Xbox One gamers slightly outpace other console owners in time spent gaming, according to a new study. Presented by Global Web Index, this study has those who game on an Xbox One and Wii U in the lead, with a daily average of 2:27 and 2:26 hours spent gaming, respectively. That's followed up by PlayStation 4 gamers, who come in at a daily average of 2:15 hours.

Xbox One gamers clock the most time playing, study says

The disparity isn't all that large in the grand scheme of things, but it is an interesting metric given the PlayStation 4's marketplace lead in terms of sales. All three current-gen consoles were, of course, markedly ahead of their last-gen counterparts as well, according to the study. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners were clocked in at a daily average of 1:58 and 1:55 hours, while the study pegged Wii gamers at 1:34 hours.

Of course, this is a daily average across everyone that Global Web Index surveyed. Time spent playing likely varies wildly depending on the person, but it's an interesting look nonetheless.

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