64-bit Chrome browser for Windows 7 and 8 officially out of beta


Google has released the 64-bit version of the Chrome web browser for Windows 7 and 8 into its stable channel, after first releasing a version in its development channels earlier this summer.

This means that Windows users who have opted to get the 64-bit versions of the OS can now run a version of Chrome that is fully optimized for their system. The 64-bit version is shown as an optional download on the main Chrome website.

In a blog post, Google had this to say about the launch of Chrome for Windows 64-bit:

"64-bit Chrome offers many benefits for speed, stability and security. Our measurements have shown that the native 64-bit version of Chrome has improved speed on many of our graphics and media benchmarks. For example, the VP9 codec that's used in High Definition YouTube videos shows a 15% improvement in decoding performance. Stability measurements from people opted into our Canary, Dev and Beta 64-bit channels confirm that 64-bit rendering engines are almost twice as stable as 32-bit engines when handling typical web content. Finally, on 64-bit, our defense in depth security mitigations such as Partition Alloc are able to far more effectively defend against vulnerabilities that rely on controlling the memory layout of objects."

In addition, the regular version of Chrome 37 is now available in the stable channel as of today. This new release adds DirectWrite support for the Windows version "for improved font rendering", along with some "new apps/extension APIs" and "lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance."

If you own a Windows 7 or 8 64-bit PC, will you be checking out the new version of Chrome today?

Source: Chrome download site, Chrome blog, Chromium blog


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64-bit Chrome browser for Windows 7 and 8 officially out of beta


I love Chrome but am trying to use it less and less when on my SP3 because of this. I hope they remove the processor pinging issue but doubt it...

I'm not going to be all dramatic and claim that the new UI is the worst thing since slavery, but from where I'm standing, the new UI has no benefits, and also breaks compatibility with hundreds of otherwise would-be-fine extensions.

It also drastically reduces the customizability of the interface that makes firefox, well, firefox. Before, you could do anything with the interface. Now, you can rearange a grid of icons. If I wanted a complete lack of customization and early 2000's style round edges, I'd use chrome.

Yes. Changed to Firefox already. As my option, Firefox for heavy browsing like gaming in browser, and Metro IE for light browsing like visiting forums, reading articles and so on

Yeah, of course it doesn't... Do you really believe that? Why do you all think that Google is evil? What has it done to you? Do you really think that Microsoft treats our data better than Google? I think that they are pretty much the same. Big corporations that think ONLY about getting higher profit. Sometimes when I read comments here it seems that some of you think that Microsoft does everything, because they are so nice and want you to feel better. Wake up - they want your money

But microsofts bussiness model isnt based on gathering and selling data.
They earn their living with selling OS's and hardware recently..so there is a difference ;)

Well I still use gmail, its my primary email. And I never got spammed or got any call by any advertising company. If they are using my data only to show me ads related to it then it should not be a big deal, there will be ads if not sold by google then some random ones.

Hold on...


You are trying to equate a company that sells software and services and makes money from direct sales to a company that solely makes money from selling and using people's personal infromation.


There are security advisory companies that study predatory use and practices of data and services, the only two large 'tech' companies that are working to protect 'end users' are Apple and Microsoft, with Microsoft taking the aggressive role.


Google does the opposite, and is even willing to sell seemingly benign tracking information that has resulted in the deaths of peope fleeing unstable countries.


There is MASSIVE difference between Microsoft and Google, and people like yourself that fall into the thinking of, "They are all the same," need to do so research and find out why they are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to consumer protection and information protection.



Seriously. I can't believe I just read an article about Chrome on WPcentral that ended with this question: "If you own a Windows 7 or 8 64-bit PC, will you be checking out the new version of Chrome today?". Hell no!

Everyone just needs to understand that WPCentral is about Windows news not just Windows Phone news. Been like this for a long time.

Is there a WP News only Feed?

Because really, this sort of tech news there's already a million sites for.

I couldn't really get along with Firefox and I feel like internet explorer is still not a real competitor.. So I'm going to stick with chrome because I kinda have to :/

Why do you think IE it's not a competitor? I use Chrome at work because they are still on IE8, but prefer IE11 to all the others. Of course, my visited sites are minimal and all well reputed and designed, so that may be why it's great for me.

Fonts look really good on this new version. IE 11 has some issues but is getting better, I don't use it because the developer tools have been bad over the years. The new developer tools in IE11 are better but I am not sure they are where they should be yet.

Same here, I use Chrome at work because I'm still stuck on Windows XP and I refuse to use IE8 because it's so slow. However Chrome lately on my work PC has become slow, buggy and freezes my entire PC before quiting. It could be Flash though in conjunction with Chrome that maybe causing the issues. I don't know if it has anything to do with XP and perhaps Google doesn't support it with updates since MS no longer support XP. Therefore I've been using Firefox lately at work.

Now at home I have a non touch screen laptop running Windows 8.1 so I go back and forth between Chrome and IE 11 desktop version. On my Dell XPS 10 Windows RT tablet. I use Metro IE but it seems like since April's Windows 8.1 update 1; IE Metro has gotten slower but it could be that my Dell tablet running the Snapdragon processor is starting to show it's age.

I switched to Cyberfox along time ago, 64-bit and optimized for different processors and recompiled in visual studio 2012.

I'm on chrome too. Some sites I use require chrome or Firefox, ie just won't render the javascript correctly unfortunately. Also on ie, the menus and options screens are still terrible and sometimes my BACK button just does not work! That was the last straw.

Since YouTube app in WP store occurred due to Google's stupidity, I deleted all my accounts under their service. I won't get the chrome browser just because of that.

Even I use YouTube but Chris Rogers my tube. It really has a cool UI and he will be working on his next update soon. I have ending up subscribing channels bcoz of Gmail syncing. Gmail sucks a lot with hacking and spamming

Release it to WP and I might think about it... Especially with experiencing some news sites' videos showing "invalid source" using IE WP8.1 GDR1 Dev Prev. Though Firefox and Opera are still better, imo.

I don't care if Chrome is 64-bit. I'll never use Google services/software again. I'm perfectly happy with Internet Explorer. Thank you.

Same here. Chrome is primary. I only use IE at work when some internal site won't work on chrome.
Oh I also use IE on my phone, but have no complaints there.

Chrome is fast and stable..I don't care whether google takes my data or not.I use them browsing is very smooth and also like the UI
I wanted to use IE but its still damn slow..

I use Chrome as my primary daily driver. Its always fast and smooth. Firefox for security and customization for certain things, and Internet Explorer for compatibility. All browsers have strengths and weaknesses, so I mix it up, but many on this site are quite anti-google. To each their own, but I wish all three browsers were available on Windows Phone.

Finally! :) I want to use IE all the time but the lack of extensions and unreliabe session restores just don't let me. 

Why would anyone post the Google stuff here? If MS did their due justice they would block or cripple this software on the platform

To be honest a big no to Google chrome. Do you think those who use Windows Phone would welcome this browser? I use firefox on win 7 and ie on win 8.

Google has no future on the desktop without Windows, but they're scared shirtless when it comes to windows phone and won't develop anything except for Google search.

Do you want to know why I think Google search even exists? So that they have a thumbprint of a user base, and to keep those people from dumping Google altogether.

Pretty much the same thing Waze is doing by having their app on WP. Every user of Waze on WP is feeding data to them, and we get the crapp as is. I use CoPilot now.

No way, really? I'm rooting for Firefox, but I hope IE gets it together faster. I prefer IE everywhere these days. I wish I had IE on my Android so I could sync everything like my WP does.

Nope. I couldn't give a F.  Firefox could kick rocks too. Half way developing then claim no one wanted it and pulled ModernUI development.

No thanks. Chrome is still a bloated battery hog. I'll stick to IE 11 for most things, and Firefox for the few that don't work quite right with IE.

I do have a 64-bit Windows 7 laptop, will I install Chrome? Hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllll noooooooooooooooooo

Wooooo. Happy day! I checked this out a couple months ago when it was in canary. The difference in speed is really significant. Great to FINALLY have a 64bit version that is stable. Took long enough. 

Not surprised to see all the Chrome hate, but it's the browser some of us choose to use. 

This article is really on the far margins of what WP Central should be reporting on IMO. Nevertheless, I appreciate the heads up. 


Chrome is horrible on any touch device, there is so little touch optimization it is worthless on a hybrid or tablet. I found it interesting from a mobile perspective that on the same hardware WP/IE scored significantly better on benchmarks than Android/Chrome.

1 thing holding me back from 64 bit browsing is the 32 bit QuickTime plugin that's incompatible with the 64 bit version browsers. I don't want to run 2 or 3 browsers just to view webpages with embedded video etc


Just stick to IE11, it will flip based on what addons you are using and based on your security settings.  You can force it to go fully 64bit and block addons like Quicktime or let it decide.


The Immersive version of IE11 (Modern/Metro) runs only in 64bit mode because it doesn't have to offer legacy addon/feature support.



I switched back to Firefox as chrome gave too many conflicts with touchpad operation including horizontal scroll which died months ago. until all the bugs are fixed I ain't going anywhere near it :/

This is where MS should just ban it... Similar to what google does to MS. There is no reason not to use IE in the first place.

I have been a user and supporter of IE since well before it was cool. IE 11 is great and very secure when configured as such. It is also 64 Bit most of the time and 32 bit when I needs to be for older plugins. I even learned tho week how to launch IE in InPrivate mode by default. As for compatibility, I nearly add a domain or address to the compatibility list and voila, the site renders perfectly. For these reasons alone, I have almost never wanted it needed to use a different browser. I sure as heck don't use Chrome and FireFox now looks like its imitating Chrome. What's sad is that Google pillaged what it wanted from WebKit but hasn't really given anything back to the project.

It should be worth noting...


IE has been available in 64bit since 2003.  IE11 Immersive always runs in 64bit mode.  IE11 on the Desktop flips based on the content and protection level settings.  32/64bit with IE11 is neglible, even though the 64bit version is about 10% faster on average.


So if you are already using IE11 and like it, stick with it.  The dirty secret, it is more secure and faster than Chrome.


Using DirectWrite and being 64bit - Chrome scores better than 32bit Chrome in most tests.  However it still doesn't score as well as IE11 most of the time, especially with RIA types of applications that are dealing with lots of graphics and data loading.


Here is a quick list of tests I pulled (crude Excel sheet) - these are the top 12 tests one of our company uses to baseline RIA site performance. These tests focus on CSS3/SVG/HTML5/WebGL - and dynamic updating/drawing content with large data sets. 




Notice that IE11 is slower in only ONE test, even with the new and improved Chrome 64bit. Also note that there are STILL tests where IE11 is 600 or 150 times faster than Chrome, which is a massive difference.