Xbox One backwards compatibility update requires some game reinstallations

If you're currently enjoying backwards compatible games in the Xbox One preview program, the following information might be of interest.

Speaking on the official Xbox One preview forum, a member of the Xbox team detailed a list of games that will require reinstallation following an update to Xbox One OS preview.

Note: To view the post, you need to be a member of the Xbox One dashboard preview.

Thank you for participating in the Xbox One Preview program and helping us test Backward Compatibility! We've received great feedback from participants thus far and are working hard on several improvements to the experience.We'd like to let you know about an upcoming change that will require action on your part. If you have installed any of the titles listed below, please read on for info on how to keep playing:1.Viva Piñata2.Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise3.Perfect Dark4.Perfect Dark Zero5.Kameo: Elements of Power6.Jetpac Refuelled7.Banjo-Kazooie8.Banjo-TooieIf you have any of these titles, you'll need to uninstall and reinstall the title to continue playing.For assistance uninstalling titles, please refer to [this page]({.nofollow} on Xbox Support. Once you've uninstalled the title, you can reinstall it from My games & apps > Games > Ready to Install.NOTE: Reinstalling a title won't impact its Xbox 360 saves.Should you have any questions or concerns, please post in the forums here.Thanks for participating in the Xbox One Preview Program!

All of the above games also feature in the upcoming Rare Replay game bundle, which lands on August 7th 2015.

We haven't heard much about fresh additions to the backwards compatibility line-up since E3, but it seems likely that any new announcements are waiting for next month's Gamescom 2015.

Be sure to vote for your favorite Xbox 360 games to hit Xbox One backwards compatibility here. Mass Effect 2 and 3 need more votes!

Jez Corden
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