9GAG launches official app for Windows Phone to make you giggle

9GAG Lede

9GAG (www.9gag.com) is an online resource of funny, witty and downright strange media, much like a condensed edition of a handful of Reddit communities. The website hasn't yet had an official app for Windows Phone available for use, but this has recently changed with the official 9GAG client now listed on the store.

Wether you're after some funny pictures, animated GIFs, videos, memes or just a shot of 'WTF', 9GAG boasts an expansive collection and is updated on a daily basis. There's a slight issue with the Windows Phone app the website has launched, however. It's not a native experience with similar functionality available in other apps.


That said, it's an official title on the store. You're able to log into your 9GAG account, upvote/downvote entries and engage with the community as a whole. That's where the list of features comes to an end. There's no Live Tile, lockscreen or Modern UI support, which is a shame as we've seen some solid third-party 9GAG work.

You can download 9GAG from the Windows Phone Store for free (will go commercial soon). If the app doesn't make you laugh and giggly inside, we recommend you check out Rudy Huyn's unofficial 9GAG Windows Phone app. It's a feature-rich app with a full Windows Phone experience. Thanks, Lance, for the tip!



Reader comments

9GAG launches official app for Windows Phone to make you giggle


Fuk dis i will switch to moto g or i will upgrade my fucking 620 to 930. Fuck my phone, no fucking good apps, the fucking volume rockers and the fucking power button is not fucking working. All my photos are red coloured, sometimes green but not fucking in normal colour and i fucking lost my fucking sim card

I know that feel bro. Getting tired of my 520, getting tired of waiting to apps to get funtional (i'm talking to you Spotify and Whatsapp), i'm tired to OS to become competitve and stable, i'm tired to see every single cool app on a website/service i use, only available to iOS and Android.

Also, my wife's 620 has the same issue with power button, it's all flat and unresponsive.

I've not ever had the thoughts you have with my 520. I'm very happy with mine.

However I've had the unresponsive buttons thing a few times, but it's a very simple fix. It often happens when I've dropped the phone or thrown it onto my bed, and all you have to do is take the shell off, and put it back on again. Viola!

Fuk fucking Fuck fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking.

Do you really expect anyone to take you seriously? I'd say take the phone back to your carrier since it's obviously a defect, but nobody fucking wants to fucking deal fucking with that fucking (so do them a favor and don't).

And the SIM card is on you?

Some advice on the button issues on your 620 or anyone with a 530.

Just take off the snap on shell and mess around with the rubber button thingy inside and make sure you place it well into the holes. I did this once to my moms 520 and she never had the buttons go flat again.

I dont like Rudy's beause I have to swipe through every post and zoom in on long posts, instead of simply having a feed like the mobile website. The mobile website is bugged on IE though.

I like Rudy's more because I can swipe through every post instead of loading a huge feed of images.
I also liked Rudy's one more than the official one on my old Android phone.

Wow, that is pro trolling if it were. I wonder if they have a thread about their new app and everyone is just cackling at it for being a pitiful excuse of an app.

The problem with Rudy's app is that it crashes a lot, gifs load slowly, and my phone gets extremely hot while using it.


This one seems to be a bust though.

I think once it goes commercial then an update will kick in with the Modern UI, livetile etc.. It's atleast good that 9GAG has brought their app to WP.

WOW.. that splash screen feel like time rolled back to 2010?... at least it doesnt have advertisements..

ah, shame. It requires me to download on 1GB RAM phone. (n)
will go to the unofficial one instead.

A web wrap...yeah, stick with Rudy's.

Also, for the sake of other people, leave a review warning them it's not a proper App. That ought to help people not waste 1.99 when they put it as a paid app.

Problem with Rudy's app is it crashes randomly..Sucks lot of battery when I use it maybe I'm wrong..Was desperately waiting for a official app and now they ask for 1gb ram :|
Gonna stick to ie.

Yea thought so, the day I don't use Rudy's app to check 9gag battery lasts for an entire day :/
Or else it sucks lot of battery and data..ie has fucking drawbacks too
The minute you switch screen to reply to a message and return page fucking reloads back to the latest post :/
Getting irritated. :|

How is that possible?

Its nothing but a web app, just like that Youtube from Microsoft. And it needs 1 GB of ram Lamo.

Oh I just got it .. Maybe this is the FUNNY side of them.

OMG this must be one of the worst official apps in the world. I'll stick to Rudys one thank you, at least that one is done properly and isn't just a mobile web site. I'd be ashamed to put something like this official app in the store as 3rd party.

what a straight basic piece of fucking shit, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with giving wp some support with ''good quality apps'' ?  i cant understand

What a piece of crap this is... Just pushed me to pay Rudy to remove the ads from his app, as I was waiting for an official app to make a decision.

i am happy that we are not as naiive as app developers think we are

either give us the real deal or F off

Why would they not make this app available in Canada??? Ehhh, it's ok. Rudy's 9Gag app is much nicer anyways!


Suck it 9Gag

Yeah, sucks that you need 1GB of RAM. I love my little 520 but I'm being forced to upgrade due to app limitations. It's not fair.

"It's not a native experience with similar functionality available in other apps."

Same old story, in other words. "Hey we have that app too! It's much worse than on other phones, but we have it!"

Probably took them several hours to make this though. That's dedication!

That's the problem with most Windows Phone apps, web wrappers. That's not gaining any traction with apps at all.

the app is below 1mb, and it needs 1gb of ram!! AND JUST WEB WRAPPER! WTF IS THIS A APRIL FOOL JOKE FROM 9GAG?!