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'Xbox Series Z' handheld fan render imagines a futuristic Xbox portable

Xbox Series Z Fanart
Xbox Series Z Fanart (Image credit: @imkashama on Tiktok)

What you need to know

  • Tiktok artist @imkashama made some cool Xbox handheld concepts.
  • Would you buy an Xbox handheld?

Since the dawn of time, man has looked to the stars and wondered the profound questions of the universe, such as "what is the meaning of life?" "Is there a God?" and, "What if Microsoft had a handheld Xbox?"

Indeed, the Nintendo Switch accounted for almost 90 per cent of all console sales in Japan through 2020, with no sign of slowing down. Handhelds are en vogue, and Microsoft's own Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming project hopes it can put an Xbox into mobile devices everywhere. But what if there was something a little more ... native?

Tiktok concept artist @imkashama has produced a range of 3D renders on imaginary futuristic products, including foldable iPhones, augmented reality glasses, and even flying cars. Recently, a couple of @imkashama's Xbox designs began making the rounds, and I thought I'd share them to get your thoughts.

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@imkashama (opens in new tab)

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With impossible bezels and futuristic-engineering concepts, these types of designs probably aren't destined for reality, but it's fun to imagine. With Windows 10X heading to a range of new devices and Microsoft investing further in foldables with things like the Surface Duo, making a handheld device that can run Xbox games via Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming with improved ergonomics over a regular smartphone feels like an inevitable eventuality.

Current Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming solutions for smartphones require you to carry around a controller and some kind of plastic harness to dock your phone, but given the popularity of the Nintendo Switch, you have to wonder if Microsoft hasn't at least considered something easier on the hands.

What do you think? Hit the comments, let us know.

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  • Nah that's too weird. Everybody has smartphones now, streaming or local game with box feature is the right way. Not a separate device.
  • But then, you cannot stream without a unlimited quota mobile connection, and you certainly cannot stream during flights.
    ↑ That's the reason why I bought myself a "Xbox Handheld" (previously I use my Alienware during flights but that's huge and heavy). (has a xbox home button) (TBA)
  • Tell that to the people buying the Nintendo Switch. Oh yeah and Nintendo's weird console is seemingly outselling the Xbox.
  • Nintendo basically owns the children gaming market. Xbox doesn't come close to what nintendo offers for children.
  • Yes many kids uses Switch. But I know alot of adults who actually owns one as well. Actually more than the kids since they can afford them.
  • First off all it looks wierd and full-screen won't happen if Microsoft releases it. Every product they release with a screen will have fatt edges around the screen. Touch screen will also not happen. If it was something they wanted they would have follow PS whit the touch on the controller becuse it makes some stuff easier but no. So happy dreaming.
  • If Microsoft considered such a product, it would need to be 5G capable and Xbox Cloud gaming only. The OS could be Android or some version of Win 10 X. Although, a barebones Android OS running Xbox Cloud gaming services wouldn't be a bad thing.
  • With the GPD Win 3, Aya Neo, One GX1 Pro coming this year and future concepts like the Lavie Mini and Alienware UFO on the horizon, we don't really need an Xbox portable, we just need more PC portables. Plus, PC's can play all of Xbox games anyway, and be used for PS Now to play PlayStation exclusives, Switch, PS3 and older console emulation, native PC games, and more. The beauty of PC is that you're not locked down to one eco system; you have choices; I have a huge Steam library a huge GoG and EGS library, a huge Xbox library, a huge PlayStation Now streaming library (which contains PlayStation game saves and trophies), and now, with these portable gaming PC's, I can take them all on the go with me. The only problem, atm, is battery life. At 25w tdp, you're looking at around 90 minutes on average with AAA games. At 15w, things are much better. So as the technology improves and as x86 chips get more power efficient, portable gaming PC's are going to be absolute must-haves. They will cost significantly more than a Nintendo portable, but the value factor of using them as a portable work station, that you can dock when you're at the desk and the fact they're Windows based and support software and API's that Android/iOS doesn't gives them an edge over smart phones.
  • This honestly does not look appealing at all. Cool work done, but not great looking.
  • I’d love an Xbox portable but please not a streaming device. I’m sure it’s fine for some games but racing games are basically unplayable even with the most minor amount of lag. I’d be fine playing in 720p on a small screen at 30 fps if I could sync progress in the cloud for when I’m using the full console.
  • I can play Code Vein on streaming with no issues, I highly doubt a racing game requires less lag than a soulslike.
  • Ok, you’d be surprised. When you’re driving 200mph weaving in and out of traffic and avoiding other vehicles by mere inches, it does make a difference. Not to mention complex drifting mechanics requiring precise steering responses.
  • The second design is terrible. The first design is interesting but would never happen, and would be ridiculously expensive if it did (also why does the little screen slide out and then back in, makes no sense).
  • It could be an interesting way of Microsoft getting more serious about Arm.