Yet another snapshot has arrived for Minecraft: Java Edition, toting more changes for 'the Nether Update'

Minecraft Nether Portal
Minecraft Nether Portal (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft is a constantly evolving creative sandbox by Mojang and Microsoft.
  • The game is currently preppring for its next major release, 'the Nether Update.'
  • A new preview is here with a few more changes in the Nether Update, like a new block.

Another day, another snapshot build for the Java Edition of Minecraft. This snapshot, like the two before it, focuses entirely on preparing us for 'the Nether Update,' which will completely overhaul the Hell-like dimension in Minecraft known as the Nether. The new snapshot is available for interested parties to install now, but doesn't include a ton of new features.

The notable changes include:

  • The addition of the new target block. The target block is exactly what it sounds like, but it also acts as a button or activator for redstone contraptions. The closer you are to hitting the center of the target, the more powerful the redstone signal.
  • The new crying obsidian block. A stranger addition for the Nether Update will be the crying obsidian block and it's, quote, "sad and it cries purple energy!" Fun.
  • The new zombified piglin. As reported earlier, the zombie pigman is no more. Instead, the much more adorable zombified piglin makes its first appearance in this snapshot.
  • A bunch of fixes and improvements. This snapshot seems to focus a lot on quality-of-life improvements like fixing lighting issues and more.

As you can see, this snapshot doesn't add a ton in the way of new features, but it's still pretty exciting to see the Nether Update evolve and take shape over time. I doubt Mojang is done, and fully expect more of these snapshots and previews in the coming months as the update becomes finalized. We'll keep you posted here on when the Nether Update is expected to launch. In the meantime, you can check out Mojang's blog post here for more information if you want it.

Zachary Boddy
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