AccuWeather app updated to include new MinuteCast feature and more


One of the best weather apps for Windows Phone, AccuWeather, has received a new update today that includes MinuteCast, which offers a way for users to learn how much rain or other kinds of precipitation is expected at a location down to the minute.

As explained on the app's page:

"MinuteCast – minute by minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours hyper-localized to your exact street address. Includes precipitation type and intensity, and start and end times for precipitation. Available for the Continental United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Japan."

In addition, the update includes a way to launch the AccuWeather app from the user's current GPS location or a favorite location from their default live tile. Finally, fans of transparent live tiles can now check out this feature on AccuWeather.

What do you think of these new features? Thanks to Prashant for the heads up!

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AccuWeather app updated to include new MinuteCast feature and more


more importantly, if you check the video section of the app, theres an absolute babe doing the forecasting!

Amazing weather hd all the way for me. It is one of very few that lets me use oC and mph together instead of just a choice between imperial and metric. A lot of my fellow Brits seem to still like Fahrenheit but only is seems when it is hot. A lot of people then start reverting back to Celsius when it is cold lol

My live tile is just stuck with the orange accuweather logo. Tried unpinning, pinning, allowing to run in background, uninstalling, reinstalling with no luck. Won't even let me pin a location to the homescreen

Same here .... After updating to Cyan .... It's live tile is not working .... Then I removed it from the start screen then repin it now it is stuck in orange accuweather logo ....

It should be. Their live tile is actually quite good. Have you double-checked in the settings to see that it's switched on?

Son of a... I have too many weather apps. What is wrong with me? Downloading this now as the lock screen looks cool. Have to disable more background tasks too. I wish there wasn't a limit.

I Love the new lock screen images.

Much better than the static images they used to have.

And dammit John, how is it that I cannot escape you.

Everytime I find an interesting article either with your former employer or this one, your name is there.


Now it's working but not properly, it's doesn't refresh automatically. I don't have weird photos, it shows me pictures from the city i live in.    

As a cyclist, I like the new Minute Weather feature. But, until there are some options for the Live Tile and the ads are gone (I would pay), it is still Amazing Weather HD for me!

Accuweather purchased Skymotion and incorporated the minute forcast feature. You can still get Skymotion as a standalone app. I use it all the time bad it's very accurate!

It can't find my current location. Also while transparent tile is heaps good there should still be option to have both.

Bing Weather is still the best!

The last update introduced adds, something my wife's android phone version is free of, and the accuracy in western Australia is unreliable and often inaccurate, I will give it another go just to see if its any better though..

Live tile is broken for me too. It initially seemed to work when I updated when I woke up this morning it was stuck on yesterday's weather. Have tried to reinstall but the problem remains.

Tried to expand to wide live tile. Then it stopped updating :-(. Uninstalled and installed. No good. Now live don't show anything and don't update :-(

I'm having the same problem. It was working fine yesterday but now it's suck on a weather forecast from earlier today. Maybe they are having problems pushing out data to everyone after the update. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon.

The back tile is stuck on the 5 day forecast from 2 days ago, and switching between the wide and medium tiles shows 2 different temperatures...if memory serves me correctly, this is the same craptastic behavior that this app has been doing since the WP7 days...time for a new developer I think, other weather apps have much more reliable Live Tiles.

Same problem here - live tile is stuck.  Initially it was stuck on the 5-day forecast from 3 days ago, so I tried re-pinning it.  That didn't solve it.  Next, I decided to uninstall and reinstall the app.  Now the live tile is just stuck on the orange accuweather logo.  Oh, and yes I have the live tile turned "on" in the settings.

Just like to say that Accuweather was the best app on windows phone ever since the update it has become the worst. The update broke it because nothing works anymore, live tiles, lock screen even accuracy is bad. It seriously needs to be fixed because right now I have 3 different weather apps installed and there all giving be different results.