Xbox One gamers clock the most time playing, study says

Xbox One S
Xbox One S (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Xbox One gamers slightly outpace other console owners in time spent gaming, according to a new study. Presented by Global Web Index, this study has those who game on an Xbox One and Wii U in the lead, with a daily average of 2:27 and 2:26 hours spent gaming, respectively. That's followed up by PlayStation 4 gamers, who come in at a daily average of 2:15 hours.

The disparity isn't all that large in the grand scheme of things, but it is an interesting metric given the PlayStation 4's marketplace lead in terms of sales. All three current-gen consoles were, of course, markedly ahead of their last-gen counterparts as well, according to the study. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners were clocked in at a daily average of 1:58 and 1:55 hours, while the study pegged Wii gamers at 1:34 hours.

Of course, this is a daily average across everyone that Global Web Index surveyed. Time spent playing likely varies wildly depending on the person, but it's an interesting look nonetheless.

How much time would you say you spend playing your console each day? Let us know in the comments!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Well... You can do so much more with the XO so it shouldn't surprise anyone that it is being used more on average.
  • Of course. IndieStation 4 gamers aren't playing their PS4, they're too busy trolling Xbox forums with talk of high hype flops like No Man's Sky and SFV, and bullcrap about how our system isn't "for the gamers" while theirs is. ​All my friends who got PS4s seem to be constantly talking about theirs gaining dust... hell, from the get go Sunset Overdrive established itself as the most pure, uncut fun I've had in an extremely long time, and while I expected Killer Instinct to absolutely destroy te name, it was astounding... and from there on it just hasn't stopped. Goddamned Titanfall was outstanding, Quantum Break was awesome, Forza 5 actually kinda made me care about car games, Rise of the Tomb Raider was even better than the Tomb Raider reboot... and that doesn't even scratch the surface or get how awesome this steady stream of BC games are... and yeah, it's a badass central hub for media too. ​Just snagged the Xbox One S, a Happauge USB tuner and a 4K HDR TV and it quickly became the most used device in our house.
  • I have both consoles and I must agree. If not for the support of Japanese developers, PS4 has a pretty poor showing of exclusives. I've also had a better experience with XBL vs PSN.
  • The only thing interesting coming out on the PS4 is Horizon Zero Dawn and that isn't until next year. I'm on my X1S much more then the PS4.
  • I spend too much time on it, although not all gaming. Tons of YouTube, despite the app being naff. Strength Wars and Allan Thrall have had a ton of my time.
  • Go to the store on your Xbox one, and type in the search bar Awesome. You should see Awesome Player app available for download. It wipes the floor with the google YouTube app. It's the same app as the Windows 10 mobile and PC apps.
  • True, YouTube app for Xbox One sucks. Just a web wrapper that made for console and it is super slow compare to the 3rd party one. Only benefit of YouTube app is just casting video from its app, which, you know, not made for Windows.
  • now even myTube is coming to the Xbox one store, so that should sort out everyones problem
  • 8h daily
  • Days off bout 6 hrs, work days bout 3 early morning gaming
  • I think that if you took the study to when the 360 started supporting apps, it would probably show the same. Fire sticks didn't exist, and smart tvs were way too expensive. I know personally Netflix probably beat game hours many a weeks of the year.
  • I believe your dead right on the Netflix hrs vs game hrs, with 98 friends, when they weren't playing games they were streaming Netflix. And about 15% of those streaming were watching because of their wife wanting to watch her shows. Lol
  • Well considering some PS4 peeps are more worried to count sales or bash Xbox One over the internet it is not surprising at all!
  • Not surprising. More casual gamers bought PS4 because it was cheaper and Xbox got alot of bad press initially. But the Xbox One can do So much more than a PS4. Including now 4K Bluray to.
  • I am not surprised by those numbers being increased from last gen to next considering that on a 2h playtime I think we spend easily the extra 20min in awful loading times. Those next gen are just so slow a 7200rpm or hybrid drive would set us back to where we were with last gen. I just like so much Xbox Play Anywhere because of that. Recore loadings are just horrendous on Xbox One when it's okay with a SSD (plus Recore and Forza Horizon 3 are just so much enjoyable at a real 1080p and 60fps).
  • Well, you also have to consider the loading times on higher fidelity games from the 360...You never played skyrim? Feels like it loads every time you open a door or push a button.
  • not surprise.  ps4 fanboys just come online to trash the xbox.  we're too busy with games.  they have none.
  • The xb1 has improved leaps since it launched, and Microsoft deserves props. However to say the ps4 has no games is just ridiculous
  • True, but their overall exclusives have been kinda weak except for the Japanese developers.
  • That's a pretty big "except". Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Japanese games died 10 years ago. Todays hack n slash JRPGS are total trash. I used to love Japanese games. But now they suck harder than Katie Price.
  • hahaaha, yes im so glad japanese devs are getting beaten by european and american devs. 
  • I'm not going to go through which are Japanese and which are not, but here is a list:
  • I play 25 hours a day on my Xbox one. Suck it PS4!
  • Interesting to see MS winning the long term game here.
  • Just a matter of more "casuals" owning a PS4.
  • Hmm.. maybe that's why Windows 10 mobile releases are late... the dev team must be clocking extra hours on the XBOX during extended break :P
  • Hmm, a lot of "no surprise, PS4 fanboys are too busy talking crap online" type comments... Maybe bing "hypocrisy". lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't game daily, but when I do switch on, its for at least 8 hours. 1.142
  • 2 hrs pc during the week, 6 hrs console Xbox on weekends
  • Xbox
  • If I'm reading this right, the study is specifically targeting play time, not time being used. That would be an interesting number to see and I'm sure Xbox would blow them both out of the water. On the weekends, it's not uncommon for me to have several play sessions a day lasting 1-2 hours each. During the week though, I rarely play games, but I'm still on my Xbox for a few hours watching YouTube, Amazon, or Netflix. On average, I'd say I probably clock 12-15 hours of actual gaming per week which puts me in the roughly two hours per day ball park. I probably spend close to 20-25 hours a week, or more, doing other stuff on my Xbox One.