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Xbox One S has 'additional raw GPU and CPU power' when compared to Xbox One [Updated]

The Xbox One S is all set to bring 4K video streaming and HDR in a chassis that's 40% smaller than the Xbox One. While Microsoft didn't go into a lot of detail regarding the hardware powering the console, it looks like the Xbox One S will feature upgraded internals that will result in better framerates.

According to Polygon:

The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson talks in particular about improved surface detail on things like metal and armor — it will also provide a more consistent level of technical performance as well, Fergusson told Polygon in an interview following Microsoft's press briefing today.According to Fergusson, the Xbox One S has additional raw GPU and CPU power compared to the Xbox One, and The Coalition's engineers have been able to take advantage of that to reduce the frequency of frame rate or resolution penalties in more demanding sections of the game.

The Xbox One S will make its debut in August, and is up for pre-order right now.

Update: In a statement to The Verge, Microsoft confirmed there are additional resources available to developers, but it looks like it only applies to HDR games. Which makes sense.

We have the same SOC architecture as Xbox One today. For games that want to take advantage of HDR, we gave developers access to a small amount of additional processing power.

So there we have it.

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  • Can you guys try and get official confirmation of this from Microsoft directly? Obviously the internals ARE different, but can you get confirmation existing and new games will play better on the S model? So next Xmas there will be 3 levels of performance if this is true.
  • Why would they still be manufacturing / retailing the Xbox1 classic by xmas 2017?
  • Sorry I mean for developers to cater for as from what has been said so far they'll need to keep supporting all the models?
  • Maybe their to cheap to bring out a new elite?
  • You do realize that Fergusson IS working for Microsoft, right?
  • I just want to see something official saying it will play games better, and if this will apply to existing games too - It makes the S a bit more intriguing if so
  • If you read the article, developers have to specifically take advantage of this, so for an existing, unchanged game, the answer is no.
  • if you read the article, that information was included in an update that wasn't a part of the original article, so the guy's question made sense when it was asked.
  • Wills this make games load faster?
  • The best thing you can do to make games load faster is to use an SSD as external storage and move your most-played games to that. Sure, you won't get the fastest performance that the SSD is capable of, but it will be *much* faster than a hard drive. You'll also use less power and won't have to worry about cooling your external disk. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Using an SSD on the Xbox One is pointless, on every single comparison test the SSD provided no worthwhile gains over a proper desktop hard drive. It just isn't designed for SSD's and so it doesn't benefit from them, making the extra cost pointless.   Get a proper Desktop 7200RPM external USB 3.0 drive or better yet a Hyrbid Desktop 7200RPM external USB 3.0 drive and enjoy the increased speed over stock.
  • Interesting. I watched a video some time back that showed there was a significant gain when using an SSD over an external hard drive (even a faster hard drive). But I agree that a faster hard drive would definitely see some gain over the internal disk. With what you mention, though, I'm now very curious to do some of my own tests. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Lol you said an SSD adds no performance and then said get a hybrid drive.
  • You're saying it won't benefit from an SSD but it will benefit from a hybrid? Does that make sense? You have 10 minutes to erase that part of your life. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I have a 7200 rpm Seagate external hard drive there's not many of these that are specifically external with no extra power plugged into it.
  • the CPU/GPU are so fast in comparison to HDD read/write speeds, so your comment makes no sense. I have an Intel Core i7 5500U on my laptop but I still have a HDD and one of my plans is to upgrade to SSD on Christmas when 1TB SSD SATA3 prices go lower.  Pretty sure the Xbox One has much more speed than a slow HDD so it will be much faster with SSD.
  • Digital Foundry did some tests for both the X1 and PS4. HDD vs SSD performance. Loading times were improved quite dramatically
  • Yeah, their early tests weren't too encouraging but later on they found significant gains with Fallout 4 and other open-world titles.
  • Great idea... Didn't consider that option (ssd as external). SSD is the only reason I like the Elite X1. But this would do it for me.
  • Lol till nxoe came along it worked now because the os is bigger then the ssd portion of drive it takes up the user accessible portion of the drive
  • It's possible that the Project Scorpio console will be called Xbox One XL. It is a very interesting approach to bring a "family" of consoles to the market that are fully compatible. I like that.
  • Enter PC gaming :) ....3 prebuild windows 10 PCs with hidden preset game settings and simplified UI
  • I really hope they just call it Xbox One Scorpio. It just sounds catchy and just as most people called the Xbox 360 "The 360", people will probably call this "The Scorpio".
  • That doesn't sound bad. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am voting for a random number, maybe Xbox Pi™
  • Maybe, since it supposedly does away with console generatins, Xbox Infinity? I honestly like the sound of Xbox One Scorpio (or juse Xbox Scorpio) but Xbox Infinity has a nice ring to it....
  • Or just Xbox Scorpio
  • XL? That just seems redundant and doesn't give it enough credit for how ridiculously powerful it is.
  • Xbox 2 Sent from Windows Central App for Hololens
  • Much more likely it's called Xbox 4k. 
  • I really like the name scorpio
  • "The Beast"
  • Xbox One S.
  • Xb1 LL
  • They cannot advertise HDR gaming without GPU improvements... So we know there are hardware differences. Expect lower power, potentially more performance etc.
  • So F'ing pissed I bought XB1 a year ago, and now this.......i probably would have to give it away at this point if I wanted to upgrade.
  • Most changes will be minor. Enjoy what you have!
  • So F'ing pissed I bought the GTX 980 a year ago, and now this... (GTX 1080) Get over with it. It's not like games will be unplayable on regular Xbox One.
  • games will neither be unplayable on the GTX 980 for years even the GTX 480 is still capable of running games at Xbox One quality
  • So effin' pissed I bought milk a year ago, and now this (new milk). 
  • Don't ever buy a new vehicle whatever you do.
  • So F'ing pissed that I bought a Surface Pro 4 this year and now this (Surface Pro 5 in the future)
  • Ermuhgerd I bought this damn iPhone 6 and now this, this, and this. I'm so F'ing pissed. Jkjk I'm not some idiot that buys an iPhone.
  • I thought mr Rubino said it has same cpu and gpu? As the Xbox one  
  • I read that and thought it made no sense. They would need to update both to shrink the box and maintain thermals. Has to be similar, but new Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah he speculated a die-shrink only for all of the silicon, which can greatly reduce power consumption & overall size. And is often done in "appliance" devices like the XBO... It also increases power efficiency/draw, so one's less likely to get thermal throttling, & has more overhead to ramp-up clockspeed etc. The gain in perf. is usually minimal (as the same basic MA remains), certainly not of the order being suggested by this latest news. Apparently he didn't have ALL the inside info. (assuming this latest info. is correct)...
  • And with the Xbox one s pricing I'll only be able to sell my one for about 100$ ..... Awesome. So pissed
  • I don't understand. If Microsoft didn't announce any new hardware this year, you'd be totally happy right now with your original xbone. But knowing that there is an upgrade to framerate with a new updated model makes you pissed off? Even though your current Xbox won't suffer at all in terms of playability? Wow, some people are so entitled and stuck up. I haven't yet been able to afford even one new console. So that should bring some perspective to your attitude. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I work and have worked for a long time that's how I'm able to buy these consoles and its crappy when I just paid 350$ for an Xbox one not long ago and now there will be a better one for same price less than 6 months from now you would be pissed too. I like to work and work hard for the things I want maybe you don't that's you so yes since I earned my money I am entitled to buy what I want!
  • Why is it crappy when you still have the asset you bought and it works fine? If you only bought that asset for investment purposes than you have little understanding of technology. 
  • There weill always be something better coming out.
    You knew there will be E3, you knew they announce new console on E3, you could have waited.
    What is MS supposed to do? NOT release new hardware?
    If they announced it sooner, then people that bought it sooner would be pissed.
  • Welcome to the world of buying consumer electronics. EVERYTHING you buy changes and updates very regularly from every manufacture on the planet. What a silly and childlike reaction.
  • Hey, maybe paul will be willing to sell you his for $101 so he gets more than $100? Just saying, take advantage of the people who just ​have ​to have the newest console and buy an Xbox One from them for cheap.
  • I would love to be able to sell it for more than 100$! A lot more but whit this announcement I'll get maybe 150$? Didn't think ms  was going to release another console this soon with better specs . And with the Xbox one s well see better graphics and loading times. Sure the Xbox one is good but would have rather paid for more than less....
  • The graphics will only be better with HDR games (of which there are none right now). SO no, not better specs. (P.S. if you're selling for $150 I'll be happy to buy it from you)  
  • Yes a soon as the one s goes on sale I'll actually Im you if your still interested 
  • So, because you bought a console, MS should cease all future discounts and upgrades. How naive can you be?!
  • No bring on the new consoles I'm good! I did some research on any new Xbox one consoles coming out and found nothing so I bought the one. Now there releasing a new updated one for the same money I just paid . Apparently not enough research. That's what I'm crabbed about
  • I would imagine that there is different newer chips inside the model S but nothing to get too excited about, this sounds more like marketing than anything else.
    Im willing to bet at most we'd see a 5% increase in performance, remember this box is just an answer to the cry for a redesign and meet the coming 4k media wave.
    I'll be picking one up btw. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It seems like games running without HDR will still run exactly the same as on the original. It's just when using HDR games that it'll see an inrease in power.
  • If there were no new Xbox for another 5 years but they just got one a few months before it were announced people would complain. I work in customer service and customers like you is why people like me get annoyed with my job. I enjoy helping customers but when you don't think before you speak you sound like an ass Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Actually this is different from previous generation, the 360. Since 2006 the 360 never got an upgrade in hardware, and Xbox One in just 3 years it got a hardware upgrade, so this is good for game studios since their games will run faster on the Xbox One, but is bad for customers that already have the current Xbox One since it will be much slower.
  • Well, the slim is a rather minor update. Project scorpio is quite early though. However I do not think it represents the overall update cycle, but was rather due to the bad timing of VR emerging which the current consoles simply cannot handle in any way.
  • They said this in the past also
  • Glad I'm not interested in game consoles for now, looks like all those Xbox One early adopters are going to have disadvantage vs Xbox One S. This is what happened to me when I purchased an expensive Intel Atom Clover Trail Acer tablet in early 2013, by 2015 there were better hardware for 1/4 of the price.  This is what happens to early adopters. So my advise is don't buy new tech, wait until 2nd generation cycle and it will be better and less expensive. Just my 2 cents.
  • Trade off is that you will join in on the fun quite late. Depends on whether that is worth it for one. In my opinion there will always be newer products with more advantages to drool over
  • Seriously??? The One has been out for 3 years!  By the sounds of it, the processing improvements of the S will be very small.  So you would advise missing out on 3 years of fun because there MIGHT be an update that gives an extra 5% of performance.  Nonsense.  And as far as Scorpio, it's another 1.5 years off, and will cost much more than a One. People are just ridiculous with this stuff.
  • I'm hoping for other colors. I can't have white. Haha
  • I dont care about two more frames. But will the menu be faster?
  • i dont have an hdr tv so owell.
  • Microsoft advised It's the same chip set, only difference in performance will be from GAMES WITH HDR! There will be no performance difference for games between the OG X1 and S version. HDR will only be a factor if you have a tv that supports it and the game is designed for it. Frame rates and res will remain the same. Enjoy your Xboxs people and chill.
  • Well, we know Xbox One had disabled CU's, they undoubtedly are using the full 896 stream processors, and maybe a slightly ramped CPU speed. That's the only way you can keep the same SOC, and provide additional resources. Unfortunately this still means sub 1080p gaming, if said resources are reserved for HDR.