Angry Birds Roost now available for Lumia devices

Angry Birds Roost now available for Lumia devices

Today sees the release of the Nokia exclusive app Angry Birds Roost. Bird and Pig lovers everywhere can now rejoice! We first saw signs of this back in Sept which we wrote about.

Before you get too excited, this isn’t a game, merely a one stop shop for all things Rovio and Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Roost is a collection of different sections to get games news, videos and even ring tones it defiantly one for the hard-core Angry Birds fans out there. You can even take photos and send them to your social networks with added Angry Birds added to the picture. How on earth have you gone so long owning a Windows Phone and not being able to have access to these features?

Angry Birds Roost

This is what you have been waiting for!

Here’s the full write up from the store:

The Nokia Lumia Angry Birds Roost app lets you dive into the wonder world of Angry Birds – available exclusively in Nokia Lumia. Keep up to date with the latest news updates and access to hundreds of amazing wallpapers, ringtones, and game walk through video tutorials. And ONLY Nokia Lumia exclusive Angry Birds Roost app allows you to spread the fun to family and friends - take a picture with your Nokia Lumia, add your favourite Angry Birds characters to your picture, then share it on Facebook, Twitter, MMS or Email.

We’re glad to see Nokia continuing to bring new apps to the platform and sure that Lumia owners are squawking with glee right now.

You can download the app here

Or use the QR code bellow to grab it from your phone.

QR: Angry Birds Roost

We’d love to know what you think of the app, and anything else you’d like to tell us. Please use comments below to give us the low down….


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Angry Birds Roost now available for Lumia devices


Owh my you are killing me here showing off the surface and lumia 920... still havnt received my surface and so confused with whats going on with sim free lumia 920 in the UK

Sorry, got the phone yesterday and the Surface arrived a few hours ago. been so busy I havent had a chance to play with it yet. Its killing me! RB

really guy you at WP Central kepp me update with all the news I need to know about windows phone thanx guys 
really great new look guys
Nokia LUMIA 920

It's just an app about Angry Birds - not a game. Who cares?
I doubt there are many huge Birds fans using Windows Phones at the moment - as they will miss out on Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, and until near future Angry Birds Space.

Nah, MS paid for the first Angry Birds app. We see how well that turned out. I'm sure they aren't playing that game this time around.

I too havent been able to use the QR code the link on the web takes me to  site but says app only available to down load  from phone  the wpc app  here is not a url access and there is no download app  when you flick to the right.    Ill keep trying

Yes that exclusive Nokia shit has to stop although i don't care for this game but just like Draw Something (also not great) sucks for other WP users that want it you don't have those problems with a iPhone just saying :) i still love WindowsPhone haha.

HTC has their apps that are only available to HTC owners, why have the issue with Nokia?  Maybe your aggrevation should be directed at the other manufacturers for not putting in the effort to the platform that Nokia is. 

Rediculous - they don't bother to port the Rio and Seasons games, or Bad Piggies, to WP, but they instead spend the time to make an app about all the apps we don't have available ?!?!?!?!?

I think it's an interesting app. Looks pretty good on my LG Quantum. If you really want those Nokia exclusives then root or dev unlock your phone like I did.