Xbox One X roars past PlayStation 4 Pro on Amazon's 2017 Best Sellers list in just a few days

My own retail sources told me that Xbox One X stock was largely projected to last a week, but in many cases, the 4K console is already sold out at various retailers around the world. Of course, that could simply indicate that stock was limited, but the early signs bode well for Microsoft.

Here's another pretty great early sign: In a matter of days, the Xbox One X has already overtaken its closest competition, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pro, on the Amazon U.S. 2017 Best Sellers list.

First noticed by Niko Partners Analyst Daniel Ahmad, the Xbox One X is already on-pace to beat the PS4 Pro on Amazon for 2017, despite the PS4 Pro being on sale for the entirety of the year, vs. the few days since the Xbox One X pre-orders got announced.

Sales success on Amazon US is a pretty good indicator that other retailers are seeing similar figures, and while this still doesn't give us any indication on actual sales figures, it does show that the Xbox One X is off to a roaring start. Reportedly, roughly 20% of current PlayStation 4 sales are of the suped-up "Pro" edition, which powers resolutions above HD, occasionally reaching 4K. The Xbox One X offers 50% more power to help developers hit 4K resolutions more often, while throwing in other graphics enhancements such as improved draw distances, textures, and much more.

PlayStation 4 continues to be a sales success story for Sony, so if the Xbox One X has managed to outpace the total 2017 Amazon US sales of PS4 Pro in mere days, that can only be interpreted as good news for Microsoft.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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