Zombie HQ invades Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, let the zombie hunting begin!

The undead have invaded our Windows Phones again, this time in Zombie HQ. Zombie HQ is the third action packed Windows Phone game from Rebellion, who also brings up Judge Dredd vs. Zombies and Guns 4 Hire.

In Zombie HQ you play the role of a survivor of a zombie apocalypse determined to regain control of your city. As you take out the zombie hordes, rescue other survivors and scavenge for weapons you can earn cash to upgrade your headquarters.  Zombie HQ follows the same challenging game play and fantastic graphics as the earlier releases from Rebellion.  It is definitely a game that'll keep you on your toes.

Zombie HQ has multiple missions to reclaim your city with zombie minions and bosses to battle. Some missions involve rescuing other survivors and airlift them to safety for bonus rewards.  All missions are guaranteed to have plenty of zombies to explode and cash to collect.

Additional features to Zombie HQ include:

  • Male and Female customizable characters with apparel ranging from body armor to beer hats. You can also swap characters in between missions.
  • Tons of weapons ranging from shotguns to assault rifles to flamethrowers.  You also have your handy-dandy spiked baseball bat to fall back on should you run out of ammunition.
  • Accessorize the Zombie HQ with arcade machines, jukeboxes, pool tables, hot tubs and defensive missile systems.

Graphics are intense, game play challenging and Zombie HQ makes a nice first impression.  The Windows 8 version of the game seems to be well suited for tablet use and the details of the graphics/animations really comes out on the larger screens.

We'll take Zombies HQ out for a test drive and get a full review up on the site shortly.  In the meantime, Zombie HQ is a free game for your Windows Phone 8 device. You can find it here in the Windows Phone Store and you can find the free Windows 8 version of Zombie HQ here in the Windows Store.

QR: Zombie HQ

George Ponder

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