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What you need to know

  • Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X specifications a week ago.
  • Since then, many developers have promised Xbox Series X games.
  • There's also a lot of misinformation floating around.
  • The Xbox Series X has a dedicated audio chip like the PlayStation 5.

Ever since the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (PS5) specifications were revealed, there has been a slew of misinformation floating around. Some influential gaming figures have gone onto say that the Xbox Series X doesn't have a dedicated audio chip — a feature everyone who previewed the device confirmed it had — and that the PS5 somehow can utilize custom Xbox Series X features.

Well, both of these are untrue. First and foremost, Microsoft's James Stanard, who works on graphics optimization and engine architecture, said that the Xbox Series X has a dedicated audio chip just like the PS5. The theory that somehow the lack of an audio chip will utilize 20 percent of CPU power is untrue. You can read the confirmation from Stanard below. The chip appears to be for Microsoft's audio ray-tracing technology.

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2020 03 22 1   CopySource: @JamesStanard

An Xbox Wire article added, "Xbox Series X has custom audio hardware to offload audio processing from the CPU, dramatically improving the accessibility, quality, and performance of these immersive experiences." Ninja Theory also confirmed to us that the Xbox Series X featured dedicated audio hardware.

Stanard then went onto confirm that the PS5 won't use custom features that are only found on the Xbox Series X. Sony may have its own solutions, but the PS5 isn't using Microsoft's. The confirmation of this can be found below, too.

2020 03 22   CopySource: @JamesStanard

Hopefully, this puts to rest two of these unfounded rumors. Sony needs to do a deeper dive into the technology powering games so that there isn't any more confusion.

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