Arcus Motion Analyzer 'smart ring' announced with Kickstarter campaign


Arcus Motion, a Hungary-based company, has launched a Kickstarter fund raising campaign for the Arcus Motion Analyzer, a "smart ring" that it claims can be used as both an activity tracker as well as a motion gesture controller for several platforms.

The Arcus Motion Analyzer can be used to track the movements by athletes in a number of sports. The company states, "For example, while swimming, Arcus can gather several different metrics such as determining your stroke style, stroke efficiency, total distance and total effort."

In addition, the Bluetooth support inside the smart ring should allow for the device to control applications and products with gestures. The company says:

Just imagine being able to control any of the devices in your home with a simple gesture. The days of searching for remotes and learning how to program thermostats, sound systems and mood lighting are over. All of your devices now work for you.

Users could buy more than one of these smart rings for use in other applications, such as PC gaming, controlling toy helicopter drones and more. The Arcus Motion Analyzer will come in a variety of colors, sizes and art designs and will also come with a wireless charger.

The company says it will release apps for the smart ring that will support Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1, among other platforms. Arcus Motion is looking to raise $320,000 via Kickstarter to launch the device, with a minimal pledge of $149 needed to secure one of the first Arcus Motion Analyzers. Higher donations will be needed to obtain more limited edition versions with things like hand-painted designs and more. The first products are expected to start shipping in February 2015, assuming the goal is reached.

What do you think of this Arcus Motion Analyzer and, assuming its Kickstarter is successful, will it be a rival to the many upcoming smartwatches that are due for release later this year?

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Arcus Motion Analyzer 'smart ring' announced with Kickstarter campaign


That is why I want to know if 8.1 supports unlocking. I know 8.0 did not. But I thought I had read that 8.1 did. I just can not seem to find where I read that anymore.

Can someone clear this up for me? I could have swore that I read somewhere (And I really thought it was here in WPCentral) That 8.1 would support NFC for lock screen unlocking.

I also ordered and am waiting for my ring. But I took to facebook to ask them about upcoming plans for an unlcok app with 8.1 and John Mclear responded back asking me where did I get that from that 8.1 supported this feature. I tried to find where I read to back it up and have been unable to.

I saw your comment I took to Twitter the other night trying to get a date for shipping - don't like bugging them because of the kickstarters I see wanting their rings but I could have held off on ordering if I thought it was going to drag on this long - I would think Sam or Dan may know and hopefully will post one way or another

I strum my guitar twice a day for approx 17 minutes and wipe it down slightly on both occasions....can I erm turn it off during these periods?

Just click on buy .. When it asks for OTP then get back & click on buy again . But it worked only once for me . I guess it was a glitch . But who cares , Now I can play rayman

Offering so many color and size options from the beginning seems adventurous. Not something I'm likely to want but I guess others might.

Can double as weapon and wow, you can see how many calories you use to punch people.
On the other hand, hope developers embrace this ring or its functionality is limited irl.

Seems like a great idea but have promised myself NOT to fund any more kickstarter projects until I receive at least one of the currently funded projects.

I am waiting for my only KS project so far. I should be enjoying it on my three week journey away from home (the primary reason for purchasing it), alas, another delay as of yesterday. IF it ships in August, it will only be almost four months behind schedule. On the positive side, I can advertise I have a brand new case when I sell my Surface Pro classic next month. I have seen some cool stuff, but seems much of it is vaporware.