Xbox's latest console is the Xbox Series Mini Fridge

Xbox Series X Fridge
Xbox Series X Fridge (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox participated in a Twitter brand battle.
  • Xbox won.
  • Xbox is now obligated to produce a mini fridge modeled after its fridge-like game console.

Somehow, Microsoft officially producing Xbox Series X fridges is real news. Less than 24 hours after April Fools' Day, the greatest April Fools' gag appears, and it's not even a joke. What a world we live in.

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After a dramatic faceoff with Skittles to win the title of king brand in Twitter's #BestOfTweets brand bracket finals, Xbox has emerged victorious and now must live up to its promise. The brand said that if it won, it would produce Xbox Series X mini fridges, riffing off the long-running meme that the Xbox Series X looks like a mini fridge. And now, the fabled fridge is set to become a reality.

What this means is that we won't see Skittles have to live up to its "if we win" promise of bringing back lime Skittles. It's a shame. The odds of the Xbox Series Mini Fridge tasting anywhere near as good as lime Skittles are slim to none.

We should've seen this coming, in retrospect. Remember when Halo 4 started with Master Chief basically waking up inside a fridge? Microsoft's been paving the way for this stunt for some time.

You can imagine the Xbox ads we'll see in the coming months: "Boot up the best Xbox Game Pass games, grab some G Fuel out of the Xbox mini fridge, and enjoy your Xbox Series X."

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  • Not going to lie.... Would like an Xbox mini fridge for the office.
    (And Lime Skittles were trash)
  • I'll buy one and skittles are trash.
  • Dude I miss game fuel! Is that still a thing? Where is it sold?
  • It's still a thing and it's bigger than ever! The company has Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, and Mortal Kombat flavors now. Sold at (not an endorsement, just mentioning since you asked)
  • G Fuel and Game Fuel are two different things. Mt. Dew (so, Pepsi) makes "Game Fuel", and "G Fuel" is a separate entity. Both are still available, though Mt Dew versions have tapered off a good bit. I miss all the variants, but probably not the healthiest things, lol. "G Fuel" is supposed to be healthier, though anything in excess isn't great for you. I did see "G Fuel" in cans at Sheetz (PA/East Coast convenience store), and as mentioned by Robert, it's available online in powder form.
  • Hopefully it's not as disappointing as the Han Solo in Carbonite mini fridge when SW Battlefront first came out. Literally only big enough for a 6 pack. Idk what anyone else taking about, Skittles are fπ€kin life
  • Hope it's not a tiny fridge.... would like to replace the Rockstar fridge I have in a network rack in the office :)
  • That looks like a full-size refrigerator in that picture. The Series X is about a foot tall. Is that the actual fridge, or is that just a concept picture?
  • I think that's the one they made for Snoop Dogg. I think.
    I would definitely buy one for my game room, looks cool.
  • Microsoft built a full-scale Xbox Series Fridge at one point as a gag. That's what's in the pic (any pics you see of an Xbox fridge in this warehouse setting are from the same MS gag video). As far as I know, no pictures—concept or otherwise—of the upcoming mini fridge have been released yet.
  • Ah, thanks. That makes more sense.
  • lots of videos on Youtube for the mini fridge to influencers like iJustine.
  • *sigh* I don't need an Xbox mini fridge and I know exactly where it will go in my office.
  • Do I have a better chance at buying the Xbox fridge over the actual console?
  • You win best comment of the thread.