Yes, that's the AT&T Touch Pro 2

That's it, we give up. Here's the HTC Touch Pro 2 with AT&T branding, courtesy of Engadget, in case you hadn't had enough TP2 news this week, what with learning the Verizon and Sprint versions will have 3.5mm headphone jacks and whatnot. (And start your guessin' as to the "Tilt 2" will have the headphone jack.)

So here's what we're gonna do: We're not going to sleep until all four major U.S. carriers release the bloody things. We've pulled out the emergency take-out menu repository, stocked up on Red Bull and are duct-taping ourselves to the office chairs. Settle in, boys and girls. It's gonna be a long month.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Nice and chromed out :)
    I'd really like to see all five (the four american ones plus unbranded) all sitting together in a row.
  • That would be a sexy line up.
  • Too much chrome. Looks cheap. I was hoping for the maroon colored keyboard design that was posted months ago, which looked a little more classy and professional.
  • I'm disappointed that all US carriers have (AGAIN) dropped the from camera, while their European counterparts have had front cameras since at least the 8525, maybe even longer. What's up USA phone carriers? Wave that red, white & blue and stop crippling these phones! ;-)
  • Whoops ... meant "front camera" and not "from camera". Bad fingers bad! *lol*
  • whats up with the moving of the numbers from the top? Would like to see the back.
  • Are you wetowdad? You're asking for a seperate, always on row of number keys. You want the phone to be another 10mm wider? Where's the real estate for that? All you have to do is double-tap the fn key and it locks the alternate functions of each key on, double-tap again to turn off. Read your manual, or just use common sense?
  • The best part about the Touch Pro 2 was the dedicated number row. I hope this isn't the final version, or goodbye to AT&T. That is the thing I dislike the most about the Tilt. It's bad enough to have to hit Fn to use symbols, but for every number? Somehow, I new they'd screw it up. :-(
  • I have to agree that they really need a dedicated number line. It gets very annoying when you have to type twice to get a number in through the keypad.
  • plus think about it this way do you type numbers or symbols more for most cases it also makes it made to what to people are used to in terms of the layout of the numbers so in this case i think it's better
  • It's really not that big of a deal...just hold the FN key as you type the numbers...
  • Ooh, that's a nice looking device. Too bad I can't use a GSM phone though. I'll just wait for the Sprint version to come out.
  • Is that WM6.5 I see on the screen?
  • I like seeing this image with Windows Mobile 6.5 on it. It would be nice if that is what they are waiting for. To ship it with 6.5.
  • That is 6.5. Wondering if it will accualy have it or not.
  • I'm liking the chrome bezel. I think it looks better than the Sprint one, at least. I also wish it had the dedicated number pad, but MagiKB Lite goes on every device I've used with a keyboard. Haven't touched the Fn button in a year I bet.
  • Two points:
    The WM6.5 screen means that they intend on launching with it. That's good and bad; It means that it will be a really late launch.
    Also, the Engadget article mentioned something about there being a Page Up button that the AT&T logo was? Can anyone explain?
  • it's really just marketing branding bologna, it's a philosophical dispute. if you think the device is a computer with a phone in it, then you want top row, and actually everything to be as close as possible to a computer keyboard. if you think the device is some kind of phone hybrid mobile new thingie, then it has it's own rules and traditions, and the imbedded numpad has a history. i have the touch pro2
    i am a computer guy
    i love it just the way it is.
    i don't want my fingers and eyes to have to learn two layouts. either way, it's a wvga screen, hsdpa, full qwerty kbd (with nice tactile response and good sized keys), nice camera, a-gps, faster processor, great phone audio quality gizmo, and it's just DA BOMB!
  • why the crap did at&t have to go and be unique and different and replace the dedicated number row with a function key row?? it was perfect the way it was...
  • FFS i just relized that none of the us touch pro have the front camera i was really looking foward to it because i video call well doesn anyone know if the unlocked unbrand version has the front camera because i dont mind not having the 3.5 mm jack im alreay use to it from the tilt
  • Personally, I like the numbers bunched up together. This is how the current Touch Pro (ATT Fuze) is designed. I have always hated the dedicated number line on my laptop and wished I had a number pad, but do not wish the extra clutter on my desk. If you guys give it a chance you will realize that the symbols line are compromised of symbols that are more frequently used than numbers, such as the exclamation or the apostrophe.
  • It really depends on what you use your phone for. I spend a lot of time entering addresses in either contacts or a mapping program. Also, trying to type a web address or password with numbers mixed in, sucks. Using all numbers, such as dialing is not a problem, but if you mix numbers in the middle of letters on a regular basis, having to use the function key is a pain!
  • Yes, I would like a REAL number keypad too, but embedding them in the letter keys is absurd! It does not help anyone.
    I don't like the number line on top, but it's much BETTER than the numbers grouped embedded in the qwerty key board.
  • What if HTC decides to put a 3.5 mm jack on the CDMA versions, but not on the GSM version? That would really suck. See, Sprint and Verizon has it, T-Mo doesn't. AT&T changed the keyboard....again. Like the Fuze now. Fn for numbers. AT&T you better change that!!
  • I think it looks pretty sexy, but I think that I might keep my eye on the Fuze prices... If it drops significantly pre-Touch Pro 2 release, I might have to snag another one for when mine dies. I think I've reached Nirvana with the Fuze...
  • WHY does ATT have to ruin the TP2 phone by moving the numbers from the top number line? There is NO rational reason for that. If they do that, it's good-bye to ATT. That was the one thing I hated about the blackjack. It's a major PAIN having to use the function key, and if someone gives you a number in letter form like - 1-800-BAD-CALL, you can't enter the right numbers without a "regular" phone pad nearby.
  • here's the Jack!
  • That's the Sprint Touch Pro 2.
  • Hey Guys, Any news about release date for AT&T tilt 2. Can hardly wait for it!!
  • my spouse works at best buy mobile, she says it's gonna drop in late october, which makes good sense now becuase thats very soon after the official 6.5 release. Anyone know why att is sooo dumb for taking off the second camera? whats the point of a video call if both users have the back of the phone pointing at there face and can't see the screen lol ? OMG thats retarted
  • I'm not going to lie, I like this keyboard WAY better than the other versions of this phone. I almost never type numbers, I'd much rather write out five-hundred-and-thirty-four in a sentence and reserve the 534 for math problems. Plus, I really like punctuation; I REALLY like punctation.
  • I used to be a hardcore Win Mobile pda user from the 8125, 8525, and many Tilts (because they were constructed so poorley I went thru a new one every month and had about 15 of them) and a few other non AT&T models, I never tocuhed anything else but so far to date I've heard nothing but bad things from T-mobiles version of this phone and every person I know who has one has already returned it and honestly after bad mouthing iPhones since the original was released I finally broke down and bought a 3Gs and it is by far the best device hands down and I already know judging by all the info released on the touch pro 2 or "Tilt 2" the iPhone is better than this thing too, I never thought I'd say it but I have a feeling it's true...if you haven't given an iPhone a shot yet you really should you will be pleasently surprised. No disrespect to current winmobile users or ones contemplating the change to one just my 2 cents, I might buy a TP2 once it's released on AT&T just to try for myself I may be wrong and it may restore my faith in windows mobile devices again.
  • You claim better, but give no reasons why it is better. It isn't about faith, it is about facts. Here are the facts why I will NEVER purchase an iPhone (although my fiancee has had two, the original 2G and the 3G): * I require a hardware keyboard, no matter how good a software keyboard is. Nothing beats being able to type out a nice long email without looking at thereyboard and being able to feel the actual keys. I can get by a software keyboard for short, small messages that aren't real precise (meaning not usernames and passwords!), but otherwise I want buttons! * I will not support a company that uses a propriety connection. And I don't want to hear BS about how it is the most popular MP3 player so it is pretty much a standard it isn't. CrApple should have used a standard USB connection from the get go, standard USB, mini USB, or micro USB. I was using mini USB on my original Windows Mobile flip phone back in 2002, so stupid Apply could have used it in the original iPod with no problem. * I will not support a company that uses strong arm tactics to approve software and by default locks its users out of installing software any other way. I will vote with my paycheck, and none of my funds will go there. Won't give Google Voice because of a lame reason? No iPhone for me. Won't allow a dictionary program because of a "bad word", no iPhone for me. I have other gripes with other things about their software...some have been solved with later releases (mms, copy & paste, etc.) while some haven't (multitasking is a big one), but yea I haven't found a perfect phone for me yet, but I can say without a doubt that until those top three items are fixed, I'll never purchase an iPhone for myself. I'll recommend it for plenty of other people and speak high of it to others, but yea not for me. Jason