Your Phone app now supports dual-SIM for Insiders

Your Phone companion
Your Phone companion (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Your Phone app now supports multiple SIMs.
  • Users can select which SIM to use and to send messages from.
  • The app also now supports inline responses in the notifications area, as revealed last week.

Microsoft's Your Phone app continues to receive updates and new features for Insiders. Now, the app supports multiple SIMs, allowing users to select which SIM card they use with Your Phone and which card they send messages with.

Roberto Bojorquez, a group program manager working on Your Phone, revealed that multi-SIM support was rolling out to Insiders. The new feature came in part in response to feedback from Insiders.

In addition to adding support for multiple SIMs, Your Phone also gained the ability to reply to notifications within the notifications area of the app recently.

Your Phone continues to receive new updates and is one of Microsoft's apps that gains features most frequently. The app is the backbone of the Link to Windows feature for Galaxy Note and Galaxy S10 devices. It will also gain the ability to relay phone calls later this year.

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  • To think we could have had all this over 5 years ago with Windows Phone. Sad.
  • I'm on the S10 beta, so Link to Windows is on the device. I can't help but wonder if they're counting those in the numbers (which would be a dishonest portrait of the success of the app). Be that as it may, it doesn't work very well at all, more often than not it's unable to even recognize the phone, and when it does, it's extremely slow. As expected, I can get more done simply using the phone itself, which is always nearby anyway. I fail to see how this adds any discernible productivity. What would truly be productive is a deeper and more extensive support for Cortana.