You can play the first 30 minutes of Rise of the Tomb Raider for free on Xbox One

Microsoft wants folks who have yet to buy Rise of the Tomb Raider for the Xbox One a chance to play a small portion of the recent action-adventure game for free. A trial version of the game is available for download on the Xbox Store.

The trial is apparently very brief as it offers gamers a chance to play the first portion of the game, which lasts about 30 minutes. Microsoft got the exclusive rights to publish the latest game in the Tomb Raider franchise first on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms, although PC and Playstation 4 versions are scheduled for released sometime in 2016.

Check out the Rise of the Tomb Raider trial at the Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

Buy the full version at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Via: Reddit

  • Awesome! I have been hearing good things about it, but I would like to try it myself before spending the money.
  • Yay, more Lara fun
  • Yes downloading now
  • I wonder if it is possible to unlock achievements in this kind of trials.
  • Yes it is
  • Ok, thanks.
  • Who cares? It's Submachine 10: the Exit time!
  • Fantastic game that should of been released any other day...... but Fallout 4 day. I finished it and have to say it is one of the most visually stunning games on XB1. It also has great gunplay, tomb puzzles, and a compelling storyline. I despise crafting in games, but this one doesn't use benches or do anything annoyingly complicated. I've lent it to a friend to play, but when I get it back, I'm hitting the DLC!
  • Did you play the last gen Tomb Raider? How does it compare? TIA
  • I never was a big Tomb Raider guy. I played the first one on PC and wasn't interested until Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition was on sale for 1/2 off and the reviews were so high. The first XB1 game is similar in many ways to Rise of the Tomb Raider and definitely worth it. The tombs are smaller in the first one there are a few other minor changes. The multiplayer on the first TR is missing from Rise, but it sucked anyways. You're not missing anything there. Both are graphically and gameplay similar. Which is great!
  • Yea worst release period you could have!
  • Best game I've played on Xbox one along with Witcher. And this comes from a Halo fanboy in particular who already has about 100 titles on the system. I feel sad seeing about it's sales numbers.. Do yourself a favor and just buy it. There is nothing better than this game worth your money to experience in gaming so far. Amazing gameplay, visuals, settings and acting. It's pure awesomeness.
  • That game is basically the same like first game even the undead army is exactly the same from the first game and hmmm the story is basically the same and I totally don't understand why that game is called " rise ", wasn't that the first game as well and the devs seriously loved that sliding down the hill scene of lara so much that they used it every 10 minutes. Also trinity being an long ancient organisation wanting to controll the future of mankind ? - * caugh* Templars *caugh*
    Sins over sins over sins. Buy that game since the game is basically the same game they did a while back nothing changed. So If you love the forst reboot game this one won't disappoint you xD that's more how to describe the game
  • I don't get your sarcasm towards the game. For a tomb raider it actually had the best story telling and sense making plot.
    From graphics, animation and scenery was also by far improved.
    Tombs, locations etc were also enriched and better.
    The game was a better game than the previews which for most, including me, was amazing already or plain great experience the least.
    I haven't actually enjoyed a game of the genre as much since uncharted 2. So I really don't get your stance towards the game. Also I'm a tomb raider fan who doesn't mind the least the rebooting of the game. It needed it in order to get more Tomb raider without getting more of the same plus I live the pace in which they move the story line in the first two installments. If you generally font like Tomb Raiders then I don't get why you played this one as well. Your comment about trying to control mankind with an ancient relic or power or whatnot is something that happens 90% of the kind in tomb raider, Indiana jones and now uncharted series.
    So if you didn't like the reboot with the first game why did you get the game? I have no way to describe whoever bought it without liking the first one. Even if this is that much better.
  • Best game ever -TR shill
  • Guessing you can't preload with smartgass
  • I hate when demos use the first 30 min of a game. That's bullshit. Gimme an open area to actually see the game mechs and have some great time there. Not story
  • You're lucky you hey demos at all any longer. Devs have been complaining for years about having to make demos - complained it cost too much money to make them. This gen is the first gen they finally got their way and don't have to make demos at all. Which is why demos now are as rare as snowflakes in ****. So be grateful you got any demo at all.
  • That sucks. It was nice knowing there was always a demo on Xbox 360. It really helped sway my purchasing decisions.
  • Why ? You get to see the opening story and get the first and maybe 2nd level of the game. Enought to see a baseline of the story, how the game plays and some of the quests in the game. Personally, if you liked the first one, you will love the 2nd one..
  • Yeah I know what you mean. Anyway. When you make a demo make a real one. Look at life is stranges demo :3
  • Sales must really be hurting because of Fallout 4...  I am over 200 hours in and still barely anywhere in the main story.  If they put Tomb Raider on sale during the end of year deals, I will probably pick it up.
  • Wondering if they'll bother seeing as they didn't put together a countdown sale this year. Guessing their expecting people to use the xbl rewards promo
  • Remember game demos that were on disk? Same FUCKINGthing...
  • I played the MGS2 demo over and over from the disc that came free on a magazine. That was a big part of the tanker level
  • Idk but this game was pretty good. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android Nexus 5x
  • Definitely worth it, but you won't get into the really good stuff with the trial. I love the rebooted series. I owned the first on PC, and I purchased Rise of Tomb Raider on XBOX One a few weeks ago. I'm about 40% through the game and I'm really enjoying it so far, just as good if not better than the last in my opinion.
  • Is there any reason to play the first reboot game before Rise? Am I going to be missing anything storywise?
  • Nah...You can jump in and play...If you have not played the first one, no quesition worth playing both of them...and the first one is CHEAP if not free (was free a while ago on the Xbox one)
  • You'll be fine just playing the new one. They stand alone quite well.
  • Do you get to keep your progress and earn achievements in the trial?
  • I totally plan to get it, just had to wait a paycheck or two before I dive in...also, still trying to finish this other game and I don{t want Lara to sit for too long before going on this adventure. ;p
  • Everyone needs to play this one. Definitely my GOTY.
  • Definitely going to get it once I've had a chance to play the first in the reboot series, got it free on Games with Gold but not had a chance to play
  • YesGOTY
  • I want.  But waiting to see if I get any gift codes for Christmas.
  • Omg! I've got to buy this game for $60 so I can be the play tester for the PS4 and pc people who'll get a definitive edition with all the dlc for the same price!
  • 12 months later...
  • And 12 months later people bought the game and dlc for $110 and they paid $60. I don't know about you but I can wait a year on a game to get the full experience for the regular price.
  • Comparative to the US dollar I paid less than 60 dollars for Rise plus season pass.
  • I bought the game for $40, not $60. I'd gladly pay $40 for a digital copy of one of the best games of the year and play it now, then wait 12 months for it. I don't buy DLC so that is irrelevant to me.
  • Not sure if trolling or serious???
  • Dont bother with the trial, If you liked the first one, YOU WILL LOVE the 2nd one, just buy it.... I have been playing it, about 50% through it, epic game, good story and the reviews have been saying that.
  • Awesome game, I've loved every part of it. Maybe not as sophisticated as other games and the puzzles aren't so complex you need to study walkthroughs to understand them. Still plenty to go through even after game completion.
  • I'm playing it now. It is GOTY!!! Posted via the Galaxy Note 5
  • A demo?  What a novel concept.
  • I think the sales for the game will pick up post Christmas. It might even be worth Microsoft pushing it against uncharted 4, when that comes out, as Sony fanboys are already upset that it's not full 1080p... And Sony didn't see why people wouldn't be happy :')
  • I been played this game for a while. And its really a great game
  • I just got the game and have been playing the whole day. I highly recommend buying it. I got it for 40 bucks on Amazon.