Get ready to scratch your nostalgia itch: Microsoft's original Xbox controller is coming back — sort of. As reported by Gizmodo, accessory maker Hyperkin is gearing up to release a working replica of the original "Duke" controller that was bundled with the first release on the original Xbox.

The original Xbox controller was known mainly for its massive size, and Hyperkin claims its controller will keep that intact as a "faithful recreation of the original controller's form-factor." There are a couple of new goodies here as well; the Xbox logo has been replaced with a display screen, left and right bumpers have been added, and it includes a 9-foot detachable cable.

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The description of the teaser video says that the controller was created with the "assistance and the blessing of Seamus Blackley," who was part of the original Xbox team.

If you're eager to get your hands on one, Hyperkin says the retro controller will release this holiday season, and it'll work with the entire Xbox One lineup and Windows 10. Given that the Xbox backward compatibility is being expanded to include original Xbox games, the timing couldn't be better.

The Duke

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