ZTE Windows Phones heading to Europe [update]

Earlier this year, we reported that the Chinese Windows Phone manufacturer ZTE would bring Mango phones to Europe during Q3 of this year. Apparently, this has been pushed back slightly to the fourth quarter of this year.

The ZTE Windows Phone handset, Tania, will sport a 4.3", 480x800 WVGA TFT screen, 512mb RAM, 4gb of memory, 5mp rear camera, and will measure 10.5mm thin. Reports indicate that pricing will be at 2,000 yuan ($223 Euro/$314 US) but we're not sure how this will transfer to the European carriers.

No specific release date was indicated but if the fourth quarter holds true, and already being a month into the quarter, Europe should see the Tania hit the shelves soon.

Source: WinPhonXAP Thanks goes out to seaswimmer for the tip!

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  • It's *gasp* attractive hahaha lol
  • This is the kind of budget handset that gets the device in more hands and the sales numbers up. WP7 needs **** phones too.
  • Budget, maybe. ****? No. This thing looks absolutely gorgious and is no slower than 1st gen devices, and has a significantly lower price tag. You are right that this is the kind of device we need at this price point to get WP into more hands, but we definitely dont need #$%^ devices at all.
  • You pick me up wrong, by sh*t I meant 'sh*t' as in not every WP7 has to have top specs or otherwise it's a disappointment.The more people using WP7 means more developer interest, meaning more apps and third party accessories. All-in-all phones like these are exactly what the platform needs.Godspeed lower spec phones, Godspeed.
  • Looks like the floodgates have opened for new windows phone handsets
  • Intriguing...but wait, 4Gb of storage? And that's before the OS takes it's share too.Glad other OEMs are getting involved in the WP action but honestly, I don't know who would buy this. The screen size for the money is about it's only saving grace.
  • This is an attractive option for people who want a phone and not all the other add ons, like parents and dumbers.
  • Perhaps, though I remain sceptical.
  • This is also a phone that's being primarily sold in Eastern Asia where the market rarely sees phones with higher than 4gb capacity without having significantly inflated prices. It's common in this market to see 1-2gb phones even in the smartphone market in this area.
  • With that screen size and that price this thing will sell for streaming media and document editing. Business folk don't need thier entire audio/video library on thier phone.
  • It looks like so cute although it has a 4.3" screen. I like the white shape very much. However, it just has a TFT screen and 4GB storage, but given the low price, it's still attractive. Hope it come to europe as soon as possile!
  • Good stuff, if ZTE can bring out a similar spec to their ZTE Blade which costs £99/117,90€ - then Wp7 will be smiling a lot fuller.It makes it affordable for parents to buy for their kids or partners.Also a cheap WP7 wins out on a similar priced Android because the WP platform is easier to use, and not a strain on battery life. As Apple have said it before its all about getting user's hooked into an eco system.
  • Gotta love the chrome and white..... just gotta.
  • It really is an attractive looking device! I never heard of ZTE before, but I think this devices looks better than anything I've seen from HTC.
  • you'd like to think that. idiot?
  • Sounds good. And who knows, perhaps there will be variations of this phone with more storage. Just look at the ZTE Blade. Very dependent on where you buy it.
  • Not gonna lie, this phone looks 's e x y' indeed!
  • Good for you ZTE, that's a nice looking phone.