Xbox One Media Remote leaked by Amazon Canada, coming early March

Looking for another way to control your new Xbox One? You already have a few options out of the box. You can do things like use your voice, gestures, Xbox One controller or any SmartGlass-enabled device. It looks like Microsoft is adding a new device called the Xbox One Media remote as another input and navigation option.

The accessory was spotted on Amazon Canada, but quickly pulled. Thankfully there’s a cached page floating around the interwebs. In it we see that the Xbox One Media Remote is expected to come around March 4, 2014. The device will presumably go up for pre-order sometime between now and then. It’ll retail for CDN $24.99 (which is about $22.70 USD).

There’s no description on the page of what the Xbox One Media Remote does, but we probably don’t have to stretch our imaginations too much to figure out what this does. The Xbox 360 already has a comparable media remote (opens in new tab) that allows you to control the Xbox 360’s dashboard, DVD, CD, and media playback. It’s also useful for navigating and controlling the media functions of other apps like Netflix, HBOGO (please come to Xbox One already!), Hulu Plus, ESPN and others. We’re going to go out on a limb and say the Xbox One Media Remote will be very similar in functionality.

We’ll let you know when Microsoft does officially announce the accessory. Maybe it’ll come with the Xbox One Stereo Headset and Stereo Headset adapter?  

In the meantime, let us know if you’d use a device like this or stick to using SmartGlass on your Windows Phone.

Source: Google Cache Via: Reddit

Sam Sabri
  • Hope this works better than the harmony simple w/ hub remote. 20% of my directional inputs are registered 2x causing skips. Logitech has not been able to fix this.
  • I feel your pain, mine registers three times so at least if I select something it deselects and then reselects it anyways. Good luck
  • I'm using the Harmony Ultimate with no issues.
  • Logitech's Harmony remotes are an awesome idea but they have this TERRIBLE maximum transmit rate and command buffering issues. Any dumb remote can send commands very quickly and most newer electronics can accept IR commands pretty damn fast, too. But Harmony remotes are stuck in the year 2000 and will only transmit 1 command every ~400ms. If you press a button 10 times very quickly it will send the commands off once every 400ms, taking 4 seconds to send commands where you could have pressed it 10 times in 1 second. This works very differently to most remotes (they'll just drop commands which are input too fast) and no one is used to it. I hate it, I can't use Harmony remotes. I love their features though, backlight, programmable LCD, motion sensor to wake up, etc. 
  • Now that you say it, when I use my harmony I go into slow mo old folk style
  • If you assign the Xbox to only the harmony hub and not handheld remote the duped command issue is fixed.
  • Remembering my launch Xbox 360 came with one of these. The good old days.
  • And the 360 can play from a USB hard drive. It seems Microsoft are taking the Apple approach and trying to force the consumer into there own media ecosystem. Smart business but a sad result for the consumer who forks out 500 for an all-in-one device which can't play a song off a thumb drive. Sickening, just sickening.
  • i seem to recall them saying that function is coming in one of the update, they just couldn't stick it in in time?
  • I don't buy that excuse in anyway whatsoever, its like saying we will supply fridges in the lunch room next financial year, in the meantime feel free to use our vending machines. The xbone is more pc than it is console, the function has most likely been turned off. It is as simple for Microsoft to add USB support to the xbone as it is for a business to buy a fridge. I call shenanigans. By the time they support USB, 35% of users will be hooked on their subscription media service. Its a clever trick.
  • 35% hey?
  • Yeah 35% :)
  • The very first Xbox came with one too. THATS nostalgia ;)
  • It also came with the ability to connect up with Windows Media Center. I know I'm in the minority here, but this would get me to only having the Xbox one and a tv. Well, as soon as Titanfall comes out, so I can put away the 360.
  • The only reason I dont own a Xbox One is the lack of Media Center support.  The whole home cablecard/360 home cable system is amazing.  And it saves me from having a cable box on every tv to get HD from Comcast.  Plus I get 8 tuners for 1$ a month in rental fees.  Vs.  18 for a cable box.
  • If I may ask, which tuner card do you have (which features 8 tuners)? I have an infinitv6, and it constantly aggravates me. Also, comcast charges me $7 for my M-Card... is that what you pay the $1 for? I look forward to reading more about this.
    Thank You.
  • My HTPC is as follows and is dedicated to Media Storage and TV only i3, 8gb ram, A Pretty Heavy Duty Board with built in Graphics (Not sure off hand the brand), 2tb HDD, 2 infinitv 4 Cards PCI I had a few problems early one with some lag and other random small issues.  So I set up for the machine to restart everyday at 3am.  This has fixed most of my problems.  I cant remember the last time I have had a problem to be honest other than with me tinkering around with it and causing an issue. As for Comcast it took a 2 visits to the local Comcast "Store" where they told me tough, even though I had paperwork showing the price should be 1$ and not 7ish that they were trying to charge me.  I ended up having to find my digital bill that shows the Comcast pricing for my area.  This is I believe printed 1 time a year on your bill so just go through your archive on Comcast website. (THough I did today get a thing on my bill sayings its going to 1.50).  Then after about 2 hours on the phone and several call backs I did finally get the price I should have been getting.  The main thing is to find your area pricing as proof otherwise they will stick it to you.  I am also getting a 2.50 credit for "Customer Owned device"  WHich I would assume is the Infinitv Card.
  • No it didn't. It was an add-on.
  • Only the Windows Phone community would be so petty as to actually correct that. -.- You know what I mean.
  • I would prefer this over smartglass. Smart glass loads very slow on my 1020 & 1520. I think it loads a tad bit faster on my Nexus 7. How ironic.
  • I haven't had any troubles with SmartGlass on my Windows Phone or Windows 8 devices. I could def. see the remote being good for family members who aren't as tech savvy and want to navigate the Xbox One in a familiar manner. 
  • That's the issue I'm having with my g/f.  I use a Logitech Harmony remote w/ hub and programmed it to sign in my account and launch tv for when she wants to watch tv except there's a bug where harmony remote randomly double register directional presses causing my commands to overshoot.  Half the time she ends up in the friends hub or somewhere else and doesn't know what to do if Im not around.  I worked with Logitech with no luck.  Not sure if it's a Logitech or Xbox issue.
  • What about "Xbox, watch TV"? Why do you need a fancy remote for that? You'd need to log in to your account to use like Netflix or something, but not to just watch TV.
  • It won't turn my tv on and off...and switching inputs, still have extra ports. I need the remote. =D
  • This is for my g/f who refuses to use voice commands.  She watches tv, netflix, hulu, etc via xbox so it's a necesarry evil.
  • SmartGlass isn't always as intuitive as it should be. In addition, it should work seamlessly from our devices. I have to select the music app on my phone, then select play on Xbox One. Why do I have to tell it what I want to do twice? SmartGlass doesn't truly bring the experience to your device. There is quite a bit of polish that ends to be done.
  • You don't have to if u search within smartglass you press play on the song.
  • It would be cool if it has a sliding mechanism with a qwerty KB
  • I feel the way to do this is how Vizio does on their smart TVs. Put a QWERTY keyboard on the back of the remote. Edit: looked it up...appears Vizio is doing the sliding thing now. Oops. It appears that egg and my face are in alignment.
  • This defeats the purpose of Kinect. Although I can see this very useful for those that do not want "Kinect connected constantly". Say that three times fast.
  • No, it's just another way of interacting that isn't required. It's only meant to be bought by someone who can see the value. It doesn't mean anything about Kinect.
  • No it doesn't defeat the purpose of Kinect.. I use Kinect voice commands every day, and watch a ton of Netflix and DVDs, and the remote definitely has its place. 1) With remote in hand, pausing can be quicker and more precise
    2) Where my Kinect and TV speakers are positioned, Kinect can't hear me well if the volume is too high. I turn up the volume for movies
    3) Menus in disc-based movies can't be selected with Kinect currently. This means having to turn on the controller or connect via Smartglass
    4) Navigating through many menus at once is much quicker by remote I love Kinect voice commands, and I would not stop using them with remote, but the two can co-exist just fine.
  • Exactly
  • Give me a Kinect I can use with an AV closet.
  • Source: Google Cache I don't know why I lol'd at this 
  • I knew someone would make a Google comment...
  • What about it?
  • Just it's funny, because people hate that some services, WPCentral uses google. For this though, it is different.
  • I wasn't laughing at WPCentral using Google. Heck, my life won't stop if they do. I was laughin at how a leak is still available (even though it's already down) through caching
  • I agree with Sam this would make it an easier transition for my wife instead of having to use the Xbox One controller,  but I wish they would have gone more than just a simple remote. It needs the ability to program it and it doesnt appear to have any extra buttons than just the standard stuff so unless this has more to it than the picture its not gonna be a buy for me.
  • Anyone know if there is a way to connect to the Xbox from WP in the same manner that like iPad does apple tv through airplay?
  • Three screens three experiences! Nah smartglass app is as good as you will get
  • Play To is coming with WindowsPhone 8.1 that will, I presume, work along the lines of Windows 8.1. 
  • And Miracast receive is coming to the Xbox. So win, win.
  • What? Really? When?
  • Source?
  • just got a new update for the bluray app ... will be nice to have this little remote for media control
  • How do you know when things update? I'm hoping they update the bluray app to support bluray 3d.
  • If it has updated in the background then you can go to your notification area and you will see a new notification for the bray player with the 'launch' action. If it hasn't updated then it will prompt when you start the app.
  • Smartglass is nice. Except that it won't work unless the system is on.
  • The remote wont work when its off either except to power on or off which I can do via voice, my xbone doesn't turn off
  • Everything March or later, not happy
  • I've been using a Harmony One, which works ok. It's good for basic navigation but the number pad doesn't work in TV, and page skip in the guide skips two pages instead of one. Might pick this up tho.
  • I hope it's as good as the first Gen 360 remote and not that 2nd Gen piece of crap.
  • I use SmartGlass all the time, but I'll definitely be buying this.
  • If there was a Plex app & Media Center Extender support I would buy an Xbox One and one of these remotes.
  • There's a Plex app for Windows 8.1, and since Xbox One uses the same core, I don't see why it can't use the same app (Windows everywhere mantra).  I have a feeling that will happen when they announce Threshold.
  • I anticipate this also but without Media Center Extender ability I'm really not interested in an Xbox One. What I would actually really like is a small, ARM based box that runs Windows RT for Plex, Netflix, Hulu and such and could also be used as a Media Center Extender and even lets you use a Xbox Controller for some games.  I know that won't happen so I hold out hope for Xbox One instead.
  • Yeah... Haven't pulled the trigger on an Xbox One due to the lack of Media Center support.
  • Not that I expected it, but I looked for a Media Center button.
  • Yall are stupid... Ugh
  • Please tell me this thing does not use stupid IR. In this day and age I want it to be RF. Once I got used to the PS3 blutooth and the the same on TiVo, I can't go back to IR....
  • They use WiFi for the game controllers
  • Other end of the spectrum, it uses ultra violet. Rdy for some melanoma? :-)
  • Sorry, but it is IR.
  • I'd rather they tweak the Smartglass app and how it interacts with the Xbox Music and Video apps. Not as intuitive and seamless as it should be. Spotify and airplay much better combination for now.
  • What problem do u have I like the option to change songs while snapped if u use the search option u can browse through both without changing what's on tv
  • Only buying it if its backlit! M$ should release a media remote for the Xbox one, like the one that was for 360, with the tv mode,media center, numerics etc! I'd buy two! (own two Xbox ones)
  • I will definitely be picking one of these up when they are available. I like smartglass but it doesn't always load so fast. I wish it would stay connected when on the same WiFi as the One.
  • Just wish it would be BT instead of IR
  • You and a LOT of others. Maybe they'll do one.
  • It would've been nice if this came with a qwerty slider. Would make it much easier to search Youtube, XBOX MUSIC, NETFLIX, etc.
  • My wife and both use SmartGlass on our Windows Phones, and my Surface RT. However, I will buy one of these remotes for selecting cartoons and such for the kids. They are just not patience enough, and Smartglass' swipe to scroll is just to slow and finicky. They need to add swipe and hold like Smartglass for the 360.
  • the thumbnail picture looked almost like a camera on a green Lumia. Oh how I'd love that!
  • Much needed as there's nothing worse than repeatedly trying to get the Kinect's attention when its gone to sleep. It bad enough talking to a machine and having to talk like a retard.
  • What I never understood is why the interface on smartglass doesn't have a mode that essentially displays what's on the media remote
  • You can also use a wireless USB keyboard for text input. My logitech K400 works with the XBone, although, the key registration is a bit buggy. Hoping for improvements as the updates arrive.
  • Sorry guys, I said stuff I shouldn't and so deleted comments. I wanted to discuss not leak.
  • If the Xbox One Media Remote can be used instead of the gamepad to quickly navigate the dashboard without having to wake up the remote first, I'd buy it.
  •   Between the controller and the Kinect, I don't really see where another remote is necessary unless it adds something special.