Xbox announces 'Deep Pink' Wireless Controller, available to purchase now

Xbox Wireless Controller Deep Pink Image
Xbox Wireless Controller Deep Pink Image (Image credit: Xbox | Twitter)

What you need to know

  • The standard Xbox Wireless Controller is one of the best controller options across Xbox, PC, and Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new colorway for its first-party accessory, the "Deep Pink" Xbox Wireless Controller.
  • The vibrant color option is now available to purchase from Microsoft, and will come to other retailers.

Many gamers love to express themselves through their gear and accessories, and the controller is a great place to start. Microsoft already offers a wide variety of colorways and options for their official accessories, including the Xbox Design Lab, but the official Xbox Wireless Controller is gaining one new color on Tuesday.

The Deep Pink Xbox Wireless Controller features a darker, vibrant pink hue across its faceplate, joysticks, and buttons, with black accents and a white rear plate. It's a formula that has worked extremely well for other off-shoot Xbox Wireless Controller colorways like Blue, Red, and Volt, and it makes for an attractive controller in pink, as well. You can now order the Deep Pink controller directly from Microsoft at the link below, with other retailers like Best Buy to follow in the near future.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is easily among the best Xbox controllers you can buy, and one of the best controllers in general. If you're interested in a new gaming accessory and are looking for pink, the Deep Pink Xbox Wireless Controller is a fantastic option that works across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS devices.

Zachary Boddy
Staff Writer

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