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Zendesk help desk software launches WP7 app

Cloud-based help desk provider Zendesk has released a version of their mobile app for WP7, complete with live tiles and Mango support.  Zendesk is a service that allows companies to host, log and track support tickets, be it for IT, customer service, or internal business.  With the mobile app, support representatives easily view and modify their tickets, as well as respond to them.  Simply download the app and log in to your account.  The full feature list is as follows:

  • Access all your support ticket views
  • View and update comments, CCs, tags, and ticket fields
  • Apply predefined responses, or macros, to tickets with frequently asked questions
  • View all support ticket events and notifications
  • Pin ticket views and specific tickets to the start screen as Live Tiles for easy access
  • Easily bookmark a ticket for future reference
  • Search support tickets
  • Upload and view attachments on tickets
  • Take a photo and attach it to a ticket

If you use Zendesk already you can get the mobile app for free here.  Not a user yet?  Sign up for a 30-day trial.

QR: Zendesk

  • This is great news for me I use Zen desk and hadnt really expected them to release anything for WP at least not yet. A nice surprise to see this!
  • Awesome! I also use ZenDesk and I would have NEVER expected an app from them. Too bad they haven't updated their site to say they have the app. 
  • Help deskWow, it's about time, it was getting increasingly difficult to integrate mobile platform into existing servicedesk & helpdesk clients. Hopefully this remains stable throughout time and versions.
    Romain DESMOINES, Paris