Xbox One 'Duke' controller now available for UK preorder

Late last year, third-party accessories manufacturer, Hyperkin, announced its plans to produce a functional replica of the original Xbox "Duke" controller designed for Xbox One and Windows 10. In the months since, preorders for the device have gone live in the U.S. (opens in new tab) and Canada, ahead of its debut slated for next month.

While a rollout to further regions is yet to be formally announced, a listing for the Duke Xbox One controller has now surfaced on Amazon UK (opens in new tab). Preorders are currently priced at £69.99 for those across the pond, with a release set for May 8, 2018. Although considerably steeper than the $69.99 U.S. price tag and a month later than the expected April 1 U.S. debut, this is still a great opportunity for those eying up the device.

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Hyperkin originally billed the controller as a "faithful recreation of the original controller's form-factor," featuring its iconic cumbersome design and original Xbox-era design. The highlight of the controller is its new integrated OLED screen, which displays the original Xbox boot animation. Various upgrades have also been made to better suit the design for the current generation, including left and right bumpers, "Menu" and "View" buttons, as well as impulse trigger support. Other improvements include a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 9-foot detachable cable.

The Duke may have been comically large for its time but today finds itself as a source of nostalgia for gamers of the era. And with original Xbox backward compatibility now available on Xbox One, there's no better time to pick up the controller yourself.

Will you be picking up the original Xbox Duke for Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

See at Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

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  • It is not wireless?
    If they were going to put a screen in it they could of at least made it wireless too, the detachable cable was good back in the day but doesn't cut it now.
  • Its so it can be used on PC as well. I prefer my controllers wired to reduce input lag but I realize I'm in the minority on this. I'd worry more about the quality rather than it being wireless. Hyperkin doesn't have a great track record for build quality.
  •   Vintage man... Never played the original Xbox though so I can't comment on that Controller.
    Before getting myself an Xbox One D1 ( and now the Xbox One X SE ) I kept playing on the Piano Black PlayStation 3 which I still have but haven't used in quite a while. Last week I decided to take a peek if it's still working ( sure is ) but immediately turned away from it after holding the DS3 Controller in my hands again - Call me jaded but I just can't get used to either the shape and the cheap feel after using an Xbox One Elite Controller for so long so I ventured into the WWW to look for a solution and found one in ConsoleTuner's Titan Two Adapter which I got myself one from Kinda weird using an Xbox Controller on a PlayStation but it works, wireless too if you own the Xbox One for Windows Dongle, and even including rumble! ( again, only with the Dongle ).
    Tested it with MGS4:GotP which, in hindsight, has a hilariously weird button layout when compared to MGS5:TPP like Aim and Fire being tied to the shoulder buttons instead of the Triggers. Supposedly working with pretty much any Controller on any Console.