Is your Lumia 930 Windows Phone a hot potato?

As the Lumia 930 becomes more widely available, we are picking up on reports of the Windows Phone getting warm. Windows Phone Central Forums member Snapples has started a discussion on this and it appears Snapples is not alone.

We've also heard some grumblings about the Lumia 930 having a purple hue but the overheating seems to be taking center stage. The warmth (described as very, very hot) was first noticed by Snapples during the initial set-up and installation of apps. Thinking this was just a passing fad, the heat returned while browsing the web or sending a text.

In skimming through the four pages of discussion, it appears Snapples is not alone. As you would expect, some Lumia 930 owners experienced the warmth while others commented it wasn't any different than they had experienced with previous Lumia Windows Phones. Many noted an excessive battery drain accompanying the warmth. There is also some suggestion that the aluminum body transfers the heat more noticeable, amplifying the warmth.

One Forum Member, Aiwendil Valrauker , experience similar and discovered a factory reset seemed to fix the issues. You also have the firmware update that was pushed out yesterday to the Lumia 930 that might resolve the overheating and power drain issues. Not all the Lumia 930's received the update and without a change log, we'll have to wait and see if those who received the update have to say.

It's our understanding that Snapples was planning on returning/exchanging the Lumia 930 but hasn't followed up in the discussion to let us know if a replacement device had the same issues.

While I don't have a Lumia 930 to comment on this problem, Mobile Nation's Richard Devine has also noticed the warmth with the Lumia 930, describing it as nearly burned his palm off. The same can be said of our Rich Edmonds but he's only noticed the 930 warm up when he surfs the web a lot. In contrast, our Editor-in-Chief Dan Rubino hasn't noticed any warmth on the Lumia 930 he's been using.

If you've gotten your hands on a Lumia 930, feel free to join in on the forums discussion (link below) and share your thoughts. Also, if you've tried the hard reset trick or received the firmware update, let us know if either did the trick.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • My Lumia 1020 heats up a lot too since the WP 8.1 dev preview update
  • +1020
  • I have the 920 and same problem :(
  • My 920 as well. It always ran hot (especially compared to my older HTC WP7) but after 8.1 it has become too much. Especialy when playing games! I have to stp playing after 20 minutes ou of fear my hands ill burn or the screen will melt.
  • +920! Especially in 10' with GPS and it's like I have to put it in the fridge, or it'll explode! :P
  • Yeah 920 always had overheating issues, but it's just terrible with 8.1 DP. I did soft reset, factory reset and nothing helped. Eventually I just downgraded to GDR3, 'casue I just couldn't take it anymore and it returned to regular 920 heat.
    I hope cyan will fix those overheating issues, otherwise 920 will be unbearable with 8.1.
  • Glad my 920 doesn't do any of that. Even with 8.1, its normal to slightly warm while playing certain games. Most games never affect it.
  • oh it will, just use here drive for 5-10 mins. Better yet, do internet sharing with 5 users connected to you. great big war game heats up the phone too
  • Maybe its a HERE thing?  I use Waze on my ride to work about a 30 minute drive. It's only slightly warm when it get there but a long way from hot. Sometimes I use Navigon USA. Same result.  Sharing with 5 people, I suspect it should get a little hot. I don't know it was designed to do that that and stay cool. Big war games should be played on the desktop. Not on a cell phone.
  • It's aWP game. It's name IS Great Big War Game... LOL...
  • I think it's the GPS chip. My 1520 and my GF's 920 also become very hot, during navigation. The chips antenna/receivement is not optimal, so if you car-windows are heatshielded, the chip has to work too hard to receive GPS-signal. (Just a thought)
  • No overheating issue son my 920 with WP 8.1, even using Drive
  • I've noticed my 925 running quite cool vs Dev Preview after getting Cyan, and battery life has improved a lot as well.
  • As a question to you, and everyone having heating issues... is Cortana pinned to your start screen? My 1520 and Icon overheated like crazy, drained battery life like crazy when being idle, had wake delays and would indefinitely be stuck in "Loading" or "Resuming" after unlock until I unpinned her. Also may want to assure that none of your accounts are set to refresh "based on my usage" as that's a confirmed problematic performance hitter. There's also a number of things I've been compiling into a huge list of solutions for popular battery/performance issues. Everyone who's having problems should check it out.
  • Wish I could pin her, she isnt available in my country. I do have a crowded startscreen (three rows) and a wallpaper behind it. Other than that its not different from wp8 from an end-user perspective.
  • Don't even have cortana, because I'm not in US. I tried her out for a while, but she wasn't consuming battery (almost at all) nor was she causing the heating issues. I've noticed that phone started heating whenever I used IE or any kind of instant messanger. I mean IE was causing more heat than games! After downgrading to GDR3 IE is still one of the main heaters, but it's significantly cooler than before and battery life is almost twice as long.
  • My Icon had that problem with 8.1 Dev preview but after taking WPCental all off my problem went away. Can't have that so I went back to 8.0
  • I have a lumia 920. It has a similar heating and draining issue. Can you help me? My email id
  • +920!
  • Same I thought something was wrong with mine.
  • The Finns made it like that so they could just use their Lumia as a heater. :P
  • Nokia lumia 925 the same problem.
  • Me too!
  • +920
  • even my 920 has the same problem. the worst part is that the heating is concentrated on the upper side round the ear piece, so making calls during that tme is nearly imposibble. :(
  • Even my Lumia 925 heats a lot when playing games n browsing net it's horrible heat
  • +925 even my 925 heats up alot, even while calling and surfing the net on wifi... and it serves really good hand warmer!! :P 
  • Me neither, my phone is cooold!!! It's about -12 °C.
  • Add some butter, sour cream, bacon bits and cheese.☺
  • +1020
  • +929
  • Yep even mee to face heating up issues on my 720 ..!! Screen becomes like heated on stove sometimes when heavily used or sometimes when used while charging...!!!
  • Hmm! Never happened on my 720.
  • Do u have 8.1 dp..???
  • Yes
  • It just warms up a bit. But not HOT.
  • Well mine gets heated which is to a level of not bearable to touch it with your face to talk ..!! It happened after 8.1 earlier it didn't happened well its a prev. So there will be difference in every device may it be of same model ..!!
  • my 720 also not get heated....working to fine
  • That kind of heating is expected. When charging a phone or playing a game the hardware does heat up. Its because of energy transferring into heat instead of energy into the battery. It's going to happen when charging. During games the hardware works harder and the that energy transfers into heat. What would be weird is if you were just surfing the web and it heats up.
  • Did you even read the article?  We're talking about people whose devices are overheating while doing menial tasks like surfing the web; and we're not talking about regular heat - we're talking about so hot it actually causes physical pain.
  • Yes. And I'm saying that mine doesn't overheat even on heavy usage. Whether it'd be surfing the web or heavy gaming.
  • play great big war game for 5-10mins
  • Mine has always heated while surfing the web over 3G/4G. It doesn't happen when surfing over "wireless".
  • I agree when using it while charging and sometimes on a voip call over WiFi, and when connected to 3G also. But I have dropped my phone couple of times and broken the screen and service centre damaged few components and now vibration, magnetometer, volume rocker, camera button does not work. So maybe that also can be an issue because the heat resisting sheet was peeled off and pasted back when the phone was opened for service.
  • Mine do not
  • Same case with mine 720...bullshitt wp8.1 too much bugs like Wi-Fi settings too and this heating just ruins the phone
  • Every windows phone I have ever encountered will heat up to the point it will be uncomfortable to touch
  • Same thing here. Seems to be an issue encountered on every device. One time my 920 almost made a burn mark on some fabric after being charged for about 2 hours. The 1520 has only had minor heat issues, thou I don't feel it as easy with my wallet case.
  • Yeah my 920 gets so hot that it feels like if it was much hotter my hand would be burnt. It has even had to shut down because of it many times . That's what holding me back from getting a new phone. I want to wait till the heat issues are sorted out
  • No.  My 900 didn't get that hot.  My brother's 920 doesn't get that hot.  My 1520 on 8.1 doesn't get that hot.
  • +1520 and drain battery fast while being hot
  • Thankfully not the case with my 1020. I just downloaded a 1gb movie through torrex pro. It took around 1 hour and the screen was on the whole time + it was on charging. And I was so shocked that the phone wasn't even a lil bit warm :D
  • Can you guide how to use torrex pro? Its kinda elusive to me!
  • Open the app, click on the "add" button. Select any torrent file you have saved ony our phone and download it. Or else just browse to a torrent webpage, say, just click on the "Magnet link" and it will open the app or ask you to select the app you want to open the link with ( only when you have more than 1 torrent client apps installed) Thats it. As the app opens, select the file destination and hit start. I havent tried downloaded witht the app in the background. But i think background download works too. I hope i helped you! Cheers
  • Downloading a file requires minimal CPU, so it's not surprising that wouldn't heat it up.  Even playing the video is pretty undemanding.  Web browsing on the other hand is very CPU-intensive, and that seems to be where some people are reporting heat issues.
  • Cortana is the culprit. Unpin it from the start screen. Use the search button instead. This is the problem that i encountered with my 1520 before.
  • Yeah mine gets hot as hell when im playing music and doing light browsing on my commute home. It heats up right beneath the camera hump.
  • I have noticed my 1020 get warmer since 8.1 DP, but not very, very hot as described in the article.
  • Yesss.!! Its 8.1 dev. Preview which is making every WP phone hot while using
  • i too had this heating issue on my l520 but the recent updates to 8.1 seem to have solved it
  • Yep, my 920 and 1020 heat up plenty. Especially when using the camera.
  • Interesting, my 1020 heats up after being on the web a while, if I use a flashlight app it heats up quickly even when I use it for less than 10sec. Not that I can't withstand the heat but its too hot for a phone to be lol. But the only app to get my phone insanely hot was that angry birds rpg.
  • +925
  • It's the same on my Lumia icon.. It gets really hot sometimes!
  • Lumia Icon gets hot and battery drains fast since the 8.1 preview
  • I've had dev pre 8.1 since the start. I had a 928 with 8.1 and my wife has an Icon with 8.1. I just received an Icon and installed 8.1. Setting up another phone brought some things back to mind. In the email settings, changing the default setting of updating "based on my usage" to hourly makes a difference with heat and battery drain. Second, turn off battery saver and check what is running in the background. I have found with updates, apps start running in the background again. Had a problem on my 928 killing the battery while on IE. Found that alot of apps were running in the background. Turned them back off and it seemed to help. Best of luck.
  • I noticed the same thing. I think it is multitasking related. Manage your applications running in the background. Remember these device are turning into mobile pcs with no fans. Basically same class of processor in the surface rt in your phone, which is a much smaller package. With power comes heat.
  • I don't know about you. But my 920 previously, both pre-8.1 and I don't know about you. But my 920 previously, both pre-8.1 and post 8.1 DP had a heating issue. It will heat up like crazy when doing something. My 1020 does not get as hot, and only warm when under heavy browsing
  • if you just turn off nfc and bluetooth the phone won't be hot anymore
  • My lumia does that too,but found that this happens with every phone which has more than 2 cores
  • I've been having this problem with my 925, too. Especially when playing games - and most of them aren't exactly graphic intense - but I have to stop playing after 20min because it gets really, really hot!
  • My Icon has this problem with the dev preview.
  • +620
  • Lumia 920 with the same problem. sometimes it is present sometimes not. i thought i was because of my carrier's terrible network but i have unlocked my phone and been using another sim card and the problem remains. who knows. Anyways i am thinking of going for a 1520(5) and i have not heard that device has overheating issues.
  • +1020
  • Mine only seems to get hot if I use it won't it's charging, other then that just charging it or just even playing apps are fine.
  • I stopped playing asphalt 8 on my Lumia 1520 8.1 p.v for devs in fear of burning my house up...cyan where are you
  • +1520. Was hoping the FW would take care of that but it seems to be an OS, not the firmware.
  • The Nokia employees being furloughed are putting bugs in all future Lumia phones☺
  • I don't have such problem on the developer preview
  • I'm just making some toasts with cheese on my 920 (WP8.1 dev. preview). Does anybody want some? ;D
  • My 1020 does ask the time and had done since I got it
  • My 1020 does occasionally as well if I'm doing gaming but not during other times of heavy use... Maybe as the processors get more powerful they might have to look at a Surface style vent for them...
  • What's the body made of? My 925 being metal gets really hot.
  • My 925 actually stays cooler as compared to my 920
  • Aluminium frame and policarbonate back. Just like the 925.
  • I could cook an omelette on my 925 when it gets hot
  • Ah well, that's their problem then. Stop moaning and take it like men!
  • Same with my 925, it gets really warm in the upper right corner.
  • Yea, ditto!
  • Mine gets hot in the upper area, right above the camera hump.
  • Gladly i dont have this heat issue on my 930!
  • Lucky... I do
  • My 930 sure does
  • My 900, 920, and 1520 can all fry eggs.
  • hahaha maybe someone should try that and post it on youtube :P
  • I guess that's the problem with all Lumia Phones? My Lumia 520 heats up too!!
  • My Nokia Lumia 520 doesn't heart up and I have 8.1.
  • Me too I have a 920 and a 520 and they're both cooler than the outside of the pillow.
  • I have this problem since WP 8.1 DP. With 8.0 I didnt have this
  • My L520 warms when charging even though screen is off.
    But when i play game and its charging after 10-15 minutes i can't even touch it sometimes
  • My 920 heats up a LOT after 8.1 especially during web browsing using IE.
  • My 520 with 8.1 only heats up when using internet sharing, but other than that it's fine.
  • My Icon... Well at least in the European sun froze up on start screen for the first time from the heat
  • My lumia 1320 does and still the battery drains fast!
  • +1520
  • Well... All the mobile phones are too hot because they don't have ventilation..
  • Cooler master has gotta do something about it
  • I thought it but never said it, but all of you guys complaining, have you held a iPhone or galaxy while using it heavily? Those things get hot as hell, as with all phones.
  • 920 gets pretty hot. Sadly, us AT&T users can never get the 930 so we cannot test its heating characteristics.
  • Just find a website that sells Lumia phones unlocked, then buy it, switch your SIM into it, and it will work. You don't need to buy the phone directly from AT&T for it to work with them. (That's why its called "Unlocked"). There's a website that sells any and every Lumia phone to Canadian users. People report using the Lumia ICON (Witch is a Verizon exclusive, who themselves are only a U.S. Carrier) with a Canadian Carrier like TELUS or Rogers with no problems. That site also has the 930 for sale. But as I said they only do to Canada. But I'm going to use them the next time I get a phone.
  • WP OS has inbuilt heat generator. My 3 WP devices get heated up.
    625, 720 and 925
  • This. Especially when playing games. Play Microsoft Solitaire and good luck to your hands, phone, and battery.
  • That's expected from all phones basically
  • not when it gets so hot it burns your hands.  That is not normal.
  • Nope. You would have to playing a game for a while for my Moto X or RAZR M warm up and even then, they only get warm and not super hot like some here have described. The hottest my phone got was a hot day in my college parking lot when it was on 3G.
  • My L930 gets very hot in bottom right corner, sometimes very hot to touch but it only last for a brief period. Its hard to track down the issue as it happens randomly. The only app that heats constantly is IE.
  • I have the heat issue, but I could care less
  • How much less?
  • I saw what you did there, lol
  • A message from the Queen via David Mitchell
  • Perfect! Love David Mitchell, and he explains it perfectly. Going to have to keep this one handy ...
  • Good stuff! Keep fighting that cause :)
  • Why do so many people get it wrong? The phrase is "Couldn't care less".
  • Thank you! This is a pet peeve of mine too. Think about it logically: 'I could care less' means you are caring more than the least amount possible, and therefore you could care less than you do now. 'I couldn't care less' means you care so little about it that there is no possibility for you to care any less.
  • Wow +920
  • The icon gets hot too.
  • +Icon Mine gets very very hot
  • My L920 heats up a LOT when it's on 3G/4G, and battery drains a lot too. At some point it got so hot I wondered if nokia stuffed nuclear reactor inside my phone =_= 
  • Lol! Same L925...
  • My 920 has got regularly very hot since 8.1. Much hotter than before.
  • +920
  • I noticed my 925 do the same, but it ruins very cool now I have Cyan. Battery life is greatly improved too, even with options like 'sync according to my usage' on.
  • It ruins very cool?
    Don't want Cyan anymore ;)
  • Not quite as bad as ruining coll ;-)
  • Or running scared.
  • I have an Icon. Same thing right?!? Mine starts to heat up when playing games for an hour or so while charging.
  • That's normal especially for graphics intensive games. But does yours emit a weird sound while charging?
  • Same issue but not only with games. Happens seemingly at random.
  • No weird sounds ever
  • Same here with my icon, heats up when playing games....not surprising though....
  • I have the same issue with my icon as well
  • My new 930 dosnt have any issues with heat..its the best phone I had for years....
  • You had Lumia 930 for years!!!!!!!! Lol
  • Marty mcfly... Is that you?
  • hahahaha - nice one!!! :D
  • Yeah
  • My HTC 8X heats up a lot also. So I guess its software not hardware.
  • Well, my 8X is pretty bad at heating up when compared to my Lumia. I think it might be because it is so thin that the heat more easily escapes.
  • Such Genius
  • It's 9 (pages) now! :P
  • This problem is not restricted to the Lumia 930. It's common for a lot of Lumia phones.
  • Speaking of stuff that's common with the Lumia line of phones anyone find wifi strength on especially on 5ghz is quite weak? Im mention this because compared to my ativ s(sgh-t899m) it doesn't have as long a range
  • 5Ghz has got a smaller range than 2.4 GHz. I can say on my Lumia it wasn't very good, but I don't know how it is compared to other phones.
  • Phones get hot.
  • When I had an iPhone I never experienced heat problems. Not even with Android.
  • I doubt you taxed it to much then :P
  • My ICON can get pretty warm. My ATIV SE, is a cold customer. Do more on it than my ICON and it's running a slightly high clock speed. Never even approaches warm.
  • I tax the hell out of my 1520 and it only gets warm - never hot. (8.1)
  • Ditto; but back in the 920 days, I'd be able to shut my furnace off and just heat my house with the phone.
  • My 5s gets hot alot. I need to keep it under ac to cool down.
  • Had a first gen iPhone... Well, four of them. They would go into meltdown just sitting in my pocket. Apple store had to put them in a glass of ice to keep it cool enough long enough to get my stuff off of them.
  • You think thats hot try holding an overclocked se x1 & typing
  • My iPhones always got hot. To the point that it would shut off when using something like navigation for long periods of time. 4 was the last one I carried though...
  • My friends iPhone does the same thing when navigating. It switches off and comes up with a temperature warning icon.
    Suits me - we just use Here Drive+ on my 1020 instead. Bigger screen, better speaker & better navigation software!
  • Did you turn it on? my ipod, ipad and galaxy s3 all get very hot.
  • My old 4s use to get quiet hot, no differrent from my 1020.
  • Maybe the reason for the device being removed from Nokia India site. It was listed as coming soon before and as of day before the coming soon got removed. Now the device itself is not being listed in the Lumia devices section.?
  • If u can manage the size...i think 1520 is still the perfect Lumia of all among. .
  • I do have the 1520 but I have touch & sound issues with it.:/
  • Same. Here's hoping Cyan fixes the touch issue, at least.
  • The 1020 is the nearest to perfection so far :). A much better screen size & a xenon flash.
    I know it is slower....but name an app that doesn't work on it :).
    I do hope they provide a 1020 successor. Microsoft don't seem to be in the mood to cater to the top end of the market :(
  • Motion monitor :/
  • Yes - my new 930 gets very hot when started from scratch and when using the navigation in the car with power wire attached - I mean VERY hot
  • Me too! And also when using wireless charging
  • I've not had a chance to try it myself yet, but can you actually use navigation (e.g. HERE Drive) with a car charger plugged in and have the battery top up rather than drain? 
  • That's my biggest problem.... With a 1A, and even with a 2.3A charger.
    The battery still drains atleast 5% per hour using HereDrive+, depending on other apps in the background.
  • I found turning off my Nfc makes it stay cool for some reason Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • You shouldn't keep NFC on all the time anyway, from what I've been told. Uses a ton of battery.
  • All phones heat up! Its what happens when you have a processor and no fan to cool it!
  • Not all. My ATIV SE has never even gotten warm.
  • A proccessor doing anything like playing games will get hot, you can't bend physics by saying you dont have Lumia.
  • Didn't experienced this issue in my 1520...even on heavy WiFi usage...
  • Every Windows phone got heated up.. Every... And not low.. Very very hot... It's seems like Microsoft has decided to produce hot phone ... May be they can now produce some cooker or boilers..
  • Wrong, my L928 only gets warm(by no means hot!) playing some games. I watch a lot of YouTube and stream a lot other video contend and I've not noticed anymore heat than any mobile device I've ever owned. Also, note my Lumia wears a Poetic case I purchased off Amazon.
  • well thats the weird part, all my previous nokia phones and even my iphone 3g would get as hot as hell when streaming video or playing games, on my L928 streaming netflix over 3g is like sitting idle, not even warm, but when im browsing or chatting it gets so hot i can barely handle it,
  • I think this is an 8.1 problem
  • Yes, because my 1520 never got hot except after 8.1 DP
  • Don't think so; just seems to effect some people's handsets and not others. My old 920, particularly when I first got it (GDR1) used to get disconcertingly hot. Bought a 1520 last month and put 8.1 on it, and never had it get hot. Seems like a really weird, almost random issue.
  • I think this is the problem with every wp.. Same case with my 620 also
  • Didn't they learn from 920? Pathetic,nokia,pathetic.
  • My 8.0 920 does not get hot. Warm maybe, not hot
  • Talk about yourself mine does not get hot , and I am using the 8.1 preview, not even charging
  • Lagdroid dude.
  • My 620,920,925&1020 neither one gets hot..
  • You can't be serious (McEnroe style). The 1020 for sure does get hot. Mine is rock solid, stable with excellent battery life. But take photos or videos, and the whole camera module gets toasty!! Same goes for those times when I'm navigating somewhere....or when I am browsing the web whilst the phone is charging.
    At least it doesn't do an iPhone and auto cut-off when it gets too warm!!
  • Mine does!
  • Overheats to the point of switching off? (I hate WPCentral's commenting's so difficult to know who is replying to whom!)
  • Strange. I have a L920 and so far it only gets warm during charging (via wireless) and using intensive apps like HERE Maps/Drive and playing games. Other than that, it still stays cool when browsing the web, taking pictures/videos and using ordinary apps.
  • No. My 925 is.
  • My Lumia 920 has been having this issue for 20 months alr.
  • I have a L1020 running WP8.1 DP, a L625 running WP8.1 + Cyan and a L620 running WP8 + Black and none of them ever get hot. I do remember my L1520 and another L1020 I owned getting very hot when I upgraded them to WP8.1 DP. That's it though.
  • I didn't seen my 1520 hot with 8.1 DP ..:)
  • Think mine only got hot during the upgrade, was ok after that :)
  • My L930 was hot for the fist few days of use but seems to have settled down now.
  • We reported about Lumia phones heating up generally more than anything else at our company, we've noticed that is normally when the wireless/3G/4G is being used, assumed is internal aerials however must admit that we notice that even our 925 also gets very hot which is mostly noticeable when there is no cover, either way there is an uncomfort with them when used long time.
  • ALL windows phone gets super hot , which i dont understand cos on my dads iphone i can play fifa for as long as i want and it doesn't get hot but on all the windows phone I've owned after 15mins its unbearable
  • Not all, HTC windows phones doesn't get hot. I use my 8s while on charger and surfing web, watching videos etc and it stays cool.
  • None of my Windows phone get super hot. 920, 1020, 1520. Warm sure, but not super hot.
  • Bro, I think that the hotness runs in the blood of the Nokia Lumia family because most of Lumia's (including my and my brother's Nokia Lumia 520) have this problem.......
  • Well all phones I had get heated, I tested Nexus 5 that has the same chipset and could almost cook in it!!
  • I've been having the same problem on my 1520 since I put 8.1Dev on it.... The top left of my phone gets extremely hot for a phone
  • +1520
  • I have a 1520, and when I first purchased and configured it, it would do the same thing... Get super hot, and the battery would drain. I noticed that my Gmail accounts would never work right, not as a result of the heat or battery drain, but because the software would always tell me something was wrong in the email settings. So, I switched all mail to outlook accounts instead of Gmail. I no longer sync the mail feature of Gmail, although do still sync contacts and calendars. As a result, I've not once had another issue with overheating and battery drain. Google doesn't play well with windows, so it does not surprise me this seemed to fix the issue. I have zero regrets moving away from gmail, either. The only reason I continue to use it is because that's what my employer uses for our calendars. Switch to outlook!!!! It might surprise you!!!
  • I also got the same problem with Gmail setting on 920. It keep giving me error from time to time and I need,to re-register using app password on Gmail website.
    But I still use Gmail on 920, Its been a month now and I have not received error (app password error, being not recognized)
    Hope this will survive long enough, and if the app password error comes again, then I just need to input a new app password again)
    The problem happens on Live/Outlook account too not only on Gmail. At least that is what happens to me (to my 920)
  • I had the same experience with the 930 when I first set it up. It got REALLY hot, specially the aluminium frame. However, since that original set up, I haven't experienced any hotness that wasn't already present on the 920. Yes, the phone sometimes gets a little hot (again, more noticeable in the aluminium frame) but nothing out of what I've grown used to.   The battery though, is quite disappointing. I mean, yeah, the 930 brings a pathetic battery when compared to the competition (specially the Z2's 3200mAh). But still...I'm getting out of the 930 with a slightly bigger battery exactly the same I get out of the 920's.
  • My 920 is...why should the 930 be any different. Curious if the 930 has the same AWFUL battery life the 920 has.
  • Yes, it has. I'm getting exactly the same battery life on the 930 I got on the 920. The extra 0.420mAh are clearly only to compensate the bigger screen.
  • This might not be useful for some, but maybe it is for others. I'm currently in and from Argentina. In summer we get up to 50°C (I think that's 100+ F) and I've had a 710 (that now is being used by my mom) a 620 that I sold and I currently own the 720. All three of them would heat up A LOT when using during this season (summer). Now we're in winter and it's cold and I've used the phone heavily like surfing the web, watching videos, listening to music, and texting. The only thing I experienced was the obvious battery drain because of the usage but didn't heat up at any time. So... could it be that phones now days have a lot of power but bad cooling system (or any system at all to keep it fresh) so when the environment is hot as in Summer it'll heat up. Just a thought.
  • I'm from Argentina too! Besides that I don't have anything interesting to add. But the Lumia 920 I had, got hot like crazy even during summer.
  • I don' think the problem is the cooling system but rather that they do tend to heat up. I remember that in the 920 keynote, Nokia claimed it wouldn't heat up...
  • Well our summer is hot and dry. Not the worst but certainly not the best. When you have a machine that doesn't have a good cooling system up to its level of work it heats up like a gamer PC I.e. So this the same I think, they're not optimized well to not heat up. Now on winter though doesn't happen.
  • My 920 get very hot when playing games.
  • Same with my 920
  • I think this is an overall Lumia issue. My 920 gets hot and so does my daughter's 521. My girlfriend's HTC 8X doesn't get hot like that at all.
  • After 7 months using Lumia 925, it still gets warm while using internet, camera or just WPCentral app :S
  • My 1020 heats up real fast.
  • Isn't that a tad exaggerated it almost burned his palm off.
  • I have and bee. Having those problems and reporting them here on wpcentral for months now with my Icon.
  • My 820 is fine with 8.1
  • The Icon I have (930 variant here in the states) does kind of the same thing. It gets warm because of the quad-core processor. Just make sure to turn off the phone for awhile and then back on. It's not excessive, but just take extra precaution not to leave it in direct sunlight, and be sure to close out of apps you're not using to help the processor run cool. Mine never "excessively" overheats, but it is an electronic after all. Be careful on what is running. :) electronics + excessive heat = BAD!!
  • My 920 has been getting hot and draining the battery really fast since the last update to 8.1 got pushed out. The heat is mostly in the upper left hand corner by the camera flash. Using IE will cause it to get hot as well as games and IE is #1 for battery usage.
  • My Lumia 920 heats up as well since the WP8.1 preview =(
  • 930 too?? My Lumia 920 burns like hellfire :(
  • I'll be getting my Lumia 930 this week so I'll see how it goes.
  • You should really look forward to it, it's the best phone ever! I have it, it overheats, but I've gotten over it, it's especially hot now outside, with a lot of sun, and that might also contribute to the heating, as the frame is aluminum which keeps heat in.
  • Even tho I use my 620 way less, I still do the preview updates on it. The heat that comes when using twitter, migram beta. Wp central, Simple games like mega man is huge. Had to remove the cover a few times and leave it off. Luckily My other 2 1020's and 1520 are fine after the latest update.
  • My 925 also gets really hot doing stuff that my 8X wouldn't.
  • My 1020 gets warm, but the metal disk for the camera gets pretty hot
  • Ya almost every Lumia heats up very very much.
  • I have had mine for 3 days now, it became very hot when setting up and again yesterday when filling it up with music. The hot spot was on the bottom right at the back. The opposite side from the speaker. But it is so fast, the screen is amazing and the sound is better than my tv. All in all very happy to have moved from my 920 to the 930.
  • I don't have issues with the heat but my Lumia 1320 freezes many times needing a soft reset everytime... I am having 8.1 DP..
  • I have an icon and notice the same behavior at least once a day!
  • My 1520 is always heating up with 8.1 have to take it out of my pocket most of the time. I noticed removing all of my Cortana reminders helped a little I only had 2 in their but still helped
  • Also noticed if you leave facebook beta running it heats up a bit
  • My Lumia tends to get warm rather randomly, but nowhere near hot. No battery drain reported and compared to my year old 925, battery life is exceptional.
  • My Lumia 525 is on the same boat.
  • My 1520 its cold like a zombie + 8.1 DP
  • Microsoft is sucking big tiime! Releasing products without addressing the common issues...such lack of quality!!! Totally disappointed! Each day im disliking MS more & more, like it or not.
  • *Nokia
  • ... From what friends have told me, all phones with hefty processors will heat up; it's the downside of not having a fan.
  • But heating up while TEXTING?
  • My 625 used to heat up excessively but since the 8.1 + cyan update I've notice that it very rarely heats up
  • My Lumia 925 gets pretty warm sometimes to a point of discomfort. But every windows phone ive ever had (710, 810, 8x, 925) has had a kind of heating problem.
  • My Lumia 925 has the worst heat dissipation I have ever seen. Virtually unusable at times.
  • my 930 has the pinky screen and the heat up, too :-\
  • The L930 sounds like a perfect replacement for the ole camp fire for toasting your marshmallows :P. Joking aside, after reading through the thread it sounds like a software / app optimisation issue.
  • I'm glad my 520 never heats like that unless I play Asphalt 7 Heat, Halo: SA, Lost Echo, Six Guns or some other huge games :)
  • I have also had this issue on my 800 and now my 1020, my brothers 920 also use to get really hot but when playing a game like Asphalt my 1020 gets super hot, the screen as well as the camera disc, and when playing while charging its even worse. Have done some fault finding and I found that after uninstalling my battery app it got better. Thing is, Lumias seem to do this randomly, sometimes it heats up as would be expected and other times it gets waaay way hotter... Quite bothersome but not that much of an issue for me any more.
  • My 920 has always had this but now with the 8.1 preview it seems to only happen when charging which is to be expected so that's good
  • This is Nokia basic defect in designing the battery . Not only 930 but most of the Nokia model having this over heating problem they should concentrate on it . To reduce it
  • I noticed it with my 930 only when data connection was enabled (on 3G, 4G seems ok).
    I ve never noticed it again after the update + soft reset (I always do a soft reset after every update just to be sure all is correctly applied :)
  • The fix for this is quite simple. Disable non-essential background apps.   The two which I found to run the hottest were "Internet Explorer" and "Bing Health".  
  • Every phone gets heated up my bro's s5 and Nexus 5 gets heated up like hell.... Even my friends 4s, t2 ultra, m2 also gets heated up even its used little.... So heating is common.....
  • All WP's get hot. It's like their signature feature.
  • Is there any device to convert heat energy to electrical energy and make use of it to recharge our battery . It will increase our phone battery life
  • My old 920 was the same way.
  • Installing WP8.1DP was definitely accompanied by sporadic occurrences of insane battery use and definite heatup. I have a 1520. My partner has a 1520 and my brother had a 920. All with DP, all with the same issues (including usability). Unfortunately, I can't bitch since it is a preview no matter how much were told its not beta, it isn't also production ready as it intended to go hand in hand with Cyan firmware which isn't available to us AT&T folk, yet.
  • Well I was this morning for 3hours at the beach on direct sunlight playing with my 920 without any heating,...this should be something random...
  • I think that all Windows Phones have this, my Ativ S also gets very warm at very random times while not using any apps. When browsing it happens a lot. Also when texting, which is very weird. Of course it's just fine and cooled most of the time.
  • Well, that puts me off to buy the 930... Suppose MS will do something about it...
  • Not just this heat issues..its common anyways in any of Lumia's family. Anyone here bothered to mention the 20mp pure view is not that 'pure'? Got lots of noise with my newly acquired 930..anyone?anyone pleashh?? :(
  • I upgraded my 1520 to 8.1 DP as soon as I bought it and it used to heat up really bad without running any apps (felt uncomfortable to touch). This still happens but not quite often. I am not sure about WP 8.0 because I didn't use it much.
  • Turn off your data and see if that makes a difference.
  • It was hot during the set up and copying the settings and apps back down from the cloud
  • 820 and 1020 both get esp hot at timea neither am I playing games or browsing net. 8.1 issue I guess.
  • I remember once upon a time, my 920 would get very hot. Now it stays mostly pretty cool.
  • My 920 becomes uncomfortably hot when charging. It is noticeably worse following the 8.1 update and I'm hoping cyan may help, but not holding my breath. Considering the accompanying battery drain, thus is a bigger problem than I think should be tolerated. Serious design issue.
  • Do some of you not know that computers heat up? All computers can. It really depends on what you're doing with it. If you are doing something more intense its going to heat up. Charging a device will cause it to heat up. These are just facts people. Smart phone are more intensive on hardware and there really isn't anything to kool it so it heats you up the phone.
  • Frankly you do not know what people are experiencing. The phone got heated up while in pocket. When unlocking the lock scree, black screen with "loading" shows up. It can drain the phone really quick.
  • Microsoft really gotta push an update out to fix this
  • The problem has been reported since wp8.1 rolled out. There has been 4 updates to it. It seems that Microsoft is simply ignoring it. People were hoping that Cyan update will take care of it. If 930 has the same issue, Cyan did not solve it.
  • L920 same issue
  • My 920 sure is. Not sure what changed, but it used to be fine. I'm thinking it's the 8.1 developer preview doing it.
  • Icon gets hot and when you unlock it says please wait and the battery is drained
  • Nice feature - "getting hot" for the winter months in the cold climates like Finland.  I wish I could buy a 930 in the states here!  A hand warmer is always a good feature to have in the cold climate. 
  • I have an iCon and have the same probem since 8.1. When it happens, the battery drains at the rate of 40%. It got better after the third update. The probem fully returned after the forth update. Microsoft has not been able to indentify the cause. If Microsoft cannot solve problems like this, no way there can be a mobile first strategy. I am patentiently waiting for the official update to 8.1 so that I can return the phone to Microsoft.
  • My Icon does not run hot.
  • Is it just me, or EVERY Lumia device so far ALWAYS has some kind of issue with some of the first batch (and maybe second and third batch) phones?
  • Come winter this will be an awesome feature! ;D Seriously though, my Icon does it occasionally. Usually only with certain apps.
  • 720 is the most underrated llumia. Its perfect except for the RAM
  • Srsly dude if it had 1gb ram it would be better than 820 coz 820s Front cam is worse than 720. Aşso 720 has bigger battery
  • My 1520 ran super hot after updating to 8.1 and installing ProShot. A factory reset fixed those issues. No heating now.
  • My 925 gets extremely hot now when I'm just emailing and texting since I put 8.1 preview on it. Also battery drains really quickly. I'm only getting around 4.5 hours of use before I have to put out on the charger.
  • Got my Noctua NH-D14 with on it. Now it's able to cool my beer too.
  • We have a 520, 720, 920, two 1020 and now a 930 in our household. The 920 had the heating issue on WP8 but that was fixed with a firmware update from Nokia. The 1020's are getting warm (not hot) when playing graphic intense games, but no additional battery drain - both on WP8 and 8.1 DP. The warmin during charging the battery is as with other phone like an S5 or an HTC One (M8) - nothing notable. But the 930... I loaded the backup from my 1020 which runs DP, and had several issues including the start screen hanging as well as the heating. Made a hardware reset (with buttons, as the info method only resets the software), charging heat is ok, and based on the mutliple downloads that are running the warming was fine for me, too. Important is that I not to loaded the backup from my 1020 nor from the 930, instead I chose to start over from scratch. Until now, the screen has no problems, I configured already a bunch of apps that have background agents as well as push from server. I truly hope this helped, for the short time of some hours (made the reset about 7 hours ago), it seems to work like expected.
  • My 930 is arriving soon so I will be able to make a good comparison to my 920 which I have had for 2 years now.  When it comes to heating issues the 920 is a mixed bag and totally depends on what you are using it for as to how much heating you will experience.  I use every feature of my 920 so I know what causes it to heat and when.  Everyday use ie standby and phone calls - no heating at all and great battery life, nfc wireless charging causes warming, using gps drains the battery rapidly and turns it into a hot rock, playing 3d games causes warming and slightly quicker battery drain, seeking 4g signal when there is none causes warming and battery drain.  In my experience if you are not using a feature such as bluetooth or nfc etc, turn them off to conserve your battery......when using voice navigation and gps plug the sucker because your battery wont last long.  Some of these tips may apply to the 930 too.  I'll let you know once I give it a good run
  • My son who uses the 920 atm didn't recognize any heating that is not "in norm", I told him to keep an eye on this. He has the DP on it, as he couldn't wait for the action center :D. Yeah GPS is always a battery sucker, that's why I ordered the CR-200 for such situations. I often use BT and NFC (BT for pairing my Monsters for example, and NFC for testing my NFC Toolkit app), I barely deactivate it. As for NFC, i barely notice any drain on it, it may be 5 % on the 1020 battery over the day. It would be nice to hear your test result. Thanks for keeping the thread objective.
  • Do some of you not know that computers heat up? All computers can. It really depends on what you're doing with it. If you are doing something more intense its going to heat up. Charging a device will cause it to heat up. These are just facts people. Smart phone are more intensive on hardware and there really isn't anything to cool it so they heat up.
  • Hi all.
    I purchased my white 930 sim free yesterday. During set up it got very warm. Gets warm if using maps. Web. Gaming and whats app. Not sure this is the norm as the battery dies quick. . My phone came updated out of box by looking at the numbers. So I have no update to do. . I'm a little worried as I've spent £439.00. Helllllllp lol. Oh yes my battery wouldn't charge past 90%.
    Should I get my money back ?????? And go with the lg
  • That is unusual. First try the soft reset (its like pulling a battery out) by holding power button and volume down till the phone shuts off. Then see if that works. If not well you might want to try a hard reset (which puts everything back to factory setting and everything is lost and is like when you got it) and see if that works. I dont know the buttons so just look it up for WP. Then see if it is fixed. If neither work you can wait for updates or try a new 930
  • No, keep 930. Its well known that the battery life will settle down over the next 10-14 days. True for all phones. Always make sure you are running latest versions of software. Charge phone using cable instead of wireless for first week. Everything will settle down and be fine.
  • Nothing unusual. It heats up because you a have a powerful processor and a slim device. Nothing wrong with the phone.
  • You have no clue what you are talking about. So is it normal the battery drains in the rate of 40%//hour?  Is it normal a black screen with "loading" shows up when unlocking the phone? Is it normal that the loading screen can stay there forever without forefully shutting it down using volume up and power button?
  • On my 1520 phone gets hot when screen loading issue occurs
  • My 925 used to do this alot, but it doesn't anymore, idk why. It got really hot, i did enjoy it as a hand warmer at a fall football game though, have to give it credit as that!
  • My 920 used to heat up a lot. My 635 doesn't.
  • Coz it has cyan baby. And updating a old phone to a new is is not so easy. Just look what happened to iPhone 4,4s after IOS 7 update
  • I don't have the 930, but my Lumia 925 becomes a warm potato nearly as soon as I unlock it and send a text or simply start an app. Keeping it busy with simple tasks (calendar, SMS, etc.) makes it even warmer. It becomes a truly HOT potato when I update 5+ apps one after another or play a game for 5-10 minutes. Worst things are, first, the screen starts to flicker switching from 'Sunlight Readability' mode back and forth which is really annoying (Automatic Brightness is off). Second, the heating is closely related to super quick battery drains - mild phone usage means ~20hrs only.
  • Unrelated, but yesterday I used my old Lumia 900 with WP 7.8 on it for the first time in a year. Yes it does less... But what a beauty of a phone/OS combo that thing is.
  • My Lumia 620 stays relatively cool most of the time except while using here maps for navigation
  • The dev preview heats up my 925
  • My 1520 heats up during standby mode. I keep it overnight with 60% battery and morning when I wake up it has switched off due to less battery.
  • My Lumia 820 used to heat up when playing big apps ( 500mp+) , since second update for WP 8.1 preview my phone can handle 1.5gb games with no heat , I play gt racing 2 with no heat , my 820 doesn't heat at all !! , first it used to heat I did a factory reset , and downgraded to WP 8 then updated it again to 8.1 then did a factory reset , after these steps i did , Microsoft released the second update for preview few days after , since that my phone never heated even when I play blitz brigade (1.85 GB)
  • I'm running a 925 with cyan update. Yesterday it started acting funny. Massive battery drain >50%/hour, hot to touch, and making strange beeps when on the start screen. I could not figure out where these "beeps" were coming from. It was very sporadic and I couldn't trace a pattern. At one point in time I noticed battery was stuck at 60% even though Phone was on wireless charger for 12 hours. I restarted the phone many times in between these problems. Finally I remembered I had switched on NFC and forgot it on. Maybe this was the source of all problems. Let's just hope.
  • Continuous Facebook and WhatsApp for 11 hours and my 620 nearly fried. But happened only when used while charging.
  • I've been having issues with my Icon getting hot ever since I updated to 8.1.
  • I got mine and Thursday and have been shocked at how quickly the battery drains and the heat from the back - really hot just surfing internet. I am also see an issue with my screen constantly flickering. Wondering if all three problems are related? I'm thinking of bringing it back - only getting 6-7 hrs battery.
  • On my 820 phone never heats and battery 12+ of use. And still 30%
  • Also I have had no issues with WP 8.1 developer preview on my fact it made the phone totally awesome in my opinion
  • Me too man !
  • Same thing here. Been rock solid.
  • Is 'Cyan Update' available for your device? Check it out. Link: Be first to get details about the update availability for your device! Yes, Live tile will get updated for every 30 minutes.
  • Just like the 920. Another reason to admire the 1520 which doesn't run hot on me.
  • I went through two 820s with the same problem. Hot running and battery drain. Also two 920s with the same problem but it was a little more random with the 920s. Now have an ATIV S Neo and couldn't be happier. Can actually go a couple of days on a charge and if I really have to I can slap in my spare battery. Upgraded to 8.1 with no problem also. Also have a 64GB Micro SD card which is cool. The only thing lagging is the camera compared to my previous Lumias.            Craigus Maximus
  • All phones get hot if you push it hard enough. Android, BB10, iOS, WP ... etc it doesn't matter.
    I was once talking on my Motorola Milestone during a really hot Saudi Summer Day & the phone left a burn mark on my face :/
    My old Motorola Atrix also got hot sometimes.
    My HTC 8X usually stays cool ... Unless I browse the web on a really weak Cellular coverage in a room with no AC.
  • My 1520, 625 and 1020 all heat up excessively when gaming, browsing the internet, watching movies or using here drive +. Really hot. I've got a 930 and yeah - the back gets real hot fast. Anything processor intensive. My screen and camera show no sign of tint.
    The aluminium frame - that gets hot as well. Uncomfortably. I'm thinking this is going back to EE Monday morning. The heat generated, and coming through the plastic of the aforementioned phones is manageable - though sweat marks on the backs are not cool!!! (1520 and 1020 are yellow, 625 is black - all look wet!!!) - but that aluminium frame: Not having that. And I've got numerous iPhones, blackberry Q10 and the htc one and m8 - all possess aluminium bands and all get warm with use and all don't make the skin red! Shame. I'm thinking the internal layout of the 930 is not thermally optimised - though I haven't heard people complaining about the icon ( though that has possibly a limited exposure, as apposed to the worldwide 930).
  • My Lumia 929 gets warm, but not burning my hands hot
  • Does anyone here have Lumia 820 with preview 8.1? In my storage since it shows me that the system is 2.6 GB
  • Thats true...
  • My Icon gets pretty warm but definitely not hot...never too hot to hold.
  • My 920 get a little hot when i play game and the battery is draining a lot faster with 8.1, my 1520 is still normal after 2 hours of playing and web browsing and both have the 8.1 preview for dev, my 1520 battery is draining a lot more since 8.1, i need to charge after 1 day and half of using with 8.0 the battery was standing 3 days, so 8.1 take 50% more battery even with all preview for dev update but it never get warm !!!
  • Mine 1520 is just about to melt
  • Reading through all these posts keeps my L1520 cool to the touch and easy on the eyes. Seriously, I have the following Lumias: 1520/920x2/520 and soon a 635 and I have them all on DP8.1 and can only recall a couple times where I felt the phone get hot.
  • A case of extended use.
  • my Lumia icon does the same thing
  • My Lumia 925 get heat up when first upgrade wp 8.1 for dev. But for next upgrade , my device be fine .
  • Lumia 925 has the same issue with heating up. Have not seen a battery drain though...
  • Yes, I have a 925 and it's very hot in the aluminum laterals
  • My lumia 920 overheating when i started using it. Maybe that is the special thing on Lumia series
  • My 1520 does random stupid heat, different times, I think its more software loops. But drain is terrible at time of loop. For example one time facebook caused 15% drain per hour, I got heat from WiFi charge another time to resolve this pulled it out of its case and put it on top of charger, another time I got Bluetooth here drive. I just think 8.1 dev has random bugs in it. Hard resets do clear phone. In 8.0 its not there at all on same phone with same apps.
  • My 625 gets very hot when playing games like civilization but is quite warm just viewing the WP central app. Running 8.1 dev preview with cyan
  • My Lumia 930 Green doesn't heat up at all.
  • When i got the 920 year ago, it used to heat a lot, without wasting time i returned the device and was given a replacement device, no problem at all since the replacement, even with 8.1 DP.
  • I had a similar problem with my 1520 and the developer preview. I think it was actually related to MyFitnessPal app. I haven't had the problem since resetting the phone and removing that app. You may also consider making sure the prevent camera from starting accidentally. My wife's phone would get the camera turned on in her purse making it great up and drain the battery.
  • hi guys... my 525 also heats like a potato
  • You mean every 920 and 1020 ever?
  • My Lumia 920 gets really hot sometimes too. Even when I didn't use it. All I did was switch off the phone for a minute or just switch off the cellular until it cools down. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Not a 930, but my 925 is heating up crazily since updating to 8.1/cyan and the battery life has gone to poop (even more so)
  • the same problem after WP8.1....out of nowhere it just starts heating up and drains all my battery
  • Its actually a feature like heated seats in a car. :)
  • My L720 also heats up sometimes ...but wat i notice is it depends n the app there are certain apps which are badly codded and as a result they use up more battery and heats up yr phone.
    And obviously if u use your phone while charging it heats up because simultaneously your battery is charging up as well as discharging (used up in app).
  • our Editor-in-Chief Dan Rubino hasn't noticed any warmth on the Lumia 930 he's been using.
    Of course he hasn't...
  • Lame comment. Why would you doubt his findings? In a extensive review on the user did not experience heat issues. Also a lot of other Lumia 930 users do not have any heat issue. So Daniel could be quit right.
  • My 1520 heats up as well...
  • +520 when I use video or GPS. Heavy apps.
  • Especially around the memory card area...
  • The L925 l had is alot warmer compared it to the L930 l just got last friday.
  • My Icon does if I'm playing a game. Other than that, nothing
  • Dropped it. Glas broke instantly My bad but still. 920 survived much more...
  • 925 is by far the worst imo next to the 8x probably some dum design restriction made by Microsoft or something...
  • My 930 gets a but warm around the lower right corner. Particularly when playing games or browsing for a while. But it isn't 'hot' to point it is uncomfortable for to hold. The purple hue is still there despite the firmware upgrade. Shame as this handset is the best I have used so far.
  • You know why Lumias get hot? To double as hand warmers in the depths of winter ;)
  • It seems that all Nokia Windows Phone devices suffer overheating problems. Can anyone confirm that HTC devices with WP don't have this problems?? Thanks.
  • My Samsung focus never did, but was nowhere neat as powerful so not really a good comparison.
  • HTC 8x also has this problem. It gets terribly hot.
  • My 930 gets hot but doesn't really bother me that much. It's the battery drain that hurts the most. Something is really sapping it.
  • I've had 3 1520's. One with WP8 and the other with 8.1. All of them got hot!! Ridiculously hot for a cellphone. They also heated up during initial setup. I mean it's using all the services at the same time so I figured it was a no brainer. I've had the Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, L920, and now the 1520. And two or more versions of each phone as a replacement: And all of them heated up to an uncomfortable temperature. I think my latest 1520 might have heated up so much that the digitizer has come loose. It freezes the screen or registers touches when I haven't touched. Evey so often I can move the phone and feel it slide back into place.
  • If its anything like the 920 they get way hot. Either bad design or not enough cooling presumably...
  • Same prblm wid my L520...
  • My old 710 was always cold. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • 900 never really gets hot...
  • Mine doesn't get scorching but definitely warm during mundane tasks. Battery drains at a fair rate too
  • I think this is because phone is on whilst charging. Allow charging when off maybe better, as it won't kill battery.
  • This is such a timely article. I have the Lumia Icon which is the same phone. I it has been in my pocket today, and I have noticed, just an hour ago that my pocket was incredibly warm. I pulled my phone out and noticed that was as if I had been playing a game or video for an extended period. The screen was off. I am running W8.1 for developers. Very strange. That has happened in the past intermittently.
  • Same with my 1520, and everyone else's phone....
    This isn't a new issue. It's just the same thing over and over again with every other Lumia on the market.
  • So now every single Lumia around the world is heating up? WP are doomed. It's over
  • Yep. Forcing people to update.
  • Just charged. Phone red-hot, and 8% power gone in 30 minutes. And still red-hot.
  • My 720 is perfect but at times using apps and games, will lead to warm up the phone but, it's not that noticable.
    However, battery life is quite less comparable to windows phone 8.
    Lets see,with update to 8.1.
    A strange problem is when I use apps and games it hangs for few seconds and then works with crash crash and crash while using them. Sometimes i need to restart the app or game to work normally for such reason.
    And the worst part is that it works like butter in my friends phone which is same 720 and updated to preview 8.1.
    What ever it is, I will not abandon this phone in my life. I feel that it is best and a deserving phone in this universe eventhough there is book of weaknesses today...
  • I have the 930's twin, the Icon. It gets insanely hot as well at times. Just did it earlier this morning....drained my battery from the 90's to about 65%. Very frustrating when it happens... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Every now and then my 1320 gets very warm, usually after watching YouTube, playing certain games like asphalt 8, FIFA, mostly high mb type games rather than low end games like fruit frenzy. What does happen though is that it cools down quite quickly.
  • Is there particular apps people with heat issue are running.
  • It's supposed to happen. My 520 also heats up while gaming, I believe it's normal because, as other have said before, smartphones are closed spaces, with no ventilation and when processor is forced to work hard, it will heat up, the same thing happens on laptops (mine has a Core i7 with TurboBoost: Auto overclocking = Heat), and consoles.
  • My 720 is always hot when surfing the internet with 3g on. It's so much more than with WP8.
  • +930. I receive my 930 yesterday, and I have updated it to the latest version. Since then, the phone became overheating all the time... Hope Microsoft could figure out this problem and fix it in next update.
  • 1520 heats up quite a lot when I play highly active games. So did my 920. I just limit the time per game play. Anxious to see what happens with.8.1.
  • If it's just like the Icon, it'll probably have the same great problem as the Icon... I've had runaway process problems since a couple updated ago on the Icon (8.1).
  • My 920 gets burning hot
  • I am having a 920 having a heating and battery issue. Can you help me resolve it??
  • My phone gets hot when its hot outside
  • ah, what a freaking disaster. Now I'm wondering how hot the 1020 will get since it has a metal disc that gets really hot all the time.
  • Nope
  • My Lumia 1520 get Really HOT on the top left behind the Front Facing Camera (I think the processor is there ;) ) when I play online (like Asphalt 8 or Pixel Gun 3D) or browsing the internet since I bought it, without WP8.1
  • I guess this is not just for the 930,but for most of the Windows Phone family
  • I have 930, not using Developer Preview. I don't notice it becoming hot ever. It's international.
  • My galaxy s4 always got super hot, over 100 degrees. My htc one m8 shows that too but it doesn't feel warm. When I first got it I was restoring from backup and left it in vehicle. It was so hot it was burning me, I was afraid it would fry the insides, well never leave a metal phone in the heat. Especially in texas. My phone is alright but suprise it didn't show warning. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It's a stove man !
  • My Lumia Icon gets very hot at times, then becomes unresponsive requiring a reboot. This started after installing the 8.1 DP.
  • My 925 is.
  • My HTC 8X has always gotten very hot just by simply using it for simple things like sending texts. Plus, at the same time it would drain a couple percent every few minutes by just using it. So browsing the web for 15 minutes would kill about 5-8% from my battery.
  • Mine too....i had this issue right from the beginning... No matter wp8 r wp8.1. The battery percentage feels like a countdown timer.
  • No heat issues with my 928 with 8.0 or 8.1.
  • My 925 gets blazing hot too.
  • My 930 too! It gets VERY hot under charging and when used for a while.
  • My Lumia 520 with windows 8.1 preview does not get so hot but first time I installed and playing games really gets hot but with time does not make it so hot why ? Maybe the software adapted to the hardware making the warm cool down
  • My phone doesn't get hot but to be fair I also have a thickish back cover
  • No is not! Is over priced!
    When price will go below $200 it will be hot!
  • My 925 has always run hot, doing web browsing or games
  • But Is good phone has a normal heat and working Great
  • My 925 didn't heat up too much but my 930 is too much, its just too hot
  • Only some Lumia have this problem hardware problem
  • Well,I even have my Lumia 630 get piping hot made worse by the recent hot weather too
  • I have no heat problem with my Lumia 925 with 8.1
  • Now I also get the heat problem :(
  • It happens on my icon.
  • I have an icon and it doesn't seem out of the ordinary for heat (does get hot when doing video converting, intense gaming, qi charging). Same specs as 930 down to the aluminum frame.
  • I thought I was alone.. I got the same issue on 920... Sometimes I am trying to charge the battery but it won't and it just heated up. So I put my phone into airplane mode and then charge..
  • But even if it was a hot potato, you might have felt embarrassed to let your friends touch it while hit BUT there phone itself was never effected, right? Mine ran warm or hot at times but ran well. Not like the 1520 which beat my expectation, my favorite phone, runs cool, fast and fantastic.
  • Me too, my 920 was getting HOT really quick in a few minutes when browsing, etc. It took me almost one year in process of guarantee service, I kept coming back to Nokia Service Center, and the problem kept existing until almost one year. They refused to replace my 920 to a new one (they said their procedure is not to replace to a new one),until it was almost one year of exhausting repair process.
    Not only over heating, my 920 also gave me error, and when that happened I lost my works on the phone.
    Finally (maybe) they replace my 920 to a,new one. However, I keep getting some error on my emails (need to re-register email,accounts every now and then with or without app password).
    Sometimes a little bit error when opening the camera, etc
  • My Lumia Icon (same thing.) has done it since I got it. It never gets that hot though.
  • My new Lumia 930 is fine. It was slightly warm when restoring data during initial setup, but otherwise cool. It's a computer, people - processors get hot when they do work. It's not rocket science. Out of interest, are the people who are 'almost being burnt' the same people who thought the Lumia 920's weight made it hard to lift?
  • 920 was a heavy beast BUT an excellent heavy beast. Ran hot but was ahead of it's time and still snagged Smartphone of the year from Gizmodo in 2012. I don't regret the 920, and I would say that after a while I forgot about the heat, the build quality of that phone was great.
  • I love the 920!!! Never understood why it was deemed unbearably heavy - I wear a wristwatch that's heavier! And the fountain pen I write with is near three hundred grams!!!! I think it's a fudge - compared to the iphone of course it's heavy. Everything is. That doesn't discount the fact that some lumia phones run hotter than normal, especially under load. The exact same processors are in other devices that don't do this? Is it software, hardware or what?
  • My old 920 ran very hot, but it was never a problem for the phone which seemed to handle the heat. My 1520 doesn't run hot so I was surprised to hear the 930 runs as hot or hotter than the 920. I'm not sure if my 920 ran cooler than when I first got it, or I just got used to the heat. At the time I regretted buying the phone, but when I learned it was just the way it was - I put up with it. Even on the car dash running HERE Drive in the sun the phone never heated beyond what the phone could run at. That said, my 1520's battery performance is AMAZING, lasting beyond a day at regular use, the 920 I needed to charge someone during the day.
  • But sometimes playing make my 520 hot but is normal but the most important things is that each of our Lumia that never lags even with the 8.1 really runs smoothly
  • Uno & Friends turns my 925 into a hot plate. It has been that way since release day.
  • The same happen to me when I was playing asphalt 8 airbone you can even cook something upon the phone is perfect
  • I see the battery bug is still there. Let your battery run down to about 75%, then power off and on. In most cases you will lose 10% when you power back on.
  • I notice the same with my 925. Even with a tech 21 case on it the heat transfers through :( I was hoping the 930 would have fixed that but I guess the quad core is doing some work
  • But is impossible to resolve battery bug because when phone is off battery maintain your hour on your clock so that consumes battery but moreless is strange that consumes a lot of battery energy your are right in this
  • I am thinking because battery is charging whilst being used, the batteries are being toasted. Some CPU chipsets have built in batteries.
  • Perhaps using a (Nokia Portable) wireless charging plate will give a better result?
    Or a solution maybe?
  • Anybody using (Nokia Portable) wireless charging plate?
    See if it can eliminate battery problems?
  • My 925 on the DP got to hot to hold, seriously hot, but I went back to 8.0 to upgrade to Cyan and now it gets warm but nothing like the hot it did.
  • I wish updates could be downloaded from the windows phone website, but instead has to go through our carriers first....smh Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • All lumias do this at first
  • Turn off roaming and global mode in cellular settings, worked for heat and battery life on the icon.
  • Windows phones after 7.5 have always been hot and I've always felt the random battery drains to be because of this. My iPhones hardly ever had this problem. Their battery just stunk without excessive heat.
  • My 930 got super warm when it was setting up, restoring apps and suchlike... But has been fine since, apart from after charging of course, which I consider normal.
  • My Lumia 930 gets warm but I don't think there's alarming in it, because my Lumia 920 does the same. I got worried only when I first held outside at 41*C and it became almost 41*C hot too even though I'm nit using it. I realized its the metal chassis that absorbs the heat from the outside temperature. So I think the metal works as heat dispenser as well when its hitter inside the phone than outside.
  • Lumia 930 windows phone 8.1 with cyan update: Absolutely no heat issues here!
  • Is better on my 1520 then on my 925 but dont leave the camera on :)
  • My 8x heats up super hot so does all my apple products
  • nvm
  • 925 tmo cyan USA yet?
  • Nothig, Just checked. It seens cyan deploy also has been stopped by MS
  • My L1520 too while web browsing
  • 930 in the UK on 4G and noticed it gets hot when charging on the supplied plate. It also gets very hot with drive sat nav with gps on when being charged with Nokia wireless car charger. It can also get hot with web browsing. But so did my 920. I have noticed battery drainage has gone up since installing an app, I will not name until I have uninstalled it and checked it no longer occurs. Apart from this I am loving the 930. Used it for half a day and went back to my 920, did not expect such a difference.
  • all the modern phones i have had since the N97 get as hot as the sun when chatting/browsing on 3G, the battery goes down like hell too, i think i got used to it, to expect any phone to get as hot as hell when on constant 3G use, wifi kept them cold, but not my current L928, it seems to be irrelevant what network im using when chatting or browsing, it gets hot, its kind of weird too, using it as wifi hotspot seems to do nothing more than normal standby, i could easily get a day and a half using it as 3g hotspot with bad/average reception, so there must be something bad going on with wp8/8.1 when using the phone constantly
  • I managed to cook eggs on its back cover :)
  • My ICON gets very hot after using it....
  • Seems to affect all powerful smartphones these days what is interesting if this is more than the usual heats up. My 925 heats up whilst in use even surfing will warm it up until it is very warm to touch. Is hot god knows what that means on a forum or for that matter whats warm. Unfortunately its all subjective. The iPhone X the Samsung X they all heat up as well and this would be the expected heat being exchanged for power and is normal how well this is dealt with or how hot the chip becomes will depend on the chip and the design. My 930 will arrive tomorrow and I will compare it to what I call very warm on my 925 to what kinda of heat the 930 gives off.
  • My 520 has been doing it for a while particularly after streaming video or a lot of internet browsing, but WP8.1 seems to have increased battery efficiency. But by then I've probably spent too long on it...
  • I've been on the forum and found a fix. Change outlook syncing off the based on my usage option and start every single app. Because I'd downloaded apps I hadn't used yet (because I restored the backup from my previous device) they hadn't completed some last step of install. Sounds dumb, but after I went through my entire app list it cooled straight down.
  • My car also gets hot when driving :-o
  • This seems to be a prevalent problem with (not all) Lumia phones. I currently own a 920, 925, 520, and a Samsung ATIV S Neo. The Lumias have all gotten unbelieveably hot at some point in time doing sometimes menial tasks while my Neo, while doing resource heavy stuff, doesn't get more than comfortably warm. I had two theories, one is that Nokia phones have inferior heat dispersion or whatever one might call it, or two, it's the material the phone is made out of. Of course, the 925 having its metal exterior heated up the most. However the 920 actually burned my hand at one point and the 520 still got uncomfortably warm/hot, and those two are made of some form of plastic, like the Neo. Starting the believe the former.
  • My 930 hopefully will arrive tomorrow. I hope it doesn't have the same overheating issue.
  • My 930 sometimes gets hot when it's in standby mode. Anyone else had this problem? I didn't have any heating problems with my 920. Maybe I should return my 930 for service?
  • My nuts get hot when I sit down for too long. So what?
  • I don't understand what it is with WP but all their devices seem to heat up and have battery issues...
  • My 925 gets really hot too! But only when surfing the web, watching videos, listening to music and playing games...oh.
  • My 930 is getting hot aswell. Even with doing something simple like reading a whatsapp, email, website. Even now it's getting hot.
  • My Lumia 810 had this issue after an update and lost it after the next update.
  • Heat is normal it does it with the Samsung phones as well
  • After reading the comments of you guys I got a little bid sad. Overheating problems with Nokia Lumia 930 ? Because I was planning to buy this phone but after reading this it has put me in doubt whether I should buy it or not? Is it a very serious problem or its normal for phone to heat up?
  • Extremely disappointed to hear Nokia and Microsoft still haven't sorted the overheating/battery drain issue. I've had four 920's and all have experienced this. Its really frustrating and, being honest, isn't really acceptable. I find soft resets are the best cure, but im more intrigued as to what process is causing the issue in the first place. Its worrying to know my phone is going overtime doing something when im not even using it!
  • This is NOT 930 exclusive. I have a 920 and have the same problem
  • I've had my 930 for a week (today!) and I haven't noticed it overheating. My 920 used to get really hot especially when it was working hard (e.g. playing a game) which I think lead to the screen going a browny colour. The 930's camera though is crap in comparison to the 920, especially in low light.
  • My 920 can get quite hot easily. My 930 is so far very good and doesn't get uncomfortably hot at all even when using 4g and gps
  • Call me crazy but my 920 almost never heats except during intensive game playing.
  • My 925 used to get really hot untill I got the black update then the overheating stopped. I have not had any issues with overheating with developer preview at all.
  • My 930 os really nice, only gets hot at some apps and that's not very hot. Not compared to what happened to me on the 920, which sometimes I couldn't even touch and that would happen with most apps I used. Sometimes, even some Live Tiles updates would make it go really hot. My 930 os awesome rdgarding this. Even my friends iPhones get much hotter.
  • 930 is the best phone ever! It gets a little warm, but it´s ok...not like my 920
  • Soooooo..... It is still not fixed yet with 930. I've been complaining alot about this 'very hot at the back' with my 920 but everybody thinks my 920 is broken. My wife's 925 also experiencing this too. This is just too sad.
  • Yes, I have Lumia 930 and its heating up mostly on lower right comer. Its happening during longer browsing and with apps which have rich graphics. Also battery draining, at same time is marked, but somewhere the heat should appear. I did not get firmware upgrade yet - so waiting solutions and keeping fingers cross!
  • Hi All I get my Nokia Lumia 930 two days ago from Axiom UAE Dubai, & start using it, I start to notice the device is getting over heated in my hands while is in standby, & it stays like this for several hours, I took it back to Axiom Telecom & the staff had no idea how to fix this issue, then I was passing by another mobile shop & one of the staff informed me to do soft reset for the phone (pressing volume down & off buttons in the same time for 10 seconds), after I did that the phone cooled down & started to work normally without heat, after several hours, the phone started to heat up again & it was difficult to hold in hand, then when I switch on the phone & went to the start screen, a display message "please wait" comes on & nothing else happen just freeze there, I did again soft reset & the phone restarted normally, It looks like most of lumia 930 has this issue, hope they fix it cause I really like this phone.
  • My 920 got hot often, however my 1520 I'd fine.
  • Got the 930 yesterday from o2 Germany. Damn thing heats up all the time. Measured the heat during web surfing. Metal frame was ~50 degree Celsius. Phone is going back as this is unacceptable. Battery life on the 930 I have is also very poor.
    I've been with WP from the start with HD7, Omnia7, Titan, Lumia 800, Lumia 820 and Lumia920. As of today I think that's it and I will have a close look at the Sony Z2 tomorrow.
  • I've had the problem a couple times on the Icon, I town the phone off and back on and it's totally fine after
  • Yup. 925 here, goes hot as hell specially since 8.1 when i have gps on in the car i have to turn AC to the phone otherwise i think it will burn!
  • Me tio, my 920 was getting HOT really quick in a few minutes when browsing, etc. It took me almost one year in process of guarantee service, I kept coming back to Nokia Service Center, and the problem kept existing until almost one year. They refused to replace my 920 to a new one (they said their procedure is not to replace to a new one),until it was almost one year of exhausting repair process.
    Not only over heating, my 920 also gave me error, and when that happened I lost my works on the phone.
    Finally (maybe) they replace my 920 to a,new one. However, I keep getting some error on my emails (need to re-register email,accounts every now and then with or without app password).
    Sometimes a little bit error when opening the camera, etc
  • Before I got my Nokia phone, my HTC phone got really hot, before that my LG phone got hot. Seems to happen to different manufacturers as well.
  • Try to search for iphone, galaxy, xperia overheat problems, they ALL have this issue.
  • HTC One M7 is bad too.... When I used it for gaming, I can't even hold the phone for long during gaming.... Metal bodies are not to see and touch. But it is just not practical for handling especially with the heat.
  • All phones I've used heat up at some point when doing offensive tasks. Some more than others. I don't think it's anything to stress about. I've never had a phone heat up to the point that is too hot to hold so everyone stop moaning and move on.
  • yep ..i have the same problem with my 930 ...sometimes it gets realy hot specially the bottom of the phone  
  • I have been using my Lumia 930 for a little under a week now. The first few days I thought it was quite how, but the last few days I havent really noticed any odd temperatures at least not compared to my old 920. Maybe phone is getting used to my usage patterns and sleeping of apps etc is starting to work?
  • So many apps kick the CPU into high gear. Heat and quick battery drain. :(
  • My Lumia is cool, only my girl is hot.
  • Soon, phones will come with heat sinks and fans...
  • The Lumia Icon also heats up with graphically intense apps as well s while charging
  • I have the same experience when using Here Drive+
  • My lumia 925 becomes so hot when i turn on LTE. I mean really hot
  • When I pinned Cortana to my Start Screen, you might have as well said that my phone was HOT LAVA!
  • My 720 gets super hot when turning on here drive+ Even with 3G off
  • Mainly while charging and playing games at the same time..
  • My ATIV only heats up during a really big game like the Sims Freeplay.
  • Heating problem in Lumia phones is not a new story. My 6 months old Lumia 520 also becomes very hot at the back near camera.
    Apart from this it also has a very serious issue of Loose Battery. And due to this a small paper is always inserted below the battery so that it could firmly struck with phone. And bow users are also facing heating problems in Lumia 930. Microsoft should seriously take notice about these hardware problems in Lumia devices.
  • Wow, the me too crowd are certainly out in force. It is remarkably stupid to ask such a question since you will inevitably get hundreds of responses from people who wouldn't know a hot phone from an actual hot potato. Every phone with a CPU will get warm when the CPU is pushed but I guess people do not know that little fact. I also guess people must walk around with oven mitts given how hot their phones are all the time. What a waste of space and little burst of unnecessary bad press straight from wpcentral.
  • Same is the case with my HTC 8x..... Initial hearing problems.... But after 8.1 update.... Lol !!!.... Never experienced such hearing problems.....
  • If you are talking about hot potato.. Get a Lumia 925!! You can fry an egg simultaneously!!!
  • I have a 820 and it became hot at irregular times with 8.1DP. I did a factory reset and since no more problems. Also, after installing BBM beta I noticed the phone got really hot again. So, uninstalled and and since then no more issues. Maybe the multitasking system has a flaw in 8.1?
  • So still i am lucky i did not sell my 1520 in exchange with 930 heheh
  • Unnaceptable situation!!   920 heated up when first released with mega battery drain issues, 1020 same thing and now the 930?  Well at least MS have a chance to correct it with the purchase of Nokia in future devices, if not then they all need a slap.
  • Heating isn't really with an issue with my 930, the only thing I have issue with is the purple hue on the screen and the locking up.
  • Overheating issues with the Lumias starting with the 920 seems to be a disturbing reoccurring, ongoing problem.
  • I have a 920 running 8.1 go to battery in settings and turn off all the crap that wants to run in the background. This doesn't really affect how the apps run they still update the second you open them, but you get four times longer out of the battery and the phone runs cold. Try before you comment as it works .
  • Check out my thermometer measurements
  • There are alot of discussions going on this issue on different forums but no comment was made by MS in any of them. Finally I stopped following them.
  • 1520 too!
  • No
  • my 920 starts glowing red because of over heating! no, but it does get really hot...this all happened after 8.1 preview! skype, viber, 9gag, frozen (game)... more apps cause over heating than before. and even when not using apps, the battery life is like 12hours before recharge... this is no wifi, just cellphone on...and no calls!!  
  • My Lumia 925 heats up alot especially when on the charger
  • 930 and 920 heat up tooooooo much
  • No overheating but I did just get the strangest bug. I was typing a text when I suddenly got a super zoomed in view. Had to restart to get rid of it as it was through the whole os
  • My Lumia 930 gets quite hot when I'm just doing normal stuff like web browsing or watching a video (or writing a comment from my phone, that's what I'm doing now and it's hot...)
  • My lumia 625 win 8 has the exact same problem...
  • Glad to know my 1520 has stopped draining battery or getting over heated...after i unpinned its fast and dint see loading screen for a week now...also m always on 3g and do a lot of surfing and doesnt heat up...just a little warm....
    Guys unpin cortana if u have it
    Change email sync from based on my usage
    and open every app and then close background processes u dun need
  • my 1520 is running amazingly cool and fast without firmware yet but on wp 8.1 dp yoo
  • Why don't any of the articles show the 930 with transparent tiles?
  • The 520 gets this a lot. It's the plastic back that makes it hot. Also, the flex-v3 and 4 have no protection to stop heating. The next phone needs protection on the flex wires
  • Got mine a few days ago and it does heat up but wouldn't say its a major issue.
  • My 820 is very hot too.
  • Hey! Now that I've had the Lumia 930 for a bit longer... It's no longer burning up!! Only slightly warm on the bottom right corner ;) the only time it now overheats - is when I use the wireless charging plate
  • Lumia Icon gets hot, get the resuming loading message all the time, fast battery drain.  Goes a day or two without happening and then happens at least once a day.  Today has happened twice already.  Battery drains extremely fast when this happens.  Running Win 8.1 Dev preview.  This never happened on my Lumia 822 with the dev preview on it.
  • I'm on Lumia 1020 DP1. Been having these problems and still having them despite performing the recommended solutions. But the one step that did it all for me was when I turned off Cortana entirely. Go to Settings > Application > Cortana > Turn it Off. I hope this does it for everyone.
  • When I was setting up my girlfriends new 930 I noticed it is getting warm and soon pretty hot. Then I set  every possible background processes off, also location etc off hoping it gets cooler but no. I let it be idle for a while to cool it down but I noticed it stays all the time warm. Also my girlfriend noticed the phone gets very hot ie. when she was on the phone with her friend. She also asked me why it drains the battery so quickly. When I set the navigation on to test the phone the heat got very quickly annoyingly high. Literally. I'm planning to RMA the phone but if the heating is a 'normal' feature I don't know is it possible. 
  • All phones get hot on use, as do tablets as do PC`s! The more use and the heavier it is, the hotter they get. The new form factor of the 930 does get hot but the new backing material used clearly does not conduct heat so well, adding the ultra conductive egde finish seems to focus a lot more of that heat and it does result in some parts of the band becoming TOO hot. There does appear to be most focussed on the lower left side of the band when looking at the phone as the temp there was a good 15% higher than other places. Design fault? Planned heat dispersal? All I know is it really is a quite heavy downside to a truly wonderful piece of technology.
  • I feel I have literally every problem possible with this phone. Battery drains like crazy on basic use such as internet browsing or pretty much whenever my screen is on. I.e. It drains up to 20% (or even more) per hour. As such, it overheats like crazy and I can really feel the burn on my palm. But the worst we last night when I unplugged my phone after charging at 100% and for some reason when I woke up 6 hrs later, it dropped to 4%. That's insane. ON IDLE USE. I have also intermittently observed a purple hue on the screen. ARE THEY GOING TO RELEASE A FIRMWARE UPDATE FOR THIS OR DID I JUST BUY A NEW PHONE THAT BEHAVES LIKE A 5 YR OLD PHONE.
  • My new Lumia 930 is getting so hot it hurts. Should I return it?
  • Win 8.1 installed last week in an 8 month old 1020. My phone has just become noticeably hot in my pocket.  I had just been looking at the Camera roll 10 minutes previously and everything was normal.  Now it's cooler but has just warned me of the battery becoming critically low.  No Apps were running in the background and it was the camera module that was very hot. Generating that amount of heat in a 10 minute period and draining the battery from around half charge to critically low has to be a concern.  I am considering returning to the supplier as quite simply there has to be something seriously wrong.
  • The Galaxy S4 was the hottest phone I ever used could cook my breakfast on it. My 930 gets a little warm/slightly hot right bottom corner sometimes but so far it's not affected the handset in any way.
  • Got my unlocked 930 about a week ago. Phone overheats considerably even with basic tasks. I've used the Nokia Software recovery tool AND hard reset in that order. I think it's slightly better now (maybe my imagination) but still not acceptable for just checking emails and messing around with apps. Hope this is not a hardware fault and a (hopefully near) future firmware update will fix this.
  • I am using Lumia 930..!! Although i feel device is the best performing windows 8.1 phone yet,but i am facing this HEATING & Battery Drain issues. Scenario 1 GPS on Here Maps,PLus bluetooth connectivity with nokia BH 108 bluetooth device & music via 3.5 audio jack it gets heated as hot potato Scenario 2 Browsing via internet explorer app,using facebook app & whats app as well Heating a bit is accepted while multitasking but along with this it gets HOT up leading to battery drain 20% per hour. i had contacted my nokia store they got me swapped with new handset again the problem persists. Initially i had thought it might be because of 3rd party apps,now i am using only apps in the device by default plus whats app only. I have contacted nokia care now they are saying they have mailed the issue to higher authorities nor i can sell the device as it would ditching to the person whom i will sell,hence will wait & see,what nokia india now microsft india responds its a premium device & this is big setback for me. i am planning to give the handset back to company even after swap,will down grade on nokia lumia 730 and wait for 1030 lumia (rumored 41 megapixel smartphone) coming next year that would be my flagship smartphone till then lumia 730 would do fine as previously i had the lumia 720.  
  • I purchased a brand new Nokia Lumia 930 from Singtel Singapore on a contract. The phone would heat up during normal use (making phone calls, checking email, browsing internet, etc..) after two weeks the screen starting showing signs of heat damage. I would have expected a nokia phone to have lasted longer than two weeks!? On the recommendation from the Singtel retail store I handed my phone into Nokia Singapore (Harbourfront) to be repaired under warranty. Although I would have really expected a replacement handset given that the phone was only 3 weeks old at this point. Apple seem to provide this service all through their warranty period. After three weeks and I was still waiting for my phone to be repaired. I tried calling the service center over 20 times, yes over 20 times and with no reply. I also tried calling Nokia support and it is so automated that there is no option to talk to a person regarding my service request or just in general (it has now been changed). I also tried re-visiting the service center where I dropped off the phone and it had closed down! With a note to call Nokia AKA the same I tried before which is (was) useless to a human being. When I did finally got hold of a Nokia rep over virtual chat, they were helpful in answering my questions and providing an update but with no real result. I was told that the service center are waiting on an important part to arrive but without a date when it might arrive.   Well it's now been over six weeks that Nokia Singapore has had my phone. Apparently the parts are still on their way and the delay is due to bulk shipping them... really? from where the moon???! The Nokia rep was pretty much useless (again). In that he couldn't provide a timeframe or even escalate my call other than add a priority to the repair once the part(s) arrive, whenever that might be. According to Nokia's own Limited Warranty, "During the warranty period, Manufacturer will, in a reasonable time, remedy the Defect free of charge by either repairing or replacing the defective Product or the defective part of it at its option provided that you have informed Manufacturer of the Defect before the warranty period expires." Anyone with an iodate of common sense would determine that 6 weeks for a phone repair is beyond a "reasonable time". Surely it must be cheaper to just provide a replacement phone than ship parts over to Singapore?? I purchased this phone from Singtel and its just money wasted as far I'm concerned as what is the point on owning a phone without being able to use it? Nokia Service in Singapore is absolutely atrocious and non-functioning, compounded with an unannounced service center closure I don't see a future for Nokia here. Also given my recent experience this will be the last Nokia phone I'll be getting, back to HTC or even Samsung for me.  The whole experience has been utterly frustrating.  Shame on you Nokia.  
  • 7 months on from this article being posted and my 930 almost 'brands' my hand towards the base of my phone with an Incipio Dual Layer case fitted. I mainly notice it's a problem at 30% battery or less, is anyone else having problems still?
  • my lumia 930 has overheated while capturing video in 1080p :( Microsoft Care says that I'm the first one with this problem.... I don't think so... and the also say I need to turn off every single wireless connection and close all apps before capturing video... screenshot here:
  • Hey Windows Central and everyone else.
    I bought a Lumia 930 November 2013. On first startup and usage I immediately noticed that the phone started to get warm. As I used the phone over the next couple of days, tasks as simple as Whatsapp was causing the phone to overhear dramatically! It got to a point to where I couldnt use the phone for any purpose at all for more than a few minutes at a time. Disappointed I sent the phone to the Nokia service center and requested a replacement. They insisted on only replacing the processor, but I managed to convince them that only a replacemtnt would help the situation. It took them a whole 2 months to replace the device, and I now have a new Lumia 930. Using it for the second day now, I'm experiencing the exact same issues. It overheats like crazy!!! To a point that I cant even hold it in my palm. This in turn is causing the battery to die really really fast. Its getting extremely annoying and I want to send the phone in to get a refund. I love Nokia phones, but this is just a little too much to handle.
  • I have a 920 and am thinking about switching to 930, yet am afraid the overheating issues will continue. From my experience charging and using the phone at once (games, specific apps, browsing with multiple open tabs) or using cellular connection is when the phone gets (very) warm. I was hoping 930 won't have the problem. Reading that 940 might use the Snapdragon 810, which is known for...overheating, I am so worried about Lumia flagships now. Those are awesome phones, with the exception of the overheating problem and resulting short battery life.
  • I am facing the same problem with my Lumia 930. Everytime I browse the web or browse a social media site or play a game the mobile heats up... It becomes very hot.. The Nokia shop changed the board of the mobile but the problem is still there! I don't know what to do.. I am thinking of changing the device to a Samsung or LG!