Xbox One X roars past PlayStation 4 Pro on Amazon's 2017 Best Sellers list in just a few days

My own retail sources told me that Xbox One X stock (opens in new tab) was largely projected to last a week, but in many cases, the 4K console is already sold out at various retailers around the world. Of course, that could simply indicate that stock was limited, but the early signs bode well for Microsoft.

Here's another pretty great early sign: In a matter of days, the Xbox One X has already overtaken its closest competition, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pro, on the Amazon U.S. 2017 Best Sellers list.

First noticed by Niko Partners Analyst Daniel Ahmad, the Xbox One X is already on-pace to beat the PS4 Pro on Amazon for 2017 (opens in new tab), despite the PS4 Pro being on sale for the entirety of the year, vs. the few days since the Xbox One X pre-orders got announced.

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Sales success on Amazon US is a pretty good indicator that other retailers are seeing similar figures, and while this still doesn't give us any indication on actual sales figures, it does show that the Xbox One X is off to a roaring start. Reportedly, roughly 20% of current PlayStation 4 sales are of the suped-up "Pro" edition, which powers resolutions above HD, occasionally reaching 4K. The Xbox One X offers 50% more power to help developers hit 4K resolutions more often, while throwing in other graphics enhancements such as improved draw distances, textures, and much more.

PlayStation 4 continues to be a sales success story for Sony, so if the Xbox One X has managed to outpace the total 2017 Amazon US sales of PS4 Pro in mere days, that can only be interpreted as good news for Microsoft.

Did you pick up an Xbox One X? Hit the comments and let us know why.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Go XBOX One X!!!
  • Come on payday, it best not sell out before. Sidenote: Should I be sceptical of getting the Project Scorpio Edition before bugs are ironed out?
  • If there are bugs, I'm pretty sure they'll be fixed with a software/firmware update. Hardware won't change. So no, won't make a difference.
  • I did think that...
    Hurry up payday 😩
  • You must be forgetting the 33% failure rate of the launch day Xbox 360's.
  • Ms leaned from that mistake a long time ago. The Xbox one had no real issues at launch and so did the Xbox one s. 
  • It's a preorder, so you don't actually have to pay until it ships in November. If you are waiting until say Friday to try and preorder one, you will most likely be out of luck.
  • Damn, didn't know this. Seems that I'm out of luck in the UK already as I can't pre-order through Amazon, Microsoft or GAME.
  • Get it from mainland Europe. LOT of stock...
  • None in France or Germany on Amazon.... Where are you seeing the mass of stock?
  • lol I didn't know Amazon is the only retailer in Germany and France.
  • still have some in stock. 
  • Watch eBay... I'll put one of the two I bought on there. 😀
  • Ordering from the MS Store you're charged once they ship ( in quite a while ), not when the order is placed ( now ) - Just saying =)
  • I purchased the PS4 Pro last December expecting many games including Sony's own exclusives would all obtain a visual treatment; however, Sony brought up the fact that all games would encounter some boost, which is somewhat questionable and most of Sony's own titles did not receive any improvements at all.  There have even been developers touting an improved visual treat for Pro owners; however, Digital
    Foundry upon inspection found no improvement over the regular PS4 versions...I find this disaapointing.  I will mention; however, that since the Xbox One X's hardware finally came up this summer there has been a stronger push for enhanced PS4 Pro versions...this is great news for Sony owners.  There is the big claim that Xbox One has no games, yet there are going to be over 100 games new and old that will receive visual upgrades for Xbox One X owners...something that Sony should have done one year ago.  I will retain my PS4 Pro, for it's not worth getting rid of it now, but have preordered a new Xbox One X and can't wait to try it 4K come November 7th...cheers.
  • I was expecting a different kind of post. Thumbs up from me.
  • I think sony messed up with the pro. It was their gamble for vr and for me vr has been a flop. It has little or no support 12 months on and the PS4 pro is not really getting much advanced games for it or seems to be selling that well. I'm not saying the Xbox x will be the next big thing but I do think Microsoft are pushing the Xbox x better than Sony did the pro.
  • VR (and AR) is still in it's early stages. While I'm glad there's a big mainstream push for it, meaning it'll only get better more quickly, I didn't think it was ready for prime time (more so for people who like to live on the new edge of tech)
  • Of course its' a best's way better than PS.   I love xbox...I own a playstation but the xbox is MUCHO better!
  • For me, the order is XBO < XBOS < PS4 < PS4P < XBOX
  • "the Xbox One X has already overtaken its closest competition, the PlayStation 4 Pro, on the Amazon US 2017 Best Sellers list."   OR it may be because the PS4 "Pro" came out in 2016 and therefore has been on sale for almost a year so the peek of sales has already happened. Let's see where is the One X one year from now on that sales chart... But sure...this *must* mean something. lol as the other guy would say: Fake news.
  • Does anything bring you joy?
  • It's called analysing the data. I don't know why this should make anyone happy or sad. The article is trying to paint a picture using ridiculus comparison. His post was good because it explains things. People should not be misled...
  • The answer is actually "no"
  • lol @kamran rastegar 
  • Reality. Reality brings me joy. If that makes Microsoft blind fanboys cry along the way, that's just bonus.
  • Reality? You do know selling console is not their end game? Bring ppl into Xboxes ecosystem is. Cover both low and high end (and grab pc users on the way).
  • @DJCBS It's so funny seeing these company "fans" downvote you without even trying to prove you wrong.  They know the truth. They know what this article is about. But it doesn't matter to them. They rather see consumer getting misled by fake hype than speak the truth. They love for a company is greater than for gamers. I guess the downvotes makes you smile and brings joy. That's one more pissed off company "fan".
  • I have seen reports where for each PS sold 20% is a pro, they have sold a lot this year meaning there has been a lot of pro editions sold over the year. The preorders have sold out in a lot of places and its already above the PS4 Pro so it does equate to a huge amount of sales for the Xbox One X to have been better sold than the PS4 Pro already. Pro also had stock issues when it came out for ages at the end of 2016 which would have pushed a lot of sales into 2017.
  • "they have sold a lot this year meaning there has been a lot of pro editions sold over the year."   I don't think you understood what I wrote. The point is: the One X has just reached the market. The limited units available all sold out. Therefore, Amazon's algorithm bumps it to the top of the charts. That chart, however, is fluid all through the year.  If 2017 ended now, the Xbox One X would end on the top of the sales chart, sure. But that's because the bulk of sales from the PS4 Pro - the bulk the One X is seeing now - happened in 2016. Which is why the PS4 "Pro" last year ended on the 3rd place as Amazon's best selling console, surpassed only by the PS4 Slim 500GB Uncharted 4 Bundle and the PS4 500GB Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Bundle (source:   If in 2017 the PS4 "Pro" is just 30 points behind the One X which saw its bulk in sales, that's not exactly "amazing". It means there is a lot of interest in it right now which led to a spike in sales of the console. Which is why I say the "success" of the One X based on Amazon's sales charts can only be really evaluated next year.   "Pro also had stock issues when it came out" I don't recall any stock issues. It might have sold out but that's normal, specially during Christmas time. But all the articles I found online regarding stock problems date from the end of January 2017. So problems if there were stock problems in the beginning of 2017, that won't affect 2016 sales numbers. If might, however, have an impact on the 2017 sales charts...which considering the propaganda this article is trying to make, might not be a good idea to bring out. Because it *could* explain the "Pro" being in 90th place.   I don't like the PS4 "Pro". I've said it often. The lack of a UHD player and the mainly checkerboarded games made me skip it (just like the miserable storage, the mainly checkerboarded games and the ridiculous price tag made me skip the One X). But as much as I'd like the "Pro" to be a flop for Sony so that they'd have to rush out the PS5, the fact is that apparently the "Pro" is selling really well, exceeding all of Sony's much that apparently they're considering not responding to the One X at all and only bring out the PS5 in 2019 or 2020.    
  • Fake news?  Yes, it came out in 2016, but it has also been on sale all year. In less than a week the X1X has surpassed ALL the PS4 Pro sales.  I get that it sold its largest amount at the end of last year, but to blow past nearly nine months of sales in a single week is impressive.
  • "In less than a week the X1X has surpassed ALL the PS4 Pro sales."   Provide the data for this ludicrous statement, please.
  • Means nothing. Zune did the same thing back in the day.
  • Zune HD was awesome.
  • Still is an awessome device.
  • Are these Amazon preorders an actual commitment to buy, or can people back out when the time comes to actually cough up the $500?
  • I didn't think you guys will post this. LOL It's quite ridiculous comparing these numbers. The MS/XB fanbase are the people buying this now. If you didn't know the PS4 pro launched last year. The PS/Sony fanbase bought theirs last year. We had one holiday season go by. You do know that there is always a peak at launch and in the holiday season right? Also let's not forget this is a limited edition. People will speculate and try to make money out of it... But if you want to compare silly things why not using the same site with products in the same time frame with products that isn't brand new? The XB1 or the XB1s isn't even in the list of 100. So the "20%" PS4pro outsold the XB1s. Is this an indicator that XB1s sold less than 20% of what PS4 did in the US (XB's biggest market)? Looking through we can see that steam controller, PS headphone or steam link sold better. Doesn't look good for XB1s. We know that fans like you guys (many already own a XB1 or/and a XB1s) are going to be the one rushing to get this. We'll have to see how it does once you guys buy the console. Looking at amazon's 2017 number XB1s isn't doing that great...   
  • looks like all the potential S buyers are buying an X, so no, S not in top....just saying
  • Not only that, maybe, but the Xbox One S came in many more SKU's than the PS4 and the pro. There were about 20 different SKU's for the Xbox One S over the last year. The PS4 Pro has only had 1 SKU and the PS4 hasn't had many either. Obviously Steam Link and the controller also only have 1 SKU too.
  • @Kieran Jeffery
    My post was a direct reply to JEZ CORDEN and all those MS/XB fans using these amazon stats to make ridiculous comparison. I don't know if they are doing to promote the new console and trying to create a false hype and excitment... In case you didn't notice I said "if you want to compare silly things" then I made my "comparison" meaning I did exactly what Jez did. Make silly comparison with no context and making bs conclusion. Ofc I know XB1 isn't there because of the different SKU. I know that. But Jez and MS/XB fans also knows that PS4 pro was released last year and they are still comparing sales with a single limited scorpio edition. The SKU argument could also be applied to this article because PS4 pro also has different SKU. 
  • You make good points, but like other ps4 lovers, you point to hardware sales. You're also absolutely right that the current XBO fan base will come out in droves to buy the XBO-X (I know, lol). Furthermore, you're also right that the only true indicator of the consoles success is after the fan overlap of people feeling they need an upgrade has been factored into place. I feel like I'm in this category (of wanting an upgrade). I know there are many others who feel they are in this category too. The thing however, that you are not factoring into consideration is that Microsoft's mission for xbox since being consistently behind in the hardware and sales race has been to create a unified, scalable, software environment that can be efficiently leveraged across a variety of different types of hardware devices, and one that could furthermore be used for the creation of scalable games and apps that can be played and run on different types of rigs and system configurations. Personally, I and many others who are "fans" of xbo have believed, and still believe that this engineering ethos is significantly more ambitious than anything Sony is doing in the current moment, and Microsoft's want to create this environment for it's devices was made known almost 3 years ago, and made available to the public only 2 years ago. That environment is known as Windows 10. Under windows 10, Microsoft has incorporated a new production standard for games and apps, which are now referred to as UWAs (Universal Windows Apps) and it's called UWP (Universal Windows Programming). It's not mandatory, but many developers are using it. Im sure, if you're commenting on a Windows site you HAVE to know about this already. UWP empowers developers with the ability to create apps that scale to any device running windows. Unlike PlayStation OS which has typically run on a highly customized version of linux (if I'm not mistaken), XBO runs on Windows 10. It's stripped down, it's customized, but it's still windows 10. Last year's exclusive titles were the first ones to be produced under this production standard, and as time goes on, we will see more and more titles incorporate this method of putting out games for Microsoft... The dead giveaway of a UWP app or title? Microsoft play anywhere. There are already play anywhere titles in the Xbox store which is accessible on both XBO and PC (which is free to play on, contrary to popular myth), and AAA developers at the third party level are beginning to incorporate this standard in their production.. if I'm not mistaken, Shadow of War's Xbox iteration was developed under UWP and is a play anywhere title. That's also the reason why this past year's E3 had so many "Windows 10 exclusives" as opposed to XBO exclusives... And why XBO owners were excited while PlayStation 4 fans were like "where are the exclusives?" That's because we understand that Xbox runs windows 10, so windows 10 exclusives still includes the Xbox player base... While some PS4 owners cynically say "well, I'd NEVER get an Xbox for this, I guess I'll just play it on my pc," Xbox players are literally saying "good, that's the point." Developments on this space includes cross play gaming between PC and Xbox (which already exists), and before you say anything about a mouse and keyboard, you can play games with a mouse and keyboard on Xbox if it's really that big of a deal. Microsoft is not trying to emphasize one corner of their product line to developers, they are making painstaking efforts to emphasize the breadth of it's entire product universe. That also means to truly track the developments of even things like Xbox apps, one has to keep up with random products like the surface laptop, and Windows 10s which can only install programs from the Microsoft app store, the same app store which is unified across all Microsoft products, including XBO. Because of the surface laptop being preinstalled with Windows 10s, you can expect with certainty that the developer base for this product will increase, and thus, apps for all Microsoft products by auxiliary. So, then there is the XBO-X and the debated significance that many PlayStation fans try to downplay, but many Xbox fans understand: Xbox One X is the final hardware piece of the proverbial puzzle in the Microsoft gaming ecosystem, and will inspire more impetus to create play anywhere and crossplay titles. The reality is that before, the performance difference between XBO and PCs, much less it's console rival, was pretty big if not massive, even with pipeline optimization typically used in console game development to reduce parity between consoles and PCs. XBO-X allows for more reduction in performance parity between PCs running windows 10, and consoles running windows 10, especially when one knows that console games are pipeline optimized. So, visiting the production standard of UWP next to the product line that is Xbox one, the concept is simple: XBO=Low Settings XBO-S=Medium
    XBO-X=High Settings and Custom Rigs (PCs)=Very high or Ultra settings... But everybody is running the same game. Microsoft has been moving away from the console concept for a while and has been taking a very "there is no spoon" approach to console gaming... You think of Xbox as a product, but in fact it's merely just a quality standard for gaming on Microsoft products. What makes that difficult to understand is the fact that Microsoft has a physical product called Xbox. However, computer manufacturers like Dell that are licensed to pre install Windows on all of their devices also have what are essentially considered Xbox certified rigs. What that means is that the computer meets base hardware standards to play the game offerings found on the Xbox store. Obviously, every PC "master racer" out there has an Xbox certified rig that is capable of running games at the aforementioned very high/ultra settings. I say all of this to suggest that perhaps console sales for Microsoft are moot. All they care about are people playing games on Windows, and at the performance level that is most preferable to them and their budgets. No, it doesn't mean they have a blank check, but as time progresses, you will see that there is essentially no console race, and really hasn't been for a while.... After all Microsoft has shown that they have stopped believing in the classical, closed product loop concept of a gaming console, which is most certainly a set of rules that Sony still abides by. I think the solution is just play what you want, own what you want, and screw everything else. Sales charts or not.
  • @xlordcliffx
    Quite an interesting post. The only problem is I was replying to the topic which was talking about sales. The whole article is based on sales. If MS's main strategy is to get more and more people using their ecosystem then is the current Scorpio sales (that's what this topic is about) helping that? I would say not really because it is probably XB/MS fans buying this console. The same who already own and game on XB1. Unlike people who are fans of companies. I don't really care if one company makes more than another. I've said it many times I own a Win 10 PC, I have a XB 360. I'll get AOE definitive edition day one. My priority isn't companies but games. I want companies to invest into making new games.  In terms of exclusives. You got to look at how MS dried up the investment into making games for their platform. I think we can understand that MS is putting games on Win 10. I really don't mind it personally since I don't need to buy a XB1.  People and MS/XB fans tend to call their games XB1 exclusives. But they are not. They are console exclusive. Meaning I don't need to ever buy a XB1 to play it. Yes, MS gets my money for that one game but as a consumer it doesn't bother me who gets the money.  But even counting these console exclusives. They have dried up.
    If you look at last two E3s/Gamecoms, this is what was announced to us when it comes to console exclusives:
    E3 2016
    Forza Horizon 3 (yearly Forza game)
    State of Decay 2 (indie game that could well end up on steam) Gamescom 2016
    Nothing E3 3017
    Forza 7 (yearly Forza game)
    Next Ori (indie game that could well end up on steam)
    Super lucky's tale (indie game that could well end up on steam) Gamescom 2017
    Nothing The usual yearly "forza" game and a few indie games that could well end up on steam.
    As a consumer that's my problem with MS. I understand all their ecosystem and strategy, but I really care more about games. 
    If you're happy about that line up and announcement then good for you. I'm not. For a company that has so much resource, I don't see how Sony can produce so many more games than them.
    To me, MS is just investing on the same old franchise and on timed deals with indie studios. Investing money to delay a game on other platforms.
    Also they are communicating and focussing on old games or ways to play old games. Sorry but that's not what I look for.
  • Kudos to the Xbox One X.  It still has a ways to go to overtake the Switch (Nos. 6 & 20) and PS4 Slim (No. 9), but as the only Xbox console on the Amazon Best Sellers of 2017 (So Far) list, it's nice to see it manage to reach No. 66 so quickly. Comparing 2017 (So Far) to the completed Best Sellers of 2016, PS4 Slim was No. 9, PS4 was No. 32, PS4 Pro was No. 46, and the only Xbox  console in last year's list was the Xbox One S at No. 64. Looking at the 2017 list in more detail, there are the games.  Sure, there are multiplats with Xbox representation, but console exclusives?  None. 4.   Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (NSW)
    5.   The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NSW)
    7.   Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)
    16. Splatoon 2 (NSW)
    24. Super Mario Odyssey (NSW)
    26. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX (PS4)
    31. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4)
    37. ARMS (NSW)
    41. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)
    42. NieR: Automata (PS4)
    44. Persona 5 (PS4)
    45. MLB The Show 17 (PS4)
    76. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4)
    77. Uncharted: A Thief's End (PS4)
    83. Nioh (PS4)
    91. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)
    94. The Last of Us Remastered (PS4)
    95. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (NSW)
    97. Super Bomberman R (NSW)
  • well... for sure there is no top sales from amazon, most of the players bought their games online. I dont remember when I get a game in a store. and for sure we cant see sales for the XBX as there is no games ut for now.
  • There isn't just one xbox one S though. There havbe been many bundles and versions, each of which amazon counts as a seperate item.  Lump them all together and the numbner of One S sales in the top 100 list is going to be dramatically higher. You might also stop being so blatantly disingenuious and remove all those PS4 games that are also on PC.  You know, to stand in line with your own assersion that multiplats don't count for some reason...
  • Besides Nier and MLB, what other PS4 games on that list also released on PC? And even if he did remove them, the overall trend is there. Xbox exclusives, even console exclusives aren't big sellers.
  • for all this speak of the ps4 outpacing the xbox one, I know very little people with a ps4.
  • Me either. I still play a PS3.
  • So you don't know 63 million people.  The world has over 6 billion people.  Less than 30 million of them have an Xbox One.  If you know any, consider them a unicorn.  A unicorn that doesn't want games unless they're multiplatform.
  • LoL
  • Peter Dinklage has a PS4? And you know him???
  • got my preorder from Best Buy after Amazon sold out... unfortunately, the 4 closest BB near me were out for local pickup. So the closest BB I could choose was 9 miles away. I just tried to change it recently to see if a closer place would be available and it said no stores within 250 miles had it. So I have to drive 18 miles to pick it up. At least BB allows pickup at 9PM the night before launch...
  • remember that its only Amazon sales. how many stores accepts the Xbox One X preorders? and how many sold the PS4Pro? they certainly have not sold more XBox One X consoles yet. but they have a device which can be a success. we have to wait for the christmas sales to see the statistics.  
  • Caved in and pre-ordered to replace my Xbox One.
  • Payday awaits hopefully theres enough cash left for a pre-order and stock available (so many variables) = :-0 
  • This is good news for Xbox fans they have been ripping you off for so long that it feels good to get a system that will improve your gaming experience. But this article about 2017 best seller then the PS4 pro means nothing.  Us Ps4 pro owners have had our game system for a year no problems at all. I just hope that Microsoft can deliver a reliable console.  Now I recently picked up a Xbox one s to play some Exclusives of Xbox past. Not a bad machine. I won't be buying the One X because right around the corner PlayStation will be moving on to newer technology. But I wiSh Sony would sign the agreement to have cross platform play.  It would be nice to play each other.  Enjoy this Xbox one x it looks like it will not disappoint. And a good tv this year to go with it. Sony 900e best mid range tv on the market. 
  • Yeh? Now sort out your games.
  • You can't trust sales where no money is taken. Lots of the eBay scalpers use Amazon
  • When a niche game like Nier:Automata is ahead of UC4, Overwatch and the Xbox1X on this same list, it says a lot about how reliable this list It's funny how one tweet from one person makes all these websites post articles on things that haven't really been looked at or analyzed properly. Too funny..
  • Do you actually believe Amazon counts all PS4 sales from 1/1/17, adds it up, compares it to Xbox One X preorders, and puts it on their Bestseller list?