Xbox store gifting and wishlists are on the way, and one is coming 'very soon'

Gifting is a prominent feature on modern digital storefronts, from Amazon to Steam, but it's frustratingly absent from both the Xbox and Windows stores. Once gifting has become a reality, Xbox and Windows 10 Store wishlists will also need to be a thing, to help you figure out what gift to actually buy.

In a conversation at PAX West, Xbox Director of Programming Major Nelson and Xbox Platform CVP Mike Ybarra discussed the timeline of game gifting and wishlists, stating vaguely that at least one of those is coming "very soon."

Major Nelson: "Do we have a timeline on gifting and wishlists from the Store team yet?Mike Ybarra: "I would say one of those is "very soon," and the other thing is on the list of things we need to get to. And we understand the --"Major Nelson: And we can't tell you which one. But we know that's what fans and customers want out of a modern store. Absolutely. But we've got a massive scale to deal with, but we're going to get there. Just bear with us."

I imagine that it would be game gifting coming soon, with the holiday season fast approaching. Although, game gifting is potentially a more complicated project, and since the Xbox Store and Windows 10 Store are essentially the same, the feature will need to function across both store fronts more than likely. Wishlisting might be easier to implement, but it's going to be digital game gifting that brings in the real cash.

I know I simply cannot wait to start gifting you all Soda Drinker Pro.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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