Xbox on Windows Phone: The price of Tentacles now almost as small as its protagonist

In case you missed it, Electronic Arts’ Tetris recently dropped to $2.99 (AKA the maximum price it ever should’ve cost). That’s all well and good, but how about a price drop on something today’s gamers really want to play? That’s just what developer Press Play and Microsoft have given us, as Tentacles now costs only 99 cents.

Tentacles is the sequel to beloved adventure game Maniac Mansion. Okay, I only wish it was!  Actually, it’s an action game in which players control a microscopic tentacled creature named Lemmy. Due to a perfectly ordinary mistake of science, Lemmy ends up inside the body of his creator, and it’s up to you to get him out.

Unique touch controls allow Lemmy to move one tentacle at a time, grappling onto walls to propel himself and pulling the eyeballs out of enemies to defeat them. With 40 levels, beautiful 3D graphics and 2D story sequences, and an atmospheric soundtrack, Tentacles certainly impressed many gamers when it arrived last year.

If those levels aren’t enough for you, consider grabbing the ‘Dog Eat Dog’ DLC for another buck (actually 80 Microsoft Points). It adds 15 more levels, but no new Achievements. Unless you’re a highly skilled and dedicated Tentacles player, you probably still lack several of the main game’s Achievements anyway.

Why? As mentioned in our review, Tentacles’ difficulty ramps up in later levels (say 20 and on), leading to severe bouts of frustration and, in extreme cases, dysentery. Some gamers totally love replaying levels over and over again to get that one item they missed - but not everybody.

We’ve contacted Microsoft to determine whether the prices on Tentacles and Tetris are permanent or not, and will update this post accordingly. Just in case, you might want to hurry and purchase either title that catches your eye.

Tentacles – 99 cents - Windows Phone Store link

Tetris - $2.99 - Windows Phone Store Link

Thanks to nCogNeato for discovering the price drop!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Catches your eye... I SEE what u did there
  • Tetris price drop is permanent, if it were DOTW then it should be on spotlight instead of Lets Golf 2.
  • hmm, Tentacles says it includes the DLC now...all for a $.99:)
  • DLC is for 80 MSP.
  • Nope, it's in the windows phone store right now for .99 with the DLC content included.
  • I got the game way back for $3, don't see any update for it in the marketplace and it still wants my 80MSP for the DLC.
  • It is NOW available with the DLC included. As in if you buy it now. If you bought it before, then tough luck as you still have to pay for the DLC.
  • This is just redonkulous.
  • Someone know if Tentacles will be ported to Windows 8??
    I heard that sometime ago but I didn't read nothing official yet.
  • Tentacles for $0.99 is a pretty good deal, i think grabbed it when it was $2.99
  • Tentacles is a brilliant game and at 79p it's an absolute steal! The story isn't great but the gameplay definitely is, at least for a gamer.
  • Keep it up Microsoft, I will always buy these games at .99
  • "Just in case, you might want to hurry and purchase either title that catches your eye."
    I love you guys. Without you, I would have never discovered this.
  • Tentacles is the best arcade game I have seen on a mobile device. Other games try to implement a virtual joystick and have failed. DO YOU HEAR ME GAME DEVELOPERS? IF YOUR GAME HAS A VIRTUAL JOYSTICK YOU HAVE FAILED!
  • LOL no. Not all games are suited to having your fingers all over the screen
  • Agreed.
  • Best phone game ever!!! One of the reasons why I loved my WP7 so much... until I got swayed by Galaxy Note's super duper screen :)))
    Gonna repurchase this game for Windows 8 ASAP, it's gonna be so sweet to play it again on Surface RT. Man, can't wait!!
  • Thanks for the heads up on this guys. 99c is a steal for a game of this caliber. I'm hoping we're seeing a trend here with the prices of games starting to drop. Makes it a lot more easy to swallow when other platforms have the same game at a low price.