YouTube Mobile in HTML5, supports IE9 in Mango

While Microsoft's YouTube app leaves much to be desired (opens in new tab) (granted, it's not their fault (opens in new tab)), it seems light is at the end of the tunnel for fans of the video sharing website with HTML5. As IE9 in Mango will be making short work of HTML5 we were hoping that Google would make the mobile version of their media community portal open to Windows Phone Mango.

Alas, it seems as though we've conquered video playback via IE9 in Mango, thanks to Google. This is a massive improvement over what was available to WP7 users. A sleeker interface is present with playlist access, commenting and more. It's still not a full-featured app with account management and more, but hey it's something. Don't forget Lazyworm.

Source: Plaffo (opens in new tab) (Bing Translate (opens in new tab))

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Looks great!Hopefully the G+ site looks better in IE9 Mango soon too.
  • Google+ sucks!
  • Just tried, it works like a charm. I want more HTML5 website! Facebook mobile in HTML5 works quite well with Mango's IE9 (except the search button and the image size)
  • Isn't it still better to just use LazyTube or Supertube?
  • are those hardware accelerated? any video that plays through the Zune player in wp7 is hardware accelerated.
  • It's still slower than the HTML5 site.