Yes. This is exactly what unboxings are like

For the record, the guy on the right, lusting after the LG eXpo, is Malatesta. ;) [YouTube via Windows Phone Thoughts]

Phil Nickinson

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  • LOL that was entertaining. Thanks! Was that really Malesta, or is that an inside joke? haha! I'm wondering how good the speakers are on that thing?
  • Inside joke...Mal isn't that cool looking.
  • "meet your master" Really nice production. I'll have to check out what sort of resolution that LG projector supports.
  • Dude, that was awesome. haha
    If they would allow 5 minute long commercials, THIS should be one of them. Windows Phone is just as capable as anything out there.
  • THAT is the way EVERY unboxing should be done from now on. haha. Hughely entertaining. I think you have a bonafide hit on your hands gents. Be ready to be E-famous! well more than you are right now Maltesta ;)
  • "Go ahead, try and breech my security." As I hard reset the phone and set it up for myself... (who are they kidding)...? BTW, LG needs to learn a thing or two from HTC regarding skinning WinMo.