Earlier this year, we reported that the Chinese Windows Phone manufacturer ZTE would bring Mango phones to Europe during Q3 of this year. Apparently, this has been pushed back slightly to the fourth quarter of this year.

The ZTE Windows Phone handset, Tania, will sport a 4.3", 480x800 WVGA TFT screen, 512mb RAM, 4gb of memory, 5mp rear camera, and will measure 10.5mm thin. Reports indicate that pricing will be at 2,000 yuan ($223 Euro/$314 US) but we're not sure how this will transfer to the European carriers.

No specific release date was indicated but if the fourth quarter holds true, and already being a month into the quarter, Europe should see the Tania hit the shelves soon.

Source: WinPhonXAP Thanks goes out to seaswimmer for the tip!