AT&T begins selling Green Lumia 1520 with 16 GB for $199

As expected, AT&T is finally selling the super bright green Nokia Lumia 1520, complete with Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan pre-installed (you can see what is new in our review). Considering the 8.1 update came out about 10 days ago for the Lumia 1520 that makes sense.

The big question is does the green Lumia 1520 bring anything else for $199 on-contract. Unfortunately, no. This is still the 16 GB version, although you can expand that with up to 128 GB with a micro SD card. There is also no Qi wireless charging, heck, they are not even pushing the PMA charging although we're sure it can at least do that much.

Still, an all green Lumia 1520, especially one as bright as this sure makes a statement. Combined with the fact the Lumia 1520 is still the king of Windows Phone in mid-2014 – for better or for worse – and you have a nice pairing with Windows Phone 8.1.

If you are thinking off contract pricing, it runs you $584, so make sure you are committed for that price, otherwise it is $199 for a two-year contract.

Head to AT&T's online store now to pick one up. It does not look like store availability is present just yet, so online only. Also make sure to watch our hands-on video above to see the green Lumia 1520 from our Build coverage!

Thanks, Alden M., for the tip!


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AT&T begins selling Green Lumia 1520 with 16 GB for $199


FYI B&H has them for same price, no coupon and THREE times longer waranty. Not to mention the stupid boilerplate that technically makes it impossible to return at Newegg. They pop a page that requires you to accept the phone has been opened for unlocking and may have been scratched etc in the process. The return policy requires the factory box to be unopened. The funny thing is I don't think Newegg (or anyone) unlocks the 1520.3s at all. Don't they come from the factory unlocked?

Anyway, mine from B&H gets here in a few hours!

Dumbo ATT, never understand customer demand. Exclusivity with feature skimping is worst. I wish I had an option to switch or get a phone of desire.

Sir Dude be happy. At T-Mobile I don't have nothing. I had to get a sorry Note 3.

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Someone snapped up my 1520 for $350 last weekend to use on t-mobile. I'd say the market is prime to offload these now. Received my OnePlus and waiting for the holidays to see what the WP camp brings so I can switch back. Already missing Cortana.

I never buy on contract, just cheap off contract like my lumia 520. This move from At n T is sure going to boost their sales and make wp know to more :)

I miss cyan :/. Had to settle for a yellow 1520. Now I can't match my wireless charger or Nokia 360 speaker (both cyan)

I think Nokia picks the colour in step with fashion trends, so this year green and orange was in.  I think next year they would have different colours again.  Though black and white are probably going to be standard.

Same here.  Got 8 phones, all bring-your-own at $15 each per month, sharing 10GB.  

$40/mo vs. $15/mo = $600 savings over two years per phone!  Buy it outright or on NEXT payment plan. $199 + $600 in line charges over two years makes your contract phone $799.  No deal.

Wow I used 9.9GB on my Note 3 alone. On your plan I would've hogged up everyone's data. Thank God I got unlimited with T-Mobile.

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First, get a life.  You spend too much time online.  :)

Second, you don't have unlimited 4G LTE.  TM caps you at 1GB (or 2.5GB per line with a promotion they have now).

I'm very happy with ATT and my 10GB plan.  All 8 phones and we never come close to going over.  I smile every time I see my bill compared to what it was with Verizon. 


Glad I bought a 1520.3 today! Good to see o,d hardware on a year old phone being sold at retail/contract today. Feeling good about future OS updates for years to come on the 1520! The 1525 with a simple 801 processor is unneccesary!

Your assesment is not far from the truth. According to the benchmarks of the Snapdragon 805 from the upcoming new iteration of the LG G3 as against the 801 in the present LG G3, the performance is disappointingly minimal over the 801/800. This is part of the reason why I recently decided to buy the 1520 since I reckon it can hang with the latest phones using the Snapdragon 805.

If you were buying/building a new computer would you fill it full of Ivy bridge based parts? Of course not! Haswell may not be significantly faster, but it is the current platform, and it supports a few extra capabilities compared to the previous offerings. Will Broadwell be significantly better? Not likely, but when it comes out you can bet that all new high-end devices will be using it regardless.
Sure, the 805 (requiring a separate radio chip) may be better suited for a tablet than a cell phone, and the 801 is only a minor bump in performance over the 800. But it does not matter if the processor offerings this year are only a minor bump compared to last year. It does not matter if the platform is performant enough to be OK on last year's chips. When you purchase a new device and pay good money for it, then you expect to get the most modern offering available so that it will either last a good long while, or so that it will retain more value when you upgrade and sell your used device.
There is a huge market for value equipment, and I am happy to see MS go after that as it is a growth market; but MS is a big enough company where they should not need to sacrifice one market for another. As extremely happy as I am about WP software (installed 8.1 update last night, and it is awesome!), the WP hardware offerings are increasingly frustrating. I really hope that with the release of WP9/One/Threshold next year that they announce some real flagship devices using the 808/810 chips that will provide some real competition to other mainstream platforms. I am not sure that I would be annoyed enough to jump to a different platform (again, I absolutely love the software end of WP), but I certainly would have a harder time suggesting the platform to friends and family.

The average user isn't going to notice a difference between a top-notch Ivy Bridge i7 and a top-notch Haswell i7, particularly with similar specs and when going from the last iteration of one architecture to the first iteration of the new architecture.  Additionally, the typical upgrade cycle for mobile devices is far shorter than PCs, making using "last years SoC" even less of a trade-off, and using an 800 or 801 on a WP 8.x device versus an 805 on an Android device running KitKat will still seem faster in most cases.  People forget the OS overhead and general optimizations that are or aren't there.  Sure, having the latest and greatest SoC in an Android device might be a bit more of a concern, but neither iOS nor WP need (or can really even use) the extra horsepower.  Finally, this is $50-$200 less expensive off-contract than the current flagships of the other platforms, making the SoC choice that much more understandable.  If I could save up to $200 on a new PC build by going with a similarly spec'ed Ivy Bridge vs Haswell, yes, I'd go with Ivy Bridge.  ;o)

LOL the benchmarks of the 805 in the soon to be released new version/iteration of the LG G3 vs the 801 in the present LG G3 is disappointingly minimal over the 801/800. If you want a better SoC, better wait for the 810 in 2016.

Just when I buy the red one, now this one comes out. ARGHHH. But I can't complain, I got my 1529 for $300 off craigs and I think it will be time before this shows up for less than full price at $584.

The time is rapidly approaching where I will have to decide if I should take my three lines somewhere else. My contact is up at the end of the year. If AT&T continues to play the non-Qi game, I think I will take our lives to Verizon. So silly... they aren't even selling PMA. Why not just leave the Qi in? It's not hurting anyone! Very frustrated!

You know when I had my 920 seemed as I always used my qi charger but with this 1520 my battery life is twice as good so I don't really miss my qi charger

Like hell we don't. This blows the 925 out of the water. And a superior screen and camera to the M8. The 1520 is still the king of Windows Phones - which makes it the king of all smart phones. AT&T just needs to leave it at its native 32GB w/ Qi wireless charging.

1520 is a bit large for alot of people. A new high end phone the size of the 925 is what he meant I think.

My present phones are the 925 and my newly bought 1520. Take it from me, after about two (2) weeks of the 1520, my erstwhile beloved 925 feels like a toy LOL!

To each his own.... I sent my 1520 back after one week: great specs but it is impossible, at least for me, to use it with one hand.

You'll be surprised how soon people change their mind from it being too big... To other phones being too small. If people only ever make calls then too big... But if you use the phone a lot for everything else... Its the perfect size

Like the guy below you said, not everyone likes that size of screen. The camera on the 1520 is superior, yes, but the M8's design, speakers, build quality, etc, is better. It is a lot sexier too.

Many are hard to get in certain regions, and some are a bit outdated. Some are perfect, but too big, and some don't have certain features, like no microSD. The M8 for Windows is perfect, and if it came to AT&T, and/or the unlocked version was cheap and supported many of AT&T's bands, I would get it. I am considering other OSes though, as I'm worried we won't get a NEW WP HIGH END FLAGSHIP this year.

Unfortunately, W8 is just sure to make an appearance at Verizon so it's vaporware to the rest of the world at the moment.

I'm wondering if its even worth buying any new phone going in to the middle of this year. When threshold will be released next year and who knows what devices will even be allowed to upgrade to it! Be crappy to buy the 1520 at $200-$600 and Microsoft be like oops sorry 1520 can't be upgraded.

930? Why do Americans always feel a pressing need to have a new/latest gadget/phone every 2yrs? Where i live we make our phones last at least 3 yrs minimum. Its wasteful on the environment otherwise.
Besides the latest flagship on todays technology is only a tiny weeny bit better than what the lumia 930 has. So whats the point? If its a fashion race for you then sure, whatever ;)

Im wondering that too! Why do American have that much of product need and want and give me new? No question why they ALL have credit cards and economical problems.

I don't know how one can sit here and generalize a group of people the way you and the other poster just did and then tell someone to relax when you are called out on it.

Maybe because its true? And if you have nothing better to do then arguing on this, go buy yourself a new pc, a new phone and a new house.

You can't say that about every American. If we make fun of your country, we'll be called racist or prejudice. But if you do, it's fine? Get a life.

We dont make fun of your country unless it worths it. And you cant call us racists because its a fact that you spend, spend, spend, but you also spend without having. So you are the one not to get a life , but to better manage it.

Your English sucks, lol. And it's very sad you have nothing better to do than make fun of our country. Some people (not all) who hate America are just jealous of what we can do. Stop hating on our country, or we will of yours.

It is fat, heavy, and no microSD. Other phones have everything the 930 has (not the camera though, because I don't gaf), except it has a microSD slot, and thinner, lighter, and sexier than the 930. Why is it everyone thinks that the 930 and the 1520 are STILL the perfect phones? Because they AREN'T.

No, they aren't.  But the 930 is the successor to the 920.  I think the only "flagship" you may have to look forward to in the foreseeable future is perhaps the 1030 (fingers crossed).  Maybe a 935 or 1530, but who knows at this point.....

I'm starting to feel the same way. Though the 920 may be my last contract phone; perhaps an M8 or a 1520 in November can hold me over through another long winter.

I've had the 925....now 1520. I prefer the 925 and would take it in a heartbeat if not for limited storage. 925 takes better lowlight photos by leaps and bounds over the 1520. It is the perfect party companion!

PSA: B&H has UNLOCKED Lumia 1520 with 32GB and Qi wireless charging for just $490. It's probably a better deal than this one from AT&T.

Good for both AT&T and TMO apparently. No tax for most people and no upgrade fee either. I would have jumped on this if I needed a phone.

I would love a green variant to hit Aussie shores. I would sell my yellow 1520 in a heartbeat for the green machine!

We just bought this one from B&H for my wife, and it arrived last night!  She's super thrilled, though she does have to go to AT&T and get a nano SIM.

The shipping was free, no tax to California, and they even called to confirm the order was real, since I ordered it from Canada, for delivery to California.

This was our first purchase from B&H, but i'm extremely pleased with their service thus far.


So they've finally added Yoda to the lineup of Darth Vader, C3PO, Stormtroopers and the Emperors Royal Guards.

Looks great, but they waited too long for me. I just couldn't wait and went with the Darth Vader edition.

Just got a 512/i7 SP3 and a 635 with bright green plate. Not going to lie, I'm probably going to grab this, too. My wallet hates me very much.

I know I have the icon but would love a bigger screen. Would also be cool if it came with a 30 mp shooter with xenon flash as xenon is amazing and I miss it from my 928!!!!

They're three months late for me. I'd probably prefer my black 1520's texture over what's probably glossy with the green one. I want it but I don't need a second 1520. But green's my favorite color and it just looks so good! I dunno wat to do!

Oops. I didn't even see that. Well now I'm just completely in conflict about what to do. There's a white 1520 on one shoulder telling me I don't need it while a red 1520 on the other shoulder says get it.

Yep, the memory doesn't bother me at all when SD is present. The Qi is a deal breaker though. I hope AT&T doesn't continue this nonsense on whatever the next high end phone is... I am seriously going to take my lines elsewhere.


While I am all for having a large external SD card, I'm just as in favor of having large amounts of internal memory as well.

With more and more developers dictating keeping everything on the internal memory, and with prices of memory as low as what they are, there's no reason for such low amounts being the norm. Also until the makers of the external memory start increasing the speed of it, performance wise internal memory will always be better, even using WP.

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Buying the Lumia 1520.3 is worth the extra $300. Buying this Lumia device is like buying a standard frs with the basic features, where as you can spend the extra money for a brz for and get all the premium features and extras...

Get the .3! Or you should have on newegg when it was 494 today (with 32gb and wireless charging included). T mobile doesn't subsidize phones anymore so you would have been paying over 500 for it easily. Probably 550-600 and possibly not getting then32gb/qi variant.

That's a bit of a win fail then excellent cyan but crap no wireless charging or 32gb internal storage guess it depends what people find to be a deal breaker

I'm happy with my red 1520 and probably buying this one for my nephew since green is his favorite color. This still a grate smartphone with or without wireless charging.

I went to ATT.com to check it out and decided while I was there to see if the black color still came with 16GB or 32GB options because I'm getting one in early October and sure enough the 32 GB option is gone. That sucks and it's already B.S. that at&t allowed the 32GB option in black color only but for them to suddenly take it away is so wrong and messed up. Yes I know I can go buy a 128 GB micro SD card but it is still equally wrong regardless. And I doubt games perform as well or better on the micro SD card as they do on built in storage.

Lack luster phone without 32 GB and Qi makes it not worth the investment for me. Walked in att and walked out. As for now its still a waiting game.

I don't know where the original picture was taken but either it's been pulled or they are sold out. Website just lists red, black, white and yellow. Using the link for the article it says that it's not available in my area.

edit: I tried multiple locations around the country, same thing. I finally asked one of their sales agents. Was told that it's showing up like that because it's no longer being offered through them. I guess they put it up by accident and pulled it.

I will definitely consider this when contract runs out in November! Especially if they do the deal like last Christmas. That is if I do not really like the new phones.

The 920 even two and a half years later is still a decent phone.  The 1520 is one of the best phones out there even eight months later.  Best screen, best display, awesome look.  Some are complaining about the 16GB internal storage with an expandable microSD card.  You can talk semantics if you want to, but I'd take 16GB with expandable storage up to 128GB over 32GB internal any day. That was one of the only issues with the 920.  BTW they do make wireless charging cases.  I was with Verizon for about 12 years and switched to AT&T because they seemed to be more immersed in WP then any other carrier.  To date they've had more WP variants than any other carrier.

I tried to go online and buy it but I don't see it available to buy. Anyone have any luck? I've tried the link from here and going from att.com.

Yes, the link isn't working for me either. I click it, takes me to AT&T then says DEVICE NOT AVAILABLE in MY AREA. I changed zip codes all over. Nothing works. Anything ??

Bought mine in store here in Texas yesterday. Typing on it now. I checked online and it said it wasn't available in my area. Went into the store, they sold me one. They have them in stock just can't sell until Friday. That's what the rep told me anyway.

Freakin Gorgeous in Green!
I've already enjoyed the Lumia 1520 in the Red Dress & I am currently enjoying my Black and Beautiful Lumia 1520.

Unfortunately the phones not yet available, it must of been a early publishing error according to any sales or customer service reps that i spoke to today. The matte green page that was viewable since yesterday and this afternoon is no longer linked, it redirects to the Nokia phones filtered page. Hopefully it will be soon but as none of the agents nor customer service had a release date and they only showed the phone as out of stock.

If they fixed the tap issue then best phone ever, if not, same ol, same ol. How can anyone verify if they changed the hardware sensors on these? I believe that was the problem wasn't it?

2 Probleums with this phone that will keep me from buying it. 1. Only 16 GB on board. 32 has become a standard in premium Windows Phones. Comon Lumia, really? 2. No Qi Wireless charging built in. Why is ATT getting the lame New Windows Phones.