Is your Lumia 930 Windows Phone a hot potato?

As the Lumia 930 becomes more widely available, we are picking up on reports of the Windows Phone getting warm. Windows Phone Central Forums member Snapples has started a discussion on this and it appears Snapples is not alone.

We've also heard some grumblings about the Lumia 930 having a purple hue but the overheating seems to be taking center stage. The warmth (described as very, very hot) was first noticed by Snapples during the initial set-up and installation of apps. Thinking this was just a passing fad, the heat returned while browsing the web or sending a text.

In skimming through the four pages of discussion, it appears Snapples is not alone. As you would expect, some Lumia 930 owners experienced the warmth while others commented it wasn't any different than they had experienced with previous Lumia Windows Phones. Many noted an excessive battery drain accompanying the warmth. There is also some suggestion that the aluminum body transfers the heat more noticeable, amplifying the warmth.

One Forum Member, Aiwendil Valrauker , experience similar and discovered a factory reset seemed to fix the issues. You also have the firmware update that was pushed out yesterday to the Lumia 930 that might resolve the overheating and power drain issues. Not all the Lumia 930's received the update and without a change log, we'll have to wait and see if those who received the update have to say.

It's our understanding that Snapples was planning on returning/exchanging the Lumia 930 but hasn't followed up in the discussion to let us know if a replacement device had the same issues.

While I don't have a Lumia 930 to comment on this problem, Mobile Nation's Richard Devine has also noticed the warmth with the Lumia 930, describing it as nearly burned his palm off. The same can be said of our Rich Edmonds but he's only noticed the 930 warm up when he surfs the web a lot. In contrast, our Editor-in-Chief Dan Rubino hasn't noticed any warmth on the Lumia 930 he's been using.

If you've gotten your hands on a Lumia 930, feel free to join in on the forums discussion (link below) and share your thoughts. Also, if you've tried the hard reset trick or received the firmware update, let us know if either did the trick.

George Ponder

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