The Xbox Series X mini fridge preorders open soon, arriving later in December

Xbox Series X Fridge
Xbox Series X Fridge (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The Xbox Series X mini fridge started as a joke, with memes spreading following the reveal of the Xbox Series X.
  • Months later, following a huge marketing push, Microsoft committed to actually manufacturing some of these mini fridges.
  • The Xbox mini fridge cost $99 with preorders opening on Oct. 19, 2021.
  • The fridges are slated to start arriving at some point in Dec. 2021.

Update,Oct. 15 (7:50 pm ET): Microsoft will not be using Target to fulfill Canadian orders as originally stated and instead, buyers will go directly through the Xbox Gear Store.

Microsoft announced (opens in new tab) on Friday that preorders for the Xbox Series X mini fridge open on Oct. 19, 2021. The mini fridge is $99 and capable of holding up to 12 cans. The front of the mini fridge also includes a USB charging port, so you can charge your phone or some gaming accessories while your drinks cool off.

Created in partnership with Ukonic, the fridges are currently set to start arriving in Dec. 2021. The first wave of mini fridges will be exclusive to Target in the U.S and Canada.

Microsoft previously confirmed that this mini fridge would be available outside of the U.S, confirming today that it'll also be available for purchase in the U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland. Microsoft is also exploring expanding the fridge to more regions sometime in 2022.

Update, Oct. 15 (7:50 pm ET) — Change for Canada

Microsoft updated its announcement to note that instead of going with Target as an option for buyers in Canada, the team will instead be offering the mini fridges directly through the Xbox Gear Store.

"Unfortunately, we got an update today from our partners at Target that they are not able to offer shipping to Canada through their website," an Xbox spokesperson explained. "Good news however, our team is working hard to support shipping the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge to our fans in Canada only directly from our Xbox Gear store. We plan to have this first wave of units to customer in Canada this December and will have more details to share very soon on pre-orders through our Xbox Gear store."

Samuel Tolbert

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  • I'm getting one just to put it in my big Series X fridge 🙌 $99 is not so bad.
  • Definitely need to get one of these.
  • I will be pre-ordering. Thanks for the heads up!
  • We don't have Target anymore in Canada Sam 😢
  • I saw that too, Aaron Greenberg told me on Twitter that Target told them they would be able to ship to Canada. I wish the mini fridge was just being sold on the Microsoft Store instead in Canada :P
  • Seems that might be the case given that target probably doesn't have the export exemptions that let devices like zune hd & accessories thru sales tax free
  • Lol & apparently ended their shipping to canada(not surprised given that not even canada post references their usps partner program anymore)
  • With my luck when I go to pre-order it'll be sold out. Crossing my fingers.
  • Strictly speaking, the XBOX "fridge" isn't an actual refrigerator but is instead a thermoelectric cooler.
    Which isn't to say it doesn't work. It does. There are many thermoelectric coolers out there and they are good at keeping contents cool. Cool, not necesarilly chilled. "Mileage" varies. How well they work depends on the ambient temperature as they typically maintain an interior temperature of some 35-45°F below the exterior. The tech allows more but power consumption goes way up. (As much as 600w). Consumer cooler prices run $50-100 so the XBOX mini price is about right. Just bear in mind that the cheaper models don't all come with temperature controls. Advantages of the tech are no moving parts or working fluid; the things are solid state so they are long lived and quiet. Bottom line: the mini "fridge" should work reasonably for drinks and munchies but don't expect much more. I already have a conventional mini refrigerator for my gaming space, bigger and nowhere as cute. But it only eats 100W and has a small freezer. No realistic need as cool as it looks. On the other hand, I expect my sister to jump on one as soon as she can order one. The way things run, some time next spring.
  • Kinda figured that had one of those coke vending machine units from koolatron was a pita to keep the exhaust fans clear of dust good to see they didn't source them from there
  • Hopefully it comes pre-loaded with Heineken.
  • I'm actually glad the first wave is fairly limited as in the event there are teething issues they can be rectified quite quickly. Plus, user reviews from early adopters in the US means others can make informed purchases of the mini fridge. Having said that I am definitely getting one lol - whenever it ships to the UK. Probably in a couple of years the way things are looking due to brexit...
  • Thats sad though the costs to ship to Canada were outrageous & the item selection was as questionable as