Xbox renewed the trademark to 'Scalebound,' but no, it's not in development

Scalebound (Image credit: Microsoft Studios)

Microsoft recently renewed the trademark to Scalebound, and coupled with an "insider report" on Twitter, rumors began to swirl about the game being back in development. I can confirm via our own sources, however, that Scalebound is not in development by Microsoft or a "trusted team," as stated in the report. Nothing to see here folks.

Scalebound was previously in development by Platinum Games, famed for Metal Gear Rising, Nier Automata, and Bayonetta. It was supposed to be an action RPG with 4-player co-operative play, revolving around giant monster battles and huge, customizable dragon companions.

It sounded truly awesome, but complications between Platinum and Microsoft led to the project's cancellation, for reasons we may never fully know.

With regards to the Scalebound trademark, companies renew trademarks all the time, and in the case of Scalebound, it's still very fresh in gamer's minds as a title developed for and by Xbox. A simple renewal isn't indicative of continued development; it's simply Microsoft protecting a recent trademark they have spent a significant amount of time and money marketing.

None of this means Scalebound couldn't return in some form in the future, but it's not on the cards for the time being.

At E3 2017, Microsoft will fully reveal the consumer version of Project Scorpio, the beastly 4K-powered next Xbox. We expect to see gameplay from titles like State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, and much more, and who knows what other surprises Microsoft have in the pipeline. Sadly, none of them will be Scalebound.

Were you among those looking forward to Scalebound? Hit the comments and let us know.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • why are you so sure it's not in development again?
  • Says in the article.
  • I think the part where he says he can confirm by his own sources it is not in development again. As the say wish for nothing and you will never be disappointed.
  • Why is xbox choosing to keep the scalebound trademark if they no plans for it. Is this a defensive move to keep platinum from using scalebound elsewhere? If so thats kind of a dick move they should just move on. lord knows they should be comfortable abandoning things by now.
  • It's a "dick move" to keep the assets they paid for and the ip they own? That's a pretty ignorant comment of yours.  
  • good business decisions often are dick moves not sure i get your point
  • All we need for E3 is Scorpio gameplay footage of all big multiplatforms for this year + State of Decay2, FM7, Crackdown. Anything on top will be nice surprise and I am sure MS has something big in their sleeves. Let start dropping bombs!!!
  • Really? You'll be happy with that??
    I want LOADS of new games announcements. And not multiplats or timed exclusives. We all know that there'll be most probably a new forza but besides that I want to see them invest lot of money in making new games and make many announcements of these at E3. I HOPE the focus isn't on hardware, VR/AR (minecraft...) and stuff like services like renting old games...
  • I just hope that it means that it will be, maybe even by Monolith Productions, I would love to see what they could do with the IP.
  • We got 3 Platinum games on PC this year. I'm happy ^.^
  • Kinda scary to think of how bad it must have been, if ReCore and Quantum Break were the first-party exclusives good enough to get released. As great as the xbone hardware and dashboard are, MS could really stand to learn a thing or two from Sony about first-party games
  • It ebs and flows. Prior to uncharted 4 the best exclusive ps4 games were from 3rd parties. Now you have horizon zd, and the last gardian adding to that. on the ms side you only have gears released in that same time frame. Where ms could learn in my horrible opinion is sony appears to put more effort in getting their logo placed at the end of multiplat games through marketing deals. As a result when i hear ppl talk about said multiplat games in more general podcasts they tend to have a hard time remembering if a game will be on xb1 or not.
  • I guess I was thinking more of PS4 exclusives in general, not specifically first-party, where they've also had Nioh, NieR, Bloodborne, The Order: 1886, inFamous, Until Dawn, The Last of Us: Remastered, and with Days Gone, Detroit, Death Stranding, and God of War, etc. coming.  The Last Guardian and Knack are their only exclusives that I'd classify as duds, personally. I have both systems and like the xbone best overall (best controller, best dashboard, love 360 BC,) but Sony really puts MS to shame when it comes to exclusives.
  • The Order was pretty crud too, but I do agree with you. The XBO has side great exclusive indie stuff, which is awesome but the PS4 easily has a more well rounded AAA exclusive list. I do game a lot more on the One too, I just buy PS4 exclusives.
  • I'm in the tiny minority that loved The Order :)  I liked its story, characters, setting, and atmosphere, and even though it was short, I'd take a shorter, highly polished story-driven game over one with lots of filler to pad out gameplay time, like one with 20 hours of room after room of generic enemies.  I'd love to get a sequel to continue the story of Galahad and the knights, especially with the open-ended ending of 1886. I also only play exclusives on the PS (and Nintendo) systems, all multi-plats on the Xbox, for achievements, the better controller, and better online service.  I just think that a company as big as MS should have the means and know-how to better contend with Sony for exclusives; I don't get how they struggle with it so much.
  • I was really anticipating the release of this game...
  • I'm waiting for scalebound on E3.
  • The headline is misleading. You can only renew a registered trademark. What Microsoft did is they requested and received an extension of time to file the statement of use after Microsoft's trademark application was allowed. In the U.S., a trademark will not get registered until the applicant provides evidence of use to the Trademarks Office. But the applicant may request several extensions of time to file the statement of use, each extension lasting 6 months. During this period, the trademark application is still considered "live" and will prevent anyone else from getting the similar trademarks approved by the Trademarks Office. If the applicant fails to file the statement of use by the time the last extension of time expires, the application will be considered "dead"—and anyone will be free to use or even trademark it, unless the former applicant can prove that they somehow established a common-law right in the name, which is a lot harder than filing the statement of use to satisfy the Trademarks Office. We'll see how this one turns out. I hope this helps. Andrei Mincov
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