Have you looked at your Samsung ATIV S and thought what it would be like if you could have a third column of Live tiles? We'll be getting more room for Live Tiles with the 1080p hardware that will arrive alongside GDR3, but if you own the Samsung Windows Phone 8 device (interop-unlocked), you'll be able to add more tiles to your Start screen with some handy homebrew tools.

WPH Tweaks is a such a tool, which we've covered before. Originally developed by Windows Phone Hacker, WPH Tweaks enabled Windows Phone owners to alter system settings that weren't available in a retail unit. Now, WPH Tweaks for Windows Phone 8 is currently in early testing and is available over on XDA Developers. An interesting feature included in this custom deployment is the allocation of more space for Live Tiles.

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WPH Tweaks Tiles

The above feature can be disabled, but it does allow you to have up to three medium-sized tiles on each row. To find out what else is included, as well as how you can get involved and download the necessary files, check out the thread on XDA Developers.

Be sure to head on over to our forum to join in the discussion. WPH Tweaks will reportedly work with any interop-unlocked Windows Phone 8 device. Should you look to try this out on your own Windows Phone, we cannot take any responsibility should you damage your smartphone.

Source: XDA Developers; thanks, WP8Expert, for the tip!