The Amazing Nokia Lift: the Russian approach to Windows Phone marketing

What do you get when you pack a lift full of Russians, paid for by the Nokia Lumia marketing budget? Well, it's fairly difficult to describe so we'll let the three videos do the explaining of some superb marketing stunts.

The first video shows unsuspected members of the public in the "Amazing Nokia Lift" when a horde of what appears to be police officers charge into the small space and stare that person down. Once they've completely freaked out, the headwear is removed and a superbly executed version of "I Will Survive" is performed. 

Next up, we've got the Amazing Nokia Lift - Girls (pretty self-explanatory):

Not to mention the Amazing Nokia Lift - Angry Birds, which is a rampaging onslaught of character costumes being flung at the lift as it halts at each floor:

What's amazing about Nokia is how diverse their campaigns are. From 4D projection music events all the way to blowing away the competition with Lumia handsets, there seems to be no limit to the imagination of those involved. In the end we all now know that Russians win, at basically everything.

Sources: Youtube (Police, Girls, Angry birds); thanks everyone who tipped us!


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The Amazing Nokia Lift: the Russian approach to Windows Phone marketing


I have no idea what that had to do with the Lumia, but suddenly I feel like riding russian elevators all day long.

Oh man, one day soon, I'll visit Russia, and when I'll come back, my mother will ask me, what were you doing there? oh nothin', just spending time in elevators 24/7. That video with girls is seriously wicked :)

these are the kind of ads that get stuck in your brain for a real long time.. A very good move by Nokia making such funny and somewhat weird ads:-)