Angry Birds Transformers rolling out in October

Rovio has announced the release date for Angry Birds Transformers. The game is a result of their collaboration with Hasbro, and will be released on October 15, though whether it will arrive on all platforms at the same time is unknown. The announcement was made by way of a video in the style of the 1980s Transformer cartoon.

As part of Rovio's agreement with Hasbro, Angry Birds Transformers will have not only the smartphone game, but also Hasbro's TELEPOD toys. TELEPODs are action figures that you hold over your device's camera, which will then add that character into the game.

Will you be playing Angry Birds Transformers? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Rovio on YouTube


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Angry Birds Transformers rolling out in October


Time to give it up people. MS doesn't care about this anymore (if they ever did). It's like hoping Media Center will make a comeback... you can put effort into it you want, but you are GUARANTEED massive disappointment. Why bother?

A lot of people care about the success of WP.
Xbox live is one unique feature which is very vital for the whole ecosystem and many people know this.
Some care only for gamerscore, but actually it's way bigger.

I pretty much only do XBL games as well. I don't play many games on my phone as it is, but when I do, I've gotta get some achievements while doing it. I have a chievo addiction.

Lol not playing because no Xbox live? Lol. Dumb ass reason to not play angry birds. How will Xbox live improve gameplay for a game like this? Achievements? Anyways DUMB.

There are different segments of gamers (like every market has its sub-segments). Achievement hunters are a significant portion of the market and tend to be the most avid gamers. Ignoring them is not good business, especially because XBL is one of the few unique features to Windows Phone that others can't copy. I can only assume that either MS has some data that suggests its target customers are not gamers, or that the XBL certification process is too onerous and scares off developers. Neither of those seems like a very good reason not to work to improve the offerings for the achievement hunter market segment -- MS could own that, and that would not be a negligible impact on its overall phone marketshare.

I need a reason "to play" angry birds at all, LOL!!!


 I wish this franchise would die and a falling crash... oh... they are using to falling and crashing... dang... I guess it won't b going anywhere anytime soon...


This may have changed and may be in place. If so I am not aware of that.

I enjoy Angry Birds but...

Not interested in Rovio games until they set up an online repository of current and past games so that whichever piece of equipment I play the game with maintains and updates current efforts. Also when I have to reset the phone all the Rovio info goes bye-bye and I have to start all over. Boring! This would all be saved if there was backup or an online repository of games.

If I'm wrong and it is happening now please let me know...


They have this on all other platforms... I think it's called Rovio Account? I'd they don't add support for this on WP I will not be bothering with this release. It's just silly.

First it was the original Angry Birds, then Angry Birds Space, next was Angry Birds GO! Then came the Angry Birds Star Wars series and now Angry Birds Transformers.

What could be next? Angry Birds Gundam where the birds are disguised as main lead Gundams and the pigs the grunt mobile suits and enemy Gundams?

Or Angry Birds Power Rangers where the brids are a team of Power Rangers and the pigs villans and enemy footsoldiers? The expansion of this franchise is getting bigger with more franchises selected to get a Angry Birds game!

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Angry Birds Epic is a RPG game but it can be counted as a part of the Angey Birds franchise.

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And I'm not the one jumping to conclusions and telling someone something so obvious. I was only able to read a little of the article, some people can't read the whole story due to their jobs being very demanding; so it's hard to look and know right away, I don't wanna wait till later to know either because I will probably not look at it.

No offense meant, but it probably took you longer to formulate your response to me then to read the first two sentences of the article where the answer is found. So if you read "a little of the article" then you read the answer.

None taken. Actually when busy you don't think to just read; your fist reaction is to just react no read. You should know that.. No offense all.. Thanks!

Hope to heck it's NOT. These games are very reasonably priced... much rather party $1 instead of watching ads constantly.

I believe the Rovio account does this, but that isn't available in the Windows platforms. If only they would use OneDrive sync.

I'm curious. I grew up with transformers and while the state of toys makes me sad these days (fold once != tranform) I'm glad they're still around for my brother and nephews.

At WPBlox1989: Angry Birds Star Trek! Angry Birds Justice League, Avengers to name a few possible franchise expansion

Angry Birds Star Trek? I don't think so. They had Angry Birds Star Wars.

Angry Birds Justice League? Would be cool if DC Comics would allow Rovio to develop it.

Angry Birds Avengers? It's a possibility since Disney already owned Marvel and their properties like Disney recently owned LucasFilms and LucasArts.

Also it's easier for Rovio to develop a Angry Birds RPG game than a puzzle game based on the whole Avengers team than based on every Avenger on the team.

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2nd trailer I've seen for it but, what is the actual gameplay type for this game? Also, with it using telepods... Makes me think they will have this setup like they do angry birds go. Basically, freemium + daily incentives.

Ugh... This is lame.

I'd love to see a game based on the original Transformers cartoons. I'm just not sure what Angry Birds has to do with any of this. Why Hasbro and Rovio would think this would appeal to fans of either franchise?

Probably.  If only because it's the closest thing to an actual, Generation 1 Transformers video game.  For some reason, Hasbro doesn't release a pure, unfiltered Generation 1 video game - not Prime, not Beast Wars, not Movie (shudder), not War for Cybertron/IDW, not Animated - pure, unfiltered Generation 1.  Not a self-parodying video game either.  An actual game where the robots look realistic but G1, and there are numerous missions, DLC, and multiplayer, and a character creator to create your own G1 robot using stock chassis - a Prowl, a Sideswipe, a Jazz, or a mini-vehicle robot.  How hard is that?

I think they are well past the point of milking this series for all it's worth.  Now it's looking a little desperate...

Much love for the 80s!!! Now....where did I put my Super Mario Bros'/Duck Hunt cartridge??? Time to bust out the orange lightgun and put the barrel ON the tv screen and shoot the ducks!

I never understood that... Just line up the front and back sights... You can hit the clay pigeons and ducks from anywhere that cord would reach.

I never understood that either, I used to make fun of all my friends that did that. I felt like a professional sharp shooter by looking down the sights and that is what made the game fun for me.

I remember saying "Look, I can shoot them from way back here!"

Good times.