Zip Line smoked by a Windows Phone

While Ben the PC Guy was busy smoking the competition at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show with his Windows Phone, Jimmy Lee over at Nokia Innovation was tackling a challenge of his own.

The challenge was to take a photo, upload it to Facebook and tag a friend with a Nokia Lumia 710. Simple task, right? Toss in that you have to do all this while riding a zip line down a mountain and finish the tasks before you reach the bottom and it gets interesting. The tasks were completed with time to spare.

The challenge not only demonstrates the speed of Windows Phone and the Lumia but also the ease in which you can accomplish tasks. I guess if you ever find yourself racing down a mountain on a zip line, you know you have plenty of time to snap a few shots and post them to Facebook.

Source: YouTube (opens in new tab); Thanks, ballroomdru, for the tip!

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  • Lol kind of stupid yet brilliant.
  • Another thing droid or iPhony can't do
  • This test should be a standard.
  • Just lol
  • Brilliant test... Eheh
  • deffinately awesome imma force my sister in law to upgrade to the lumia 710 and then trade with my for my radar lumia is so sleek and sexy
  • We need to use these stunts as commercials!!!!;
  • Im done watching all this speed,smokes by windowsphones videos....we want new features.. IPhone 5 is about to come out people will flock buying this phone.. Bring windowsphone to vzw,,htc,samsung,lg bring it
  • Your not supposed to be on your phone while driving... Errrr I mean zipping ;)
  • iphone blows
  • I am just glad I could tip the site with this. Great video to show speed, but Ben the PC guy MUST have a Super Bowl add...PLEASE!!!!!
  • Hang on a sec folks, this could go viral. Think about it... Planking, Tebowing... Speed WPing? ;-)
  • This makes me want to see a speed challenge with the guys of Top Gear.