AT&T handing out $100 on new line activations


AT&T has announced a new promotion, offering a $100 bill credit to customers when they activate a live with a smartphone on AT&T Next. The offer has been run before, and is extended to both new and current customers. The promotion runs through September 30, 2014.

For those unaware, AT&T Next is a program that lets customers upgrade their phones outside of the conventional two-year contract cycle. You put no money down on the phone, and pay no upgrade fee, and no annual contract. Instead, you sign up for an ongoing payment plan to pay off your device over time. AT&T offers both 20-month and 24-month plans.

Will you be taking advantage of this AT&T bill credit? Tell us below in the comments.

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AT&T handing out $100 on new line activations


No, you have to use a smartphone to activate a "life". It's all the craze these days. The kids are doing it. /s

Nope. I try to stay away from subsidy plans anymore. I'd rather eat the cost upfront with a used/refurbished phone, and save money in the long run.

The best way is to buy an used, unlocked phone from somewhere other than a store, sign on to a post paid and stay off contract. You get a subsidized plan and can jump around to whatever carrier has the best deal at the moment. $100 plan credit is not worth signing up for paying off a $650 phone over time.

I guess NIST didn't catch the "used/refurbished" part of my post. I'm not going to pay the carrier's retail price on a phone and get locked into a two-year agreement.

If possible I would highly suggest you wait a few weeks. There are a bunch of new phones being announced within a few weeks from all 3 OS's

True, and the HTC One M8 was announced for Tmo to be there by sometime in the fall. I'm sure holding out. Need a better phone then the 521.

I would but I get a lot of dropped calls where I live, and that's the real reason I'm leaving T-Mobile. Thanks though.

I bet they wont have this deal when the new iPhone comes out. :/ And of course it'll be long gone by the time Microsoft Mobile puts out a new AT&T flagship phone.

They run this deal quite frequently. Plus the current promotion runs through the end of September. It's highly likely a new iPhone will launch before that time. Availability might be a separate issue though...

Is this per line? Meaning if I bring two phones over in a family plan, is it $100 per phone activated ($200 total) or just $100 for the one plan?

I saw you're trying to get away from Tmo. I swiched to them back in March and get dropped calls like crazy. I can't even think about driving anywhere and talking to someone at the same time without dropping a call. Are you financing a phone with them because we are, and we have like $500 to pay off before we can cancel.

We have around $250 but I'm tempted to just pay them off and start over. Been dropping calls like crazy as well and data is spotty. Living in Idaho doesn't help either LOL AT&T has much better service here. 

Exactly. If this activation credit is $100 per line, the net payoff would be $300 for us and at that point, we'd own both of our phones, wouldn't be on contract with AT&T (at least I don't think so) and would be able to switch again if we wanted.

I'm at taking both of our 925s over as well. With my employee discount we'd be saving around $15 a month. Where are you located Camaroon? 

Weschester County, about 40 miles north of NYC. The coverage here should be excellent all around considering how close we are to the city and the size of our population. And if you look at TMo's coverage map it looks like there are very few dead zones, but my wife and I drop calls every day.

But I might hold off on doing anything until after this.

My wife and I drop calls everyday as well. And yeah, I just read that. I may hold off as well and see what's up their sleeve now. But at the same time, AT&T seems to support their phones much better, especially WP. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the 810. (but i'm not gonna beat that dead horse anymore lol ) 

Yeah, definitely better WP support, always has! But that's another question, if we bring our 925's over, how would we get cyan? Would AT&T push it to us?

Yeah me to, I hope it is per line.. You wouldn't be on contract with AT&T if you bring your own phones over. You will have to use the no contract plan they have going, what is it? The next program or something like that.

Right, yes I am financing my phones and am trying to pay them off now. They won't let u go until you pay your phones off.

If they would MATCH my unlmited data on Verizon for $30 a month, I would give them a shot....but, not moving down to a metered plan as long as I can keep my plan.

I just don't understand why they keep doing this or what value it has.  It's not like you get that extra line for free.  You still have additional charges that go with that line even if you never, ever use it.  So, what does that get you?  My wife and I both have Lumia 1020 devices, we have the family package where we share 15GB of data, unlimited talk & text.  What do we need with a third line?

It all depends on if they get One for Windows before 9/30. I've been due for an upgrade since the first week of July.

I switched over to the Next program with my two lines and my fathers line. After everything is said and done, I ended up saving like $7/month and got 10GB of shared data. So, it's really not as terrible as most people play it out to be.

My gf got tricked into this plan. She got the Lumia 1520 and "didn't pay for the phone, just the tax" and is paying $25 more per month for 24 months whereas if she stayed on her regular contact and just renewed it, the phone is...what $200 with the same 2 year contract? And she was looking for a phone that can last awhile. This plan is not for people who intend to have their phone for awhile