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Transform into the Walking Dead with Zombify, today's myAppFree Windows Phone Deal

The Zombie genre continues to ride a wave of popularity, and if you are curious how you would look like a member of the Walking Dead, there's a Windows Phone app for that. Zombify transforms your selfies into a biting, groaning, brain-eating Zombie.

Zombify has plenty of customization options and is regularly priced at $1.99. However, through the myAppFree promotion over the next twenty-four hours, you can pick up Zombify free.

When you first launch Zombify, you need to snap a selfie using an on-screen template to help line-up your eyes and mouth. Snap the pic and a few seconds later the app will transform your pic into a Zombie complete with decomposing skin, dangly eyeballs and more.

The core app has plenty of mouth and eye options to help you customize your Zombie appearance. There are also a handful of creative filters available to add a little pop to your pics. If you need more customization features to tweak your ghoulish complexion, additional add-on packs are available via in-app purchase.


The Zombified pics can be shared via popular social networking services such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as well as email or text messaging. You can also create an animated short that can be shared as well.

Zombify is available for Windows Phone and is regularly priced at $1.99. However, through the myAppFree promotion, over the next twenty-four hours, you can pick up Zombify free. The special effects are creepy and would be a perfect conversation piece for the next Walking Dead viewing party.

Download Zombify for Windows Phone (opens in new tab)

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  • lol these are always silly but fun apps. Reminds me of Silicon Valley S3e1 that aired on Sunday with the holo-stache.
  • I'll use this (or similar) around Halloween and when The Walking Dead returns.
  • boring articles, there is no new cumulative updates for TH2 ? still a lot of bugs, don't know when I can use phone peacefully, tired of charging my mobile once for every 10-12 hrs..... - Windows 10 L730(10586.218)
  • I was having the same issue, then I noticed that the charger micro usb pins had set in.
  • what ? i didn't get u.... what usb pins to do with battery backup ?
  • Had reset should solve the problem. Otherwise it's a hardware problem.
  • please, these issues are common with lot of L730 mobiles, i heard somany complaints from L730 users..... My mobile is 1.5 yrs older one, it had great battery backup in win8.1, it ran even good in fast rings until official update released. later updated firmware and installed Official OTA update.
  • It's good. The only issue I have with this app is that it only does the video animation in portrait, not landscape, it's really a stand alone experience, you won't be able to integrate it into a video.
  • Thank god W10M now has these great apps! The gap is closed, now it's a worthy platform!!!!!1
  • I for this app for free a long time ago. Where's the add on pack freebies or sale price? Posted with Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Purchased all other apps by developer....its fun!!!
  • Fear was f*cken amazing this week, especially when Nick came out of nowhere like a complete bad ass and saved them all. I’ve been reading this Zombie Apocalypse survival guide. At least I know I’ll be safe when the world ends. Good luck out there everyone.