Xbox One controller to a Windows8.1 PC the controller just works.
  • I may have misunderstood what you're stating, but... Sony does this already with newer Xperia hardware.  Sony smartphones can connect to PS4 controllers. So if current Windows phone has hardware limitations, then obvioulsy it would mean having to buy a new phone. But with  tablets and PCs, X1 controller connect with no problem. Also, this is all local network and with the X1 still running... so also possible that the controller is still connected to the X1, which is only streaming the A/V to your phone.
  • Ps4 only streaming on vita? Wrong! Anyways, we want to see games streaming on every platform, why then all that unified win10 crap.
  • They should give the 360 an update as well, so that you could stream 360 games to the One and Xbox one games to the 360
  • Probably not gonna happen but they should at least upgrade the UI to make it look like its part of the Windows 10 update even though it wont have any of its features
  • Why would you want to stream a Xbox one game to the 360? Probably a reason why its on the one anyways
  • So they can have reasons to complain
  • I'm guessing so that they could play their Xbox One games in other rooms in the house that have an Xbox 360, which are much cheaper.
  • Its not possible because 360 is PowerPC architecture
  • That doesn't matter. The XB1 is doing the streaming and doing all the heavy lifting as far as processing goes.
  • Actually it wouldn't. Streaming isn't ran off the second device. It's ran on the original console and the screen is just casted via WiFi. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If they're gonna do that they may as well stop making 360 games altogether. 
  • Surprised they haven't.
  • Agreed. I always assumed they'd stop as soon as Xbox one was released.
  • I think this is great! Microsoft really thought about unity and productivity :)
  • No they left out media center
  • Xbox One is Media Center. Xbox app on PC will be Media Center. Arriving home after work and saying "Hey Cortana, play some music" will be awesome on Xbox One.
  • Media Center is a software program, Xbox One is hardware. Quite different....
  • Yes there is a difference between software and hardware but the real question is, what is it that you think Media Center can do that Xbox can't? Music playback.. check. Movie playback.. check. Netflix integration..check. Picture viewing... check. TV streaming... check.  So I am at a loss as to why you think Media Center MUST be there. It's just not needed anymore. The xbox does everything that MC could plus much much more. MC is just outdated software now. 
  • And I am at loss about why I should buy a new, not upgradeable, piece of hardware to... play Music, play Movies, watch Netflix, viewing picture and streaming TV. I do not play games on consoles, only on the PC therefore I have zero reasons to buy an xBox or a PS4 while Media Center is what I use. One size does not fit all......
  • Heh, yet the story is 95% about gamin. ;) e.g. what about non-games apps on Xbox One going forward?
  • Achievement Unlocked: Completed typing a Word document without using spellcheck.
  • Awesome article. I'm looking forward to see the finished product. Love Windows <3 Love Xbox <3
  • This is the stuff that gets me excited. Windows and Windows phone gaming could be so awesome thanks to this 3 screens and a cloud vision from Microsoft . Thanks to Developers , developers, developers Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You CAN play Playstation 4 games on phones and tablets.
    With the Xperia Z3 line (then expanded to the Z2), Sony has made possible that you can play PS4 games on your Xperia devices. So what Microsoft is doing in that area isn't new. Sony already did it and no, you don't need the PS Vita or the Playstation TV. Microsoft's only advantage is that the majority has a PC. But still remains to be seen which PC hardware will the Xbox require. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well no one said it was new but it is to XBOX
  • I'm just correcting the article where it says that you can only do this on a Playstation if you have a PS Vita or TV. Because it's not true as you can play PS4 games on Xperia phones and tablets ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I see, too bad its only exclusive to Xperia, or else everyone with a PS4 would be gaming on their phone and tablet, its a cool feature but people don't even know about it
  • Oh you can be sure that all those of us who are using a Sony Xperia Z3 device (Z3, Z3C or Z3TC) are quite aware that the phone can run PS4 games via streaming as Sony made it their job to actually inform us and make it a selling point in ads etc. (In my case it didn't really work as I bought an Xbox One instead of a PS4 but still...)   It's only exclusive to Xperia, yes. But hey...I guess it's logical. It's another incentive for you to buy one instead of a Samsung (if the fact that the Xperias are the best Android devices you can get isn't enough...). You'll also need to be running Windows (Phone) 10 to be able to play Xbox games on the phone, I'm sure. So it'll also be kind of exclusive to Lumia devices too.
  • I know, and that's the reason things usually dont take off like they should, because they are always exclusive to something that not alot of people use, now just think how much bigger this would've been if it was available on other phones and tablets
  • Its still proprietary hardware that not everyone has, so it doesn't really matter that you can play it on the phone too.
  • So is a Windows Phone or Tablet... The only thing Microsoft can have here over Sony is the existence of the PC (which will have to run Windows 10).
  • So only on Sony stuff? Well, that rules out A LOT of phones and tablets ;)
  • Yeah. But it still means there will be more people able to stream from a PS4 to a phone than from an Xbox to a phone, because you'll need to be runnig Windows (Phone) 10 on it.
  • True but it's limited to just those phones. Microsoft has its Xbox Smartglass app on every OS which virtually means every phone available. I imagine them bringing the new app to every platform as well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If they do make that cross platform, yeah definitely it will be a step over the others. But from what they said, the device will have to be running Windows 10 to have streaming of the games to it. Which means, you'll have to be using a Windows Phone is you want to play Xbox games on the phone. And there are more users of Xperia devices than of Windows Phone devices.
  • "True...".   Even if if limited to Sony-only products, its still a pretty big omission.  The real gist of the OP's comment is you left it out.  PS4 can stream to Vita, Vita TV, and Xperia smartphones and tablets.  Sony even sells an accessory for the Xperia handsets; a clip that attaches the phone to a PS4 controller. Your reply also waaaay putting the cart before the horse.  All we know right now is X1 -> Win10.  Hypothesizing about extending the same functionality to non-Win10 devices is, as you said, very imaginative.  I'm not against it, just saying... if you what you imagine comes true, I have zero reasons to stay dedicated to Windows phone or tablets.  Back to Sony streaming, its possible to root Android devices and install the Sony software.  I don't point that out as some kind of pro-PS4 argument, just pointing out that its possible... meaning that small population of Android enthusiasts who like rooting can easily use non-Sony smartphones and tablets.
  • Yeah, there is a big difference. The majority of households in the world have a PC and probably less than 1% have Sony tablets/phones.
  • The Z2 is already able to do that now too :)
  • But the streaming will suck arse because of all the malware you're running in the background. Microsoft's advantages include having better platforms, a solid long term vision, and being in the software industry as opposed to the advertising industry. What kind of retard would have a smartphone operating system published by the largest advertising company in the world... along with a clueless console manufacturer who has no fucking idea what they are doing. Sony is slowly abandoning every part of their business, TV, PC, Phone... eventually console.
  • Sony (or rather SquareEnix) also did the cross-platform play with at least FFXIV IIRC. I don't think there's been anything preventing devs from doing that on the Xbox either, except MS -policy, I wonder if they are now allowing PS4-XBone -multiplayer as well. Of course, not all games are suited for it.
  • Yup exciting times for us Microsoft fans... finally!
  • Wonder if I can stream on my 1520 and controller supported to it too, would be awesome
  • I'm desperately hoping for this. It seriously needs to happen.
  • Well XBox360 had Cross-platform gaming... but it was not used so much... I mean only Shadowrun, Universe at War: Earth Assault (really bad game), Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger... those are the only games I remember. and nobody seemed to care much about it. I hope this time people do, and finally care about it. people always complain how PC and xbox and Microsoft blabla. but those games weren't popular for being crossplatform multiplayer.   anyway, good article, of course many questions still are unanswered and we have to wait many months to see what Microsoft does about xbox one and windows 10. but I hope it will be big, with directx12 ( in gaming and software (like 3dsmax)) and Windows 10 being free for most Windows users.   They haven't even talked about gaming on phones, so there is so much to look forward in the future.   yeah yeah ^_______^  
  • Halo2
  • Go Seahawks!!!
  • Ok... Only because I hate them a little less than the patriots...
  • "Hey Cortana" *10 devices go off*
  • Yeah, that's been a concern of mine as well.
  • Yeah, there's no way they're gonna make everything work by saying Hey Cortana. I know Windows 10 and Windows Phone already do but they'd be dumb to do that. If so, it'll be a huge mistake.
  • Like this was
  • That concern is a bit overblown imo. It'll be up to us to prioritize and disable the feature in settings on certain devices when in those situations.
  • Very happy that I choose one over PlayStation 4
  • I chose the ps4. But I might have to save up for a xone now :)
  • Well that was a waste of money wasn't it.
  • I actually enjoy my PS4 as well just not as much as my Xbox ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It would be great if we can have a full fledge Windows 10 OS on the xbox one. Imagine not needing to buy a computer. That in itself is nearly worth it to buy a Xbox one.
  • IMHO they should be doing more or less be doing for Xbox what Valve is trying to do with SteamOS. Pretty much a game/entertainment centric skin on top of an otherwise functional os. In that mode you use a controller, or you can plug in a mouse and keyboard. The games would merely need to be optimized for both, but I have to imagine that would be easier and cheaper than programming for two different platforms. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • The problem with SteamOS is that its Linux based, that alone has doomed it to fail, as PC gaming in 98% Windows based and for a good reason.    
  • Most likely. The basic concept, however, I like quite a bit. Now Microsoft just needs to do something similar with Windows. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • Why not xbox OS running as an app on PC. That would make it a better HTPC and Smart TV device.
  • Lol no way as a computer it's way underpowered.
  • 8-core APU and 8 GB RAM is at least slightly better than "way underpowered". Tons of computers in homes today that have lower specs.
  • I know I know but if you want full pc capabilities you wil run into problems. All the drivers, hardware compatibility and ram usages. But I agree that I exaggerated a bit.
  • And that will take away the simplicity a console have over the PC, so no thanks :-o
  • What about the opposite? XBox One running on a PC?... A device more powerful than any game console, where you can increase RAM, HDs, Graphic cards etc. ...
  • When it comes to cross platform gaming I would care more I'd it was xbox and playstation finally talking to one another, won't happen because they're both too bloody stubborn though. Streaming I can see myself using a lot.
  • I don't ever get where people think this is something that would ever, ever, ever happen. Or why they'd want it to honestly.
  • You don't get why they'd want it to? Really? Just think about it. But not too hard, don't want you to go and hurt yourself
  • I get why  PS4 players would want it, but not why Xbox One owners would want it. Xbox Live is far superior to PSN--faster, better matchmaking, more secure, and more stable. Why would an XBL gamer want their superior network adulterated by Sony's inferior offering?
  • Well, my group of friends is about a 50/50 split between PlayStation and Xbox. (mine is an Xbox household) Most of us can't afford to buy both systems, so this would enable us to all play together instead of being split into two separate groups. That's why I want it. But I'm not naive enough to think that it'll ever happen.
  • Xbox app on windows 10 is just a full screen smart glass it has none of the good features yet.. Posted via Nexus 1520!!!
  • "Yet"
  • "Microsoft is working hard to make game-streaming available from PC to your Xbox One. This feature would be epic especially if it were compatible with Steam games or even Origin." Uh, no, that wouldn't be "epic". It would be financial suicide. Game sales for Xbox One would plummet. People would buy cheaper, better-looking games from Steam or Origin and then simply stream them to their TVs via their Xbox Ones. Microsoft makes $0 from games sold on Steam or Origin. They make a lot of dollars from games sold on Xbox. The only intelligent thing to do here is to only allow streaming of PC games to Xbox One that are Xbox games purchased in the Windows Store. Otherwise, Xbox revenue will shrivel up.
  • It is possible and they are considering it.
  • I didn't say it wasn't possible. I said it would be a financial mistake. Why should Microsoft invest it's own R&D resources to assist an enemy platform like Steam, a platform they generate no revenue from, with a feature that will absolutely cut into their own revenue streams? What they should do, and should've done long ago, is destroy parasitic platforms like Steam (while also gaining a leg up on PS4) by bringing Xbox One to PC with cross-platform play, a universal store, and streaming capabilities in both directions, all confined to the Xbox platform/store. Helping Valve does not help Microsoft. It merely pushes more sales to Steam that otherwise would've gone to Xbox. Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot again, though, wouldn't surprise me: their management consists of the most jekyll-and-hyde executives I've ever seen.
  • " assist an enemy platform like Steam" LOLOL an enemy platform???, Steam is not a Platform, WINDOWS is the platform, Steam is just a digital distribution store. Microsoft was in the best position to have Windows gaming make them the millions it is now making Valve if they haven't so majorly fucked it up with GFWL. I mean hell you have to be a royal idiot to lose PC gaming on your own platform to someone like Valve. Another brilliant move under Balmer.    
  • Agreed that Microsoft blew it big time by essentially gifting the entire PC gaming industry to Valve on a silver platter. Now Steam has become so big and PC gaming so ubiquitious that I see Valve as a bigger threat to Xbox than Sony is. Despite all their failures in the past, though, they still have a chance to reclaim the PC as their gaming platform, and the way to do that is to bring Xbox One to PC. One universal store. All Xbox. Play on Windows 10 or on Xbox One console. Cross-platform. Pause and play, cloud sync. Extra incentives to developers to publish exclusive games on Xbox One console and Xbox One PC. Then they can chip away at Valve's monopoly. And, yes, Steam is a platform (it's not only on Windows now; it's on Mac, Linux, and Steam OS). It leeches off of Windows, big time, but it's its own beast now, and only Microsoft is to blame for that. If they foolishly allow streaming of Steam games to Xbox One, it'll only exacerbate the situation.
  • Steam isn't a platform, it's a service.
  • Steam OS called and said to say you're wrong.
  • Games might be cheaper on Steam but the gaming rig you need to push those "superior" graphics will cost a lot more that the $350 for an Xbox One. So unless everyone suddenly wants to buy or build a new PC (and upgrade their graphics card every 6 months for the latest game) I think it will have minimal effect on Xbox One game sales.
  • Most people interested in PC gaming already have adequate enough rigs. And a good rig now can go years without an upgrade (no one is upgrading their graphics cards every 6 months). It will have significant effect on Xbox One game sales. The prices of Steam games are tiny in comparison to Xbox One games, especially digital games. Presented with paying $60 for a graphically inferior version of a AAA multiplatform title on Xbox One or $20 for a graphically superior version on Steam that you can then play on your Xbox One, many people will choose the latter. This problem will be exacerbated for indie titles, which currently are also quite overpriced on consoles. Games that go for a $3-5 on Steam are priced 4 to 5 times that on consoles. PC users will pick up the Steam versions for dirt cheap and stream them to Xbox. Indie sales on Xbox will drop and indie developers will have less incentive to spend the time and money porting a game to Xbox One.
  • I get what you're saying ,but I think it would be limited to a select few.  If I own a PS4 or X1, I really wouldnt invest in a gaming rig. And if you invest in a gaming rig and just want to stream Steam games to an X1, why not just buy a 2nd low-cost PC or tablet and use Steam's streaming feature instead?
  • The PC gaming market is enormous. Billions of dollars at stake. Yes, streaming to a low-end PC is an option for Steam gamers too, one that many use but that is not mainstream. Streaming from PC to Xbox will be much more likely to be consumer friendly, and that's the point:  Why should Microsoft invest their own time and money into facilitating streaming for a competitor that will, moreover, contribute to lost revenue for their own platform? There is no benefit to that. Instead, Microsoft should invest their resources into unifiying Xbox gaming on consoles and PCs where they control the Store and they collect the revenue from game sales. Xbox One on PC could result in a huge revenue generator for them and it's foolish to not only let Valve have it, unfettered, but to actually spend your own resources on helping them expand their monopoly further (while also chipping away at your own market share in the console gaming space).
  • I save at least 150€ / year by gaming on a Wii U and a PC, and not XBone or PS4. Thanks to cheaper games,  even more if I count in Live / PSN -costs (although I don't play online as much anymore).
  • You do know you can already 'stream'/play games on your TV from your PC, you just need a cheap HDMI cable, why would you want to do it through the Xbox? Makes zero sense.  
  • I don't think you understand what the word "streaming" means. I'll give you a hint. It doesn't involve  HDMI cables. Once you realize the benefits of not having cables and wires running all across the house, perhaps it will start to make more than "zero sense".
  • Don't they have wireless HDMI transmitters?
  • I don't know, but already I can tell things are getting much more complicated than simply opening up the Xbox App on Windows 10 and choosing "stream to Xbox One". And that will be a big factor to most people.
  • Why not just move your rig into the same room as the tv? It's easier than buying an Xbox, building a smaller pc, running long cables across the house or streaming altogether. Its already there, connected, and you don't spend a penny.
  • It wouldn't be financial suicide because people can and are doing something similar. Why would someone buy an XB1 just to stream PC games when there are already cheaper options to do this?
  • Usability, for one. But you're looking at it from the wrong angle. We're not talking about current Steam users buying an Xbox One just to stream their Steam games to their TV. We're talking about Xbox users who will then begin buying their games on Steam instead of Xbox and then stream them to Xbox One. Why? Beause they're cheaper and they look better and Microsoft will have made it incredibly easy for them to do so. That's why it's financial suicide: they will literally be investing their own resources--time and money--in order to assist a competitor in gaining more sales at the expense of their own Store. That's moronic. There is no benefit to Microsoft in helping Valve further their monopoly.
  • It will only look better if your computer can hack it, the reason that Consoles stick around is because of the nonhastle of having to put up outdated machine every 2 - 3 months. I think you are overestimating the number of highend PC's out there. I have a midrange PC that I use for steam and the like, but I get too frustrated with AAA titles and resource hogging FPS because I don't want to have to spend more money everytime a highend title forces me to use continually lower specs to play on my PC.becuase i don't have $200 -$500 on a new GPU. Not that it won't be the case for some just not as many as you think
  • Outdated every 2-3 months? Not even close. A decent PC today will be able to run high-end PC games for at least 4 years, and then will probably be able to run it on minimum specs for another 2 years. I'm not overestimating the number of high-end PC gamers. PC game revenue amounts to billions of dollars annually and it's growing every year. That's a huge chunk of the market that Microsoft is not capturing when they, more than anyone, should be dominating it.
  • Not interested in Satya's not-so-subtle moves to one day supplant Xbox gaming with Windows gaming.
  • Elaborate? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have never owned an Xbox, my last console was an Atari 2600, but I think I might have to get one.
  • It's an epic machine which will pretty much turn into Microsoft's living room gun for Windows 10 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can't wait I'm getting an XB1 soon
  • This is the big question. Can we stream games onto our phones with xbox like how the Xperia Z phones can do it with the PS4?
  • In the article it says they are testing it so hopefully we will hear more news on that front. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I just hope they don't stifle developer creativity for Xbox One. Really let in Windows 10 apps. I'd love to see the same Outlook and Office apps on my Xbox One, and any other awesome Windows 10 apps developers come up with.
  • Content notification email still says it is from "Windows Phone Central"
  • Its not true cross platform if it still runs on the Xbox one and still requires a controller.
  • Game streaming and cross-platform gaming are two completely different things. Both are coming to Xbox One however Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They need to sort the XBL servers first, they have more down time than EA servers
  • What's the deal with only PC and Tablet? We need this functionality on our phones too. All the talk of Windows 10 on all devices doesn't mean much if we're going to get a gimped experience.
  • Well you would't play a hardcore game on a Windows Phone. So........ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What are you talking about?? XB1 will stream games to PC's and Tablets and it would be amazing for it to stream to phones too. I know a few people that would switch from whatever phone they have to a Windows Phone in a heartbeat just for that feature alone.
  • Wish the Xbox one had dual tv tuners with record and time shift. Then I would buy it. If it could stream tv stuff to others tv s via miracast and stream to my other windows devices, then it would be a true hub.
  • ⬆ THIS! Furthermore they need an "Xbox TV" app that has all the live TV and PVR functionality of Windows Media Center for us HTPC users
  • So remotefx is being integrated into consumer tech. I tried using it wayback when but to try and build a launch file was complicated
  • One possible solution to cross-platform gaming is requiring PC gamers to use XBox controllers when playing against XBox gamers. Even better, this could be just one of the options available. A remote isn't too expensive, either, especially compared to getting an XBox.
  • How about making the Xbox compatible with keyboard/mouse controls instead.  
  • It's possible to do that, but then it'll be unbalanced overall with people using different input methods. Was able to do this on PS3 with Unreal Tournament. Using keyboard/mouse was such an advantage.
  • It's possible to do that, but then it'll be unbalanced overall with people using different input methods.
  • Great article
  • Thanks mate! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Until Microsoft gets serious about Windows gaming by releasing their games on both Xbox and Windows, I don't give a damn about Xbox or anything else Microsoft has to say about it. I still remember how Microsoft screwed loyal PC fans by abandoning PC titles like Midtown Madness and converting them to Xbox exclusives. Same with Halo 1 & 2, and then nothing for PC gamers. Long time disregard for franchises like Flight Simulator or Age of Empires, and the list goes on....  
  • Shouldn't carry grudges across years or even decades, it's not good for your health. This has been scientifically proven.
  • Folks there'll be no stopping the Windows 10 juggernaut!
  • I got a Xbox one and love it... I don't need to say more. Bought mine on launch and still have it. It keeps continuing to improve. And as far as ps4 and Xbox one comparison...i got bought both my boys a ps4 and I got the Xbox one.... Not saying any system is junk but I will say I like my Xbox one better!
  • This does sound great.  Microsoft could tie everything (PC, phone, xbox, tablet, maybe even car? and IoT) in a bow, it could be a big win for Microsoft. You mention the things that Corana can do and what you hope she will be able to do and I can see things going even further.   Picture cooking and you ask Cortana to find a specific recipe and you can ask her to go step by step telling you what you should do.  Even more, if there is a video you can ask to look at step 3 and it'll find stop 3 and play it. I'd also like to see more stuff in the home with IoT.  We're seeing some stuff with thermostats, and smoke detectors and we're seeing light bulbs with LED's that change colors but I want to have a full on Star Trek like experience.  Telling Cortana to turn on my lights, to dim them, play a specific band on the stereo...things like that. HoloLense is what I'm really excited about.  I'm reading a book called Ready Player One and a big part of the story so far is in VR and kids go to school and companies are run in VR, its not just games.  I can see HoloLense going in that direction.  Best of all in the book its free and they make money in other ways (travel, buying property and people can sell stuff to make money and I'm guessing the company takes some off the top).  That's all I'll say about the book, so far its great! Microsoft's future looks bright.  I just hope they set everyting in motion and people take notice.
  • 720@30, but 1080@60 fps? There are also quite some spelling mistakes, and some sentences ar weird.
  • Would you mind pointing them out? Was up until 4am at one point writing this Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have a surface tablet. A windows phone, and a PC
    But I prefer a ps4 for console gaming. Anyone else?
  • I don't see any advantage ps4 has over Xbox
  • Apart from raw power. Personally, nothing on the big 2 has interested me enough to invest in either, maybe this year will change my mind.
  • Beautiful writing Jonathon :)
  • When I say cortana will my phone, Xbox, and PC all respond?
  • I asked that to Joe Bellfiore on Twitter a couple days ago.  No response so far. lol
  • Hopefully, this will mean more multimedia apps such as, VUDU or other apps on Windows Phone. Indie game developers will likely have lots of success on Windows Phone if Microsoft comes out with a new flagship with that rumored octo-core processor, among other hardware advances.
  • So does the xbox only apps like youtube, etc be able on the phone and the desktop
  • Love xbox n Microsoft. Would be so good to have everything they stated on dis new would ne amazing. I have faith in Microsoft. Xx best come on do it baby
  • Title of the article is very misleading. "Windows 10 on Xbox" and the whole thing is about games on Windows 10. Come on....
  • I can't wait to stream to my PC!!
  • Imagine if the touch-first office in the store got kinnect+keyboard support (if not mouse and keyboard support).  Bam, instant college PC capable of games and school work. The Xbox One is the Surface PC... why does MS refuse to see this? $400 for a craptastic HP desktop that can barely browse the internet, or $400 for an Xbox One that can work and play decently?  I am not in the market for an Xbox myself (nor would I ever buy any pre-made desktop), but even I see the value in this!
  • It will be awesome if you can use your keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One and also if Microsoft stop leaving Windows Phone in the shadows.
  • Cross platform gaming has been tried a few times always failed miserably. One platform will always have an edge and beat the crap of other platforms. Not a smart idea IMHO
  • That's why you do it only for coop-games, or with asynchronous gameplay (either definition is fine), or both.
  • Waiting for windows phone 10
  • Only other comment seems to have touched on it, but there were less than 10 GFWL games which were cross-platform, and Gears of War was not one of them. You're probably thinking of Shadowrun.
  • One thing is missing though: Why no xbox one without traditional xboxgaming capabilities? Just for media consumption like tv, movies and a windows 10 experience? I mean imagine having all these great features like streaming stuff from your phone or tablet to your tv? And they could offer this entertainment box or whatever they would call it at a much cheaper price than their Xbox one! Not everyone is that much into console gaming... I'm just saying I think it would be a huge opportunity
  • Of course also Cortana should be present anyway :D
  • I can see Microsoft coming out with an Xbox keyboard, initially for gaming, and then later announcing Word for Xbox one!
  • Windows 10. Windows Phone. Xbox One. The future is now. All we need is that WP flagship announcement.
  • Would be nice to have a full windows on the xbox as that would add more functions when your not gaming
  • Xbox One >>>Xbox App>>> PC/Tablet >>>RemoteDesktop>>> Windows Phone. Boom. /s
  • the upcoming Xbox app gives you and Xbox experience on your PC
    Holy fuck, that is exactly what I wanted for years now! Sod playing xbox games using power of my PC! Who the hell want to stream his PC games to xbox? No, what we want is 24 fps at 680p to be streamed to my smalled monitor, with streaming imput lag on top of that!
  •   This update scares the crap out of me! I took 2 weeks off from work 1st week close out hunting and fishing season 2nd week settle down for winter gaming season.... Win10 is going to be awful for at least a couple of months until they fix all the bugs and game breaking glitches that will come with it....win10 update locked down my computer stuck on the update had to wipe the entire hard drive to get my laptop back thousands of hours of work gone! pictures even my itunes was gone! after how bad ios 8 and 9 have been....I have zero faith and absolutely no confidence that the win10 update will be any thing other than game breaking operating system.... Can already see the headline:  Win 10 update for xbox one makes games unplayable.... Microsoft responds "we're working on it" and after 2 months we'll get a free game and a apology.... Right in time to make fallout 4 a table coaster