You can now to rock out to AC/DC on Xbox Music, Spotify, Rdio and Deezer

Australian rock band AC/DC has made several albums available on streaming services, including Xbox Music, Spotify, Rdio and Deezer.

Although AC/DC is one of the best-known bands in the world — having sold more than 200 million albums globally — band members were reticent to make their records available online, stating that they prefer albums be heard in full rather than broken up into chunks for individual downloads. That stance changed in late 2012 with the arrival of Rock or Bust, which was AC/DC's first album to be sold digitally.

For those not yet familiar with the band, here's AC/DC performing Highway To Hell live at River Plate:

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  • I guess I could use a rock out to some AC/DC
  • Who are these punks
  • Punks? You mean one of the greatest rock bands ever to pick up a guitar?
  • Thanks for a good laugh.
  • That's up for debate. Lol
  • No its not.  I was listening to them today on Spotify, had no idea this was not doable until today :)
  • I hope to God you aren't trolling
  • Of course he is
  • Dude go back to your Justin Bieber, and leave real music to the pros.
  • Surprisingly enough I find out this information while sitting in Cherry Bar on AC/DC lane.
  • Gotta love Melbourne
  • Other sites surely didn't list Xbox Music. Thought the service was left out.
  • Because Apple Music is the only music service in the world, right? Or something.
  • Haha
  • It will be. And our heads will be modified to look like partly consumed apples. It will be so beautiful. And intuitive! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • True but it's hard to complain about others neglecting to mention the availabilty on xbox music when this article neglects to mention the availability on Apple Music
  • This is a pro Windows/Microsoft site so what do you expect? And it might be sort of a protest by deliberately leaving out Apple. PS: I just commented on the same thing over at The Verge.
  • One of my favorite things about this site other than the obvious Microsoft coverage is that unlike most tech sites that are geared toward one ecosystem, they generally do tend to mention the alternative platforms. So I did find it a little strange that the elephant in the room was ignored this time around. PS: congrats on doing something that I can never do ... get all the way the through an article on The Verge lol
  • Yeah, this drives me crazy. They never list Xbox music when comparing competitors. To make it worse, tech monkeys are bragging about how Apple music has the largest library when they do not. Xbox music has over one million more tracks.
  • One million more than what?
  • 38 million+ tracks. Apple music has 37 million.
  • Other sites like the Verge will never list Xbox music.
  • As always.. Smh!
  • You can also rock out to AC/DC on Rhapsody. 
  • tilte has a typo....
  • Yeah, it doesn't mention Rhapsody.
  • You can only fit so many services in a headline
  • So does your comment, lol :P
  • O don't get the topic
  • "For those not familiar with the band..."
  • Finally something I can call music
  • This is a really good news. Now Metallica!
  • Metallica is already on Spotify. So they're kinda getting there.
  • Now The Scorpions!
  • Once they're there, I'll be "listening to the winds of change..."
  • Worst song by the Scorps ever.
  • You do know the Scorpions have a new CD that just came out. I'm disappointed it isn't on xbox music. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I know this is out of topic, but why Windows Central app that I already purcased, now its showing an ads?
  • Out of place, but mine has started doing it too :(
  • Because you two are on Windows 10 and if you took 5 seconds to read, you would know that IAP aren't working in Windows 10 yet
  • Need to download it from the old store
  • I was there, great show!
  • You'd better get it or they'll put out a hit on you
  • I guess their profits were down, so they had to pull this move to be.... BACK IN BLACK
  • Or maybe they just had to.... LISTEN TO THE MONEY TALK
  • Or maybe they got THE JACK...again, and Universal health care isn't cutting it.
  • They were on the HIGHWAY TO (financial) HELL
  • Or they are "Just giving the dog a bone" Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I don't get it. I purchased the singles Whole Lotta Rosie and Thunderstruck 2 weeks ago from Xbox music. I wonder when this actually changed.
  • Streaming went live today. Not all of the albums can be streamed but some can.
  • TIL AC/DC is Australian
  • The age-old question. They certainly are not very Australian at the moment, with Scottish-born Angus Young and Stevie Young the only current members to have lived there on a permanent basis. Drummer Phil Rudd was the only Australian-born member, but he hasn't played with them since his legal troubles began.
  • With a lead singer from Newcastle. The English Newcastle
  • I always thought Brian was Scottish, my bad. Bon Scott was about as Aussie as they get, but he's long gone.
  • I use Rdio, the only service available in India (Gaana's library doesn't even begin to cut it). Big fan of these guys though :)
  • The Razors Edge. My first CD, Christmas 1990. Good thing I opened that present before opening Paula Abdul. Both were on my list.
  • Mmm.. opening Paula Abdul... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Paula was your Mistress for Christmas. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Surely it means reluctant, not reticent. Also, Rock or Bust came out late last year, not 2012.
  • I'm good..
  • Who is going to convince Metallica???
  • It's about freaking time!
  • Lol.. Ok. AC/DC is nothing but boring...
    What, you'd rather this be about Celine Dion❔
  • Weird English in the title...
  • Continuous playback comes to mind after reading this article....
    Continuous playback was, and still, is one of the most requested features for XBM/Microsoft Music.
  • I've had all their music on my phone for years. CDs are still the best way to go and least expensive as well.
  • No more horrible tribute bands
  • Poor Thunderstruck.
  • For those about to rock, we solute you!
  • Can finally match all my AC/DC albums to the cloud! Awesome stuff.
  • But I already have all of the AC/DC on my phone...and computer...and external drive...and OneDrive...and on my computer for a second time... And Metallica, and Dire Straits, and Megadeth, and Alice in Chains, and-it'll take me a long time to name all the artists so I'll just stop.
  • Hopefully you got some KISS on there too. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • We lose Taylor Swift but gain AC\DC no offence Taylor but I am happy with this arrangement.
  • However Taylor if you wish to join them I will be happy with that arrangement too