The ice-cool Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is a first-class addition to any gaming room

Xbox mini fridge
Xbox mini fridge (Image credit: Windows Central)

Xbox mini fridge

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

I don't need a fridge in my office. It's literally 15 seconds to the kitchen. But this fridge looks like the Xbox Series X, and that means I bought it.

Yes, this is the hottest item of Xbox gear right now and probably harder to get even than the console it mimics — the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.

It's pretty fantastic, I won't lie. But don't pay a scalper for one.

Xbox Series X (and a bit)

Xbox mini fridge

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

I don't know why I didn't pay more attention before I ordered this thing, but I'm definitely a little surprised by its size. I knew it was going to be a bit bigger than the actual Xbox Series X, but at 1.5 times the size it's significantly larger.

If you take the shelves out the console fits inside the fridge. I wonder whether that would improve performance any?

The design is spectacular though. Every single aspect of the Series X has been recreated, right down to the glowing power button. On the back, you don't have actual ports, but there's a representation of each and every one of them. On the top, the green accent has been replaced by lighting, and obviously, there's fridge-related ventilation.

But damn, this thing just looks so freaking good. Kudos to Microsoft for running with the meme and making this thing. Not like the Razer Toaster.

Actually a decent fridge

Xbox mini fridge

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

I've had minifridges in the past but ultimately got rid of them because they were either too small or just didn't cool anything enough. The Xbox fridge, happily, is actually a decent fridge. My scientific testing of turning it on, putting some beer inside it, leaving it until the evening, and then testing said beer yielded pleasing results.

It was cold. Deliciously cold.

The Xbox fridge has two modes: eco, and max, and honestly, eco is the way to go. At least if you're not a fan of loud fans. My gaming PC gets as loud as the fridge when I'm maxing it out. But then my PC doesn't keep my beer cold.

Xbox mini fridge

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

You've also got the option to power it from a car's 12V socket as well as the mains, so you can pack it in the back and take it on the road when you go camping. Or any other outdoor pursuits.

That's really all there is to it. Is it worth the retail price? I think so. Should you get one? Why not? As long as you can find one at the price it's meant to be. As novelties go it's awesome. It's a brilliant project from Microsoft, taking the meme and making it a reality.

And at least with it being noticeably bigger I won't be trying to put a disc into it. Or worse, trying to pull my Series X open in the middle of a game to grab a beer.

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  • I considered it, but a LOT of people online were saying that "cool" is about the best you can get out of this thing. It's said to be pretty noisy and not get things properly cold, so it's hard to justify. At $100, it's not priced badly if you want to give it a look, but I wouldn't expect things to be terribly impressive in the cooling department. I might still get one someday, but not until I make some extra space and decide it would get real use.
  • Loud, yes. I kept drinks in it and they do get cold. I didn't know about the eco mode. I'll have to hunt that down. I don't have any drinks in it at the moment because it is loud and I was having to turn it off during meetings (as I work from home). If there is an eco mode, I'll start keeping snacks in it.
  • There's a switch on the back with three positions : Off, Eco, Max. If it's loud, that's Max. If it's not making any noise, that's Off. What's left is Eco mode 😉😁
  • Really? Mine says "ON OFF" and has a two position switch.
  • The Eco and Max are only available on the UK versions, which sucks. I'd really like the Eco mode.
  • Thanks for the article! I have wanted one of these since launch and on a whim, tapped the link for Target. My local store just happened to have 8 in stock! Must have been a silent drop because I didn't get a notification from Hot Stock at all. Now I'm the owner of one of these super cool bad boys!
  • What about comments that it kind of ices up. Does it?
  • Please make note of the sticker on the inside, "not for continuous use". It could have condensation build up causing water as well, so you might want a towel under it. Dessicant from shipping/shopping could help with moisture also.
  • Honestly didn't even read the sticker, it had mostly peeled off anyway but yeah, generally mini fridges like this aren't for continual use anyway. Like everything else in my office it gets shut down at the end of the day. I like cold drinks but I don't need them cold while I sleep :)
  • IPAs? There goes my opinion of how good your tastes are. :p While I would never get something like this, it is quite amusing that they made one. Just how often do memes get turned into an actual product?