Xbox One SmartGlass Beta for Windows 8.1 now shows most popular game your friends play

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta for Windows 8.1 was recently updated. Those of you in the Xbox One system preview program will like this update for bringing a handful of new features. This update is notable for now showing the top games a users has played and the most popular games among all your friends.

The changes listed in version 2.2.1409.8001 of Xbox One SmartGlass Beta when you fire up the app after updating is the old changelog, so ignore that. We played around with the beta and did notice two new features:

  • Top games (last 30 days) on profile pages
  • Popular games (last 10 days) played by friends in the Friends list

Grab the update for Xbox One SmartGlass Beta on Windows 8.1 and let us know if you notice any few features that we missed!

Sam Sabri
  • My favorite app....use it every second, just wish it could play Xbox audio message so we can reply instantly when at work...or not close to our consoles. Also wish they could add more Xbox 360 stuff cuz most of us still love, use and buy games for the 360. I also wish we could visit the store to access deals/games with gold and buy games for both 360 and X1. Wish it is a universal app for both 360 and X1 cuz Xbox 360 smartglass is totally useless....can't even be used without connecting to the console. I love Xbox One smartglass and pray for more features.
  • My Xbox One just arrived yesterday :))))))))
  • Have fun gamer tag arachNED
  • Thanks mate! Added.
  • Congrats! What game(s)?
  • For now just Outlast, Killer Instinct ('cause I'm poor right now) and next month Battlefield 4 and COD :P
  • Hey, games are games. Congrats! Have Fun! (Though I recommend signing up for EA Access. 30 bucks a year and you get a bunch of games!)
  • add me explisiv17
  • Add.
  • When does it stop being a beta? It's already good enough never used to use it now I have it on all the time and it keeps getting better.
  • there's 2 versions of xbox smart glass.. one for users in preview program (this beta) and the normal version... the beta will always exists to test the new features and then they release for the normal version...
  • Cool glad that's been cleared up thanx
  • Yea thanks for that info didn't understand why have two versions.
  • Love this feature in the updated friends app on the consol, really glad it's making its way down to smartglass.
  • NICE!
  • I love it too. I just wish it would auto connect to the console you are already signed in on. Having two kind of makes it a PITA.
  • Love the changes