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More close-up shots of the Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone

Samsung announced the ATIV S Windows Phone today at its IFA 2012 presentation in Berlin. The current-most powerful Windows Phone features a similar look and feel of the Galaxy S3 (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), not to mention impressive entries on the specification sheet.  Sporting a 4.8"...
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Samsung’s unveiling of the ATIV-S Windows Phone 8 at IFA (Video)

With Samsung’s huge press conference just wrapping up, we’re going through all the news. Of course the big story of the day for our audience is the ATIV-S, the new Windows Phone 8 device coming this fall. For those of you who missed the unofficial unveiling, you can watch that segment of the...
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Poll - Yay or Nay on the Samsung ATIV-S for Windows Phone 8?

Does the ATIV-S impress? Take our poll. Now that we have a good idea of what Samsung is bringing to the table for Windows Phone 8 with the ATIV-S (at least for their flagship phone), the question is What do you think? The specifications, a 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display with GorillaGlass 2, dual-...
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Microsoft unveils Samsung ATIV-S Windows Phone 8 device

The ATIV-S from Samsung featuring Windows Phone 8 Looks like Microsoft wanted to break the news of the new Samsung ATIV-S Windows Phone 8 device as Ben Rudolph just posted his thoughts on the new phone, being unveild today at IFA. The specs for the device are exactly as reported earlier with the...
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Samsung trademarks Ativ S and Ativ Tab, hints at new family branding for Windows Phone 8?

Word is already on the street that Samsung is looking to unveil Windows hardware at the closely approaching IFA (official website), which will be held in Berlin this week (yes, we have Mobile Nation's people there for coverage, no worries). This will more than likely include Windows 8 PCs and...