Your Phone app for Windows 10 Insiders now syncs notifications with your PC

Your Phone SMS syncing
Your Phone SMS syncing (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft's relatively new Your Phone app has been steadily making it easier to keep your eyes on your PC and your hands off of your phone with new feature updates. Starting today, Windows Insiders will have even less of a reason to glance at their phones while getting work done thanks to notification syncing, which is rolling out now.

Vishnu Nath, the director of program management for Microsoft's mobile group, announced the addition on Twitter today, noting that it's rolling out in stages for Windows Insiders. In other words, not every Insider will see it right away, but it's on its way.

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As Nath shows in the attached screenshot, notifications you'd normally receive on your Android phone will now arrive in a "Notifications" section of the Your Phone app, whether it be Twitter, Messenger, or any other app on your phone. A handy aspect of the feature is that dismissing a notification on your PC will also dismiss it on your phone, and vice versa.

This follows the slow rollout of handy features like unread message badges for Insiders to check out. Perhaps the most interesting addition, phone screen mirroring, made its way to Insiders in March. While screen mirroring initially only worked with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 devices, Microsoft recently expanded support to the Samsung S10 series, Note 8 and 9, and the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T.

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  • About time, though I still don't use this as much as back in WP days.
  • This is great, but I would still love actionable notifications, and the ability to send/receive MMS on my PC.
  • I wish they add the option to send pics through the App as well.
  • Jesus, finally. I hope they stick with it, too. They dropped notification syncing like it was nothing when it was done through Cortana.
  • Have you submitted feed back in the hub by yelling too?
  • terminate the app via app settings and retry
  • As good as this is, I still think SCRCPY is the most practical option for Connecting Android to Windows. 9 times out of 10 once you see the notification you are going to pick up your phone and check it, so you might as well get support to action it straight from your computer.
  • Good that people that don't have access to Cortana will be able to access notification sync.
  • Another shady trick from a shady company. Nice job Scroogle!
  • Wrong hole?
  • YourPhone is starting to look useful, will use this. The photos section is crippled only showing 25 photos. I already use Pulse SMS so don't need SMS syncing.
  • Yes. Me too. I found Pulse to be much better. Klinger app or even a web browser.
  • It's frustrating this is an App instead of baked into the OS like on MacOS. An App is fine but is limiting.
  • It allows them to update it separately of the OS, instead of waiting six months for the next major update.
  • I'm glad this keeps getting updated, but the pace of change is glacial. Really wish they would get it completely fleshed out soon
  • Does this sync across multiple PCs?