XSplit broadcasting software gets RealSense support to make backgrounds disappear


XSplit, a popular piece of broadcasting software with Twitch streamers, has updated its Gamecaster and Broadcaster apps with some pretty great sounding new features. Top of the list is support for Intel RealSense camera arrays in both apps, allowing you to make those pesky, messy backgrounds disappear while you're broadcasting from your room to the world.

You'll be able to take advantage with any RealSense camera, be it one pre-installed in your laptop or something a bit fancier like Razer's new Stargazer. Also supported now, interestingly, is the Tobii Eye Tracker that we just had our first look at while at CES 2016.

Other new features in the latest update include:

  • Take and share in game screenshots while using Gamecaster
  • Sign up for a new account with social media logins in both Gamecaster and Broadcaster
  • Use image masks to crop out on different sources in Broadcaster
  • Improved support for Dailymotion
  • Support for Yuan capture devices
  • Support for Hauppauge HD PVR 60 capture device

There's a bunch of other bits and pieces, fixes and improvements included and you'll find a full rundown at the source link below. If you're new to XSplit and fancy giving it a go you can try it for free, with more features unlocked in the personal and premium subscription tiers. Hit the download links for more.

Download XSplit Gamecaster and Broadcaster

Source: XSplit Blog

Richard Devine
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