Your Windows 10 PC or smartphone could stream to your car's dashboard in the future

In the future, your car's dashboard could connect to your Windows 10 PC, tablet or smartphone. That's one of the things that is being shown during CES 2016 by Microsoft, in partnership with a company called IAV.

The press release states:

"This collaboration between IAV, an engineering services firm and worldwide pioneer of highly automated driving, and Microsoft, a market leader for mobility and productivity solutions, is just the beginning of the partnership. In addition, the two companies intend to use Windows 10 Continuum to stream Windows 10 directly to the car's dashboard. For instance, it could integrate data and services into the vehicle through devices the driver already uses on his notebook, tablet PC or smartphone, with apps like Skype for Business, Calendar and Groove Music. A sample of this also will be demonstrated by the companies at CES."

IAV and Microsoft will also show off some automated car technology that will be powered by Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure cloud services;

"The technological benefits of this approach will be demonstrated at CES based on the following example, a scenario that drove the development: A pedestrian with a wearable device is walking toward the road, concealed by a parked vehicle. The device is located by nearby intelligent roadside infrastructure that is connected to the Azure cloud. This IAV and Microsoft solution incorporates Azure IoT Suite, connected vehicle and infrastructure data, and Cortana Analytics for predictive hazard modelling. Cloud solutions of this nature can be used to transfer information from the surrounding environment, like traffic light sensors, into the connected vehicle to better predict safety procedures. The CHAD vehicle then receives a V2X warning that permits the safe, convenient adjustment of its driving dynamics in order to detect and avoid the hazard in plenty of time."

IAV says its technology has been used in automated cars that have already traveled 43,000 miles in the U.S. and Europe.

Source: IAV

John Callaham