You will be able to quickly make your own Battlefield 1 movies on Xbox One

Developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts have announced an upgraded Spectator mode for its upcoming World War 1 shooter Battlefield 1 for the PC, Xbox One. It will allow players to quickly create their own cinematic movies from gameplay footage.

Spectator mode made its debut in Battlefield 4 and was also included in Battlefield Hardline. Both allowed players to check out matches without actually participating. For Battlefield 1, DICE decided to add some cinematic editing features in Spectator mode that have previously only been available for PC owners, via unofficial third-party mod tools. Xbox Wire states:

We rebuilt Spectator mode from the ground up for console. We started by gathering feedback from around the Battlefield community and focused a lot of our efforts on improving the usability and flow of moving from player-to-player as well as switching between the different view modes (first-person, third-person and free camera).Another key design emphasis for us was to make Spectator mode a viable tool for users to create content. We specifically focused our effort on making Spectator mode and its options easy to use and controller friendly through shortcuts and settings available on the fly. Anyone should be able to hop into a match and make those Only in Battlefield moments shine through the use of these tools.

Among those tools will be ways to adjust depth of field settings such as camera blur and focus distance. Filters will also be able to be put into Battlefield 1 cinematics, including the popular Sepia tone. You can see the editing tools in action in the video above. Battlefield 1 is due for release on October 21 for the standard edition, with people who buy the Early Enlister edition getting access to the game on October 18.

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John Callaham